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Pelatihan print

  1. 1. Pelatihan Print Ad 11 Maret 2010 Novi Kresna Murti
  2. 2. Siapa Bilang Copy Based Ads nggak bisa terlihat sexy?
  3. 3. Siapa Bilang 1 Visual Lebih Kuat Daripada Seribu Kata-Kata?
  4. 4. Bagaimana dengan yang ini?
  5. 7. Contoh-Contoh
  6. 9. Contoh-Contoh
  7. 14. Contoh-Contoh
  8. 15. Contoh-Contoh
  9. 17. Contoh-Contoh
  10. 18. Source : http://novipaporitoporto.multiply.com/photos/album/14/Copy_Based_Ads_-_Massachusetts#
  11. 19. Tertantang Bikin Sesuatu Yang Lebih Berani?
  12. 20. Brief: Buat Testimonial-Emotional Print Ad ttg Visit Indonesia.
  13. 21. Reference: Thought about Visit Indonesia 2008/ 2009
  14. 22. I wish it could be something BIG . It could be better than: Incredible India, Amazing Thailand, Vietnam-the hidden charm, Malaysia-the truly Asia. I wish it could be something phenomenal. Unforgettable. Memorable. Sustainable. … .and unfortunately this campaign is not that BIG. Reference - Brief
  15. 23. “ Sorry to say, by far haven't heard about Visit Indonesia 2008. I thought things like a travel festival and a promotion for a good public figure of a country? Though Southeast Asia trip is famous in China, most routes are islands of Malaysia and Thailand, we are not familiar with key places of interest of Indonesia.” (Song Yi qioung, South China) Here what my friends said when I asked them about this campaign. Reference – Brief
  16. 24. “ I never knew about Visit Indonesia 2008. I think Indonesia 4th biggest country for its population. The current tourism campaign that I know is Uniquely Singapore and if I get a chance to Indonesia maybe I should go to Bali.” (Chen Bao- Brussels, Belgium) Reference- Brief
  17. 25. ” I Haven’t ever known about Visit Indonesia 2008. I didn't know that. The first thing comes in my mind about Indonesia is Bali islands ( dance, pool, vacancy stuff). If you ask me about the tourism campaign That like most is Malaysia Truly Asia. If I get 1 free roundtrip ticket to Indonesia, I want to go to Bali.” (Haruna Kawasaki- Montreal, Canada) Reference – Brief
  18. 26. … .and here what I got from Visit Indonesia 2008 group at facebook: “ Obviously Indonesian people love Indonesia, as do most people who visit, but there are some serious issues as to how foreigners are treated in certain places in Indonesia.People have been harassed to a such a point that they cut short their holiday and return to mainland Asia where getting around is so much easier. Sure Indonesia has some of the most beautiful locations in the world, but we tourists have to battle to get there. Tourism in Indonesia needs to wake up to this problem.” Jeremy Thorburn (Taken from Facebook group, Visit Indonesia Year 2008) Reference - Brief
  19. 27. Q: Ok, so if you have an opportunity to make this campaign, what are you going to do? A: The first thing, I really concern about the target audience of this campaign. I would rather talk to foreigners than Indonesian. We need to focus. And after that, also we need to focus about what are we trying to say? What’s the personality we’re going to represent? Reference - Brief
  20. 28. Q: Go for it then. Do you have any idea? A: I am thinking of…this campaign should be a solid campaign. We should have a name of campaign itself. I could take off Visit Indonesia 2008. It seems not sustainable. It seems only promo campaign. But we can put 2008, 2009 or any year as under of an umbrella campaign. We should more incredible than Incredible India. Reference - Brief
  21. 29. Q: How can you say it is not solid campaign? A: I think this campaign should have its own program. I saw the program from the website : http://www.my-indonesia.com . Visit Indonesia has been sponsoring so many events, more than 100 events this year. I see this is not focus. Better we focus to the international campaign. We put the campaign through international media and get international exposure. I am going to make it as a brand. A brand called Indonesia. It’s not only promo program Visit Indonesia 2008. It’s a brand . Because we don’t need to say truly Asia. Or whatever. We are Indonesia. Indonesia is beyond Asia . Reference – Brief
  22. 30. Q: Talking about brand personality of Indonesia. What kind of personality do you propose? Is there any insight from the consumer? A: We should look inside about this. What’s the personality of Indonesians? Everyone says that Indonesians are humble. Indonesians are kind. Indonesians are good people. But the biggest problem that we have, foreigners think Indonesia is not comfortable place. We have so many conflicts here. Reference – Brief
  23. 31. They don’t even think Indonesia is a destination. Indonesia is uninteresting place to go. They think about Bali, but they don’t think about Indonesia. So, we should come up with something that make they feel COMFORTABLE. Feel like in your own home. Everywhere they go, they feel like in home. So, they are going to say: “ Where am I going to go, when you are the only home I know?” Reference – Brief
  24. 32. <ul><li>The facts about Indonesia are: </li></ul><ul><li>-The largest archipelagic state in the world </li></ul><ul><li>- It has 17508 islands </li></ul><ul><li>- only around 6000 is inhabited </li></ul><ul><li>- an area the size of Australia </li></ul><ul><li>only 20% land </li></ul><ul><li>-The fourth most populous in the world </li></ul><ul><li>- 234,693,997 in 2008 </li></ul><ul><li>- around 316 ethnic groups speaking 742 different languages and dialects </li></ul><ul><li>-A big country, long trip but cheap living cost and transportation cost. </li></ul>Reference - Brief
  25. 33. Q: Can you come up with the proposition? A: Experience Indonesia. A place where others only dream of being. A place where others only dream to go. A place where others only can imagine. More than 17.OOO Islands. Thousand experiences. More than thousand local cultures. Thousand experiences. More than thousand beautiful cities. Thousand experiences. So, it’s your time to explore Indonesia. This is not only a trip. This is a journey of Indonesia. Reference - Brief
  26. 34. Ok, so I come up with idea of Journey. When you are going to Indonesia, we call it journey. It’s more than a trip. It’s something intriguing. Challenging. Inviting. By this campaign, we bring the spirit to explore Indonesia. The spirit to live with Indonesian. An interaction. More than a trip. This is a journey. Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand can be an appetizer, Indonesia is a real destination. Reference - Brief
  27. 35. Q: What kind of program do you propose? Either for long term program and promo program? A: For long term program, we should build a relationship. A long term and future relationship. Because brand is not a logo. Brand is not a product and Brand is not a tagline. So, we build a relationship and challenging experience between future tourists and Indonesia. By the end, the impact is positive emotional and connectivity between tourists and Indonesia . Reference - Brief
  28. 36. And for the promo program, we can use BALI as starting point . We have the famous BALI. We have the positive image of BALI. Why don’t we doing kind of co-marketing with BALI (we have to admit, most of tourist dreaming of BALI as their holiday destination, but they are not dreaming of Indonesia). So, we are going to propose program called: START WITH BALI, END UP WITH MANADO. Or anything: Start with Bali end up with Yogyakarta. We give others destination after Bali as a bonus. As a compliment. Reference - Brief
  29. 37. Also , based on our geographic location , we are near from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (they are our close competitor) and Australia. We can use promo program as “a real destination”. A real place after they go to Australia or another Southeast Asia destination. And after this, we can make so many promo tourism programs. From cultural program, medical program, tourism program, sport events program, heritage program and etc. Reference – Brief
  30. 38. <ul><li>Source: </li></ul><ul><li>http://creativebits.org/inspiration/creative_use_typography_advertising </li></ul><ul><li>http://novipaporitoporto.multiply.com/photos/album/14/Copy_Based_Ads_-_Massachusetts# </li></ul>
  31. 39. <ul><li>Thank you  </li></ul><ul><li>Have a CREATIVE day! </li></ul>