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Paper pictures and photos


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Paper pictures and photos

  1. 1. Pictures and Photos MediaMEDIA IN ELTMia Utami P (2215086444)Narsika R (22150864)Novida Fatma D (22150864)Yuni Kesuma R (22150864)<br /><ul><li>Definition :
  2. 2. Pictures and Photos are categorized in the graphic media and this graphic are categorized as the kind of visual media which distribute message through visual symbols. The graphic visual have to fulfill the following requirements; interesting, simple, useful, accurate, legitimated, structured, pictures and photos are the media which commonly used in learning. Pictures and photos are universal, easy to be understood.
  3. 3. Strength and weakness :
  4. 4. Some excess in the pictures media :
  5. 5. Concrete
  6. 6. Able to handle the limits of room, time and sense.
  7. 7. Cost relatively low and also easy to be created and to be used in the learning process in class.
  8. 8. Some weakness in the pictures media :
  9. 9. Only pressuring to the perception of the eye.
  10. 10. If the pictures are too complex it’s become less effective for certain purpose.
  11. 11. In order to be more valuable in learning, the pictures or photos have to fulfill the following requirements :
  12. 12. Authentic : able to describe object/event
  13. 13. Simple : have to show clearly the main part of the picture
  14. 14. The size are proportional so that the student could imagine the real size of the object in the picture easily
  15. 15. Combine between beauty and compability to achieve the aim of learning.
  16. 16. Focus. It means pictures should not show other thing which is not included in the lesson.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Lesson plan</li></ul>Teacher: Mia Utami Putri, Narsika Rosaningpekerti, Novida Fatma Dewita, Yuni Kesuma Rini<br />Subject: Writing , vocabulary<br />Topic: Parts of body<br />Duration: 45 minutes<br />Participant: Primary school students grade 2<br /><ul><li>Goal:
  17. 17. To provide my students about knowledge of body parts.
  18. 18. Objectives:
  19. 19. students will be able to pronounce the parts of body clearly
  20. 20. students will be able to remember the parts of body because of the picture media
  21. 21. students will be able to describe the parts of body
  22. 22. Language Focus: knowing parts of body
  23. 23. Instructional procedures:
  24. 24. Brainstorm on what information that want to discuss (body parts)
  25. 25. Sing a song and play a game about body parts in Indonesian
  26. 26. Show a video about body parts in English and sing it together
  27. 27. Discuss about parts of body in English with a picture 1
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Ask the students to do exercise 1 to trace the letters individually and then compare their responses with another participant’s. Follow with feed-back session with the whole class.
  30. 30. Ask the students to do exercise 2 to make an arrow from the body parts to the name of the body parts individually and then compare their responses with another participant’s. Follow with feed-back session with the whole class.
  31. 31. Ask the students to say what body parts are shown in the pictures.
  32. 32. Materials:
  33. 33. Video from
  34. 34. Picture 1</li></ul>Assessment/Evaluation:<br />It is expected that 80% of class participants achieved > 80% success in the class work.<br />Follow-up Activities:<br />Participants are to assigned to some home work on writing paragraph of definition and grammar review.<br />Self-Assessment:<br />What is the rate of participants’ success in doing the assigned tasks?________%<br />What questions did participants ask during class session? <br />What is the area in focus of the questions?<br />What improvement is required for this lesson?<br />