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Evaluation and guide of the project


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Evaluation and guide of the project "NEW STORIES OF THE DOG AND THE CAT"

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Evaluation and guide of the project

  1. 1. New Stories of the Dog and the Cat United Boarding School – Special needs primary school and Special needs kindergarten and Practical school, LEVICE, SlovakiaKindergarten, Primary school and Secondary school Daneta, HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ, Czech Republic 
  2. 2. New Stories of the Dog and the CatCzech-Slovak project „NEW STORIES OF THE DOG AND THE CAT” was a project which belonged to the partnership of two schools providing education to pupils with special educational needs. The project drew its inspiration from a children’s book by Josef Capek “The Stories of the Dog and the Cat”. Throughout the entire school year 2011/2012 the pupils in both partner schools became familiar with ten pleasant stories about two inseparable friends – a dog and a cat. An integral part of educational work with children in special needs schools is the use of special therapeutic methods in order to eliminate the problems resulting from a particular disability type.
  3. 3. Pedagogical Innovation and CreativityBoth schools provide education to special needs pupilswith various degrees of mental and combineddisabilities. Our project was based on therapiesenriched with a motif of friendship and experiencesfrom playing with the dog and the cat integrated intothe lessons during the whole school year. It involvedthe whole schools (more than 240 pupils). The mainaim was to improve the reading literacy by means ofcreative collaboration, active using of ICT and pupil´sexperienced self-realization. The eTwinning schoolteams of teachers were established, where the main ideaof our project was integrating moment in their schoollessons.
  4. 4. Curricular integrationThe eTwinning project had become an integrated partof the educational programs in both partner schools. Itwas an all-year round whole school project whichinvolved all units of our school (special needskindergarten, special needs primary school, practicalschool, school-clubs and groups after lessons) – pupilswith S.E.N., autistic children, Romani children. Theproject was so diverse and extensive in terms ofactivities that it stretched out to all subjects and after-school activities, too. Activities were realized at allsubjects, via sectional topics and in special eTwinningproject days at school. Participants worked in a schoolteams according to subject, therapy, disability, age ofpupils, type of the project activity, etc.
  5. 5. Collaboration between partner schoolsWe (coordinators) created a project website(, e-mail account and aFacebook community group to present and to share ourproject to a broad public, pupils, parents, participatingteachers and all people interested in working withdisabled children as well as to communicate with eachother. Both authors updated the website on an ongoingbasis and we also published through TwinBlog on theeTwinning portal. Following a mutual agreement wecontinuously and dynamically adapted the monthlyactivity plan by adding our new ideas or those of ourcolleagues, pupils or others involved and thus inspiritedeach other.
  6. 6. Creative use of ICTTo publish news about our schools, photo galleries,project outputs and all information about the project,timeline, educational aspect, therapies, etc. we used theproject’s website Anindependent website used to inform the broad public about project,interested people posted their comments and this waycontributed to its better quality. To highlight ourproject work for future prospective eTwinning orComenius partners we used the TwinBlog, where we published selectedoutputs.Pupils used ICT with help. Our mentally disabled pupilsare able to communicate in their mother tongue
  7. 7. Sustainability and TransferabilityWe synchronized activities of both schools, used themflexibly and we inspired each other, which led tocreation of new joint activities, which we thenintegrated in the education process and the general lifeof both schools. It was a whole-school project involvedapprox. 240 pupils. We educate a diverse group ofpupils and we planned our activities to fit everyone.Through our project we presented handicappedchildren as a creative and clever member of a commonsociety. The applications can be used in other schools,be it regular primary schools, special secondary schoolsor colleges (to prepare future special needs teachers),inspired by other fairy-tale books, too. Our partnership
  8. 8. Results and BenefitsOur website contains over 190 news items about the lifeof our schools, above 1400 photographs, 10 therapiesand 80 partial outputs. The best outputs included the“New Story of the Dog and the Cat – How They BecameFriends” – pupils took turns to continue the story inSlovak and Czech and aided it with their ownillustrations. Dog’s and Cat’s diaries are also includedon our website. The project benefits very much frominternational professional cooperation of teachers,exchange of practice and creative ideas.Another benefit worth mentioning was effectiveparticipation of pupils with various handicaps in thelearning process and their self-realization.
  9. 9. Other AwardsAward from the NSS Slovakia – Teacher of the Month(January 2012).National and European Quality Labels from the NSSCzech Republic and NSS Slovakia.Absolute winner of National eTwinning prizes 2012 inCzech Republic.The winner of National eTwinning prizes 2012 inSlovakia.Financial benefit from Hradec Kralove Region and theother sponsors.Support by enterprise subjects of Vivarium Levex andZooExpo (yearlong cooperation).
  10. 10. Links to Project Outcomes
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Website Website map Homepage includes: News - regularly published news about the life in bothpartner schools (our website contains over 190 news items), intermediate outputs and tasks Menu Search Contact Forum PollsVideo story (monthly changed for the current story), a map and information about sponsors
  13. 13. Menu• Partnerské školy – Partner schools• Informace o projektu/Informácie o projekte – Information about the project Project objectives, expected results and project timetableVýstupy z projektu - Outputs from the project Every month pupils of both partner schools made plenty of partial individual and joint outputs – each month motivated with a different story and a chosen therapy. Each month we carried at least one joint activity involving both schools. All outputs are the result of the work of pupils (with the support and guidance of their teachers and assistants).
  14. 14. The main outcomes of the projectThe best outputs included the “New Story of the Dog and the Cat – How They Became Friends” – which the pupils wrote by turns (in Slovak and Czech) to continue their invented story and illustrated it in return by themselves. This book as a great result of our school partnership was donated to a Museum of Brothers Capek in the town Male Svatonovice in the Czech Republic during children´s visit (pupils from Hradec Kralove) in this museum (in June 2012).Another important yearlong activity was writing diary – Cat´s diary in Czech school and Dog´s diary in Slovak school – where children noted their daily interesting experiences from school or from home.
  15. 15. Fotogalerie/Fotogaléria – Photo gallery  Above 1600 photographsTerapie/Terapia – TherapyAn integral part of educational work with children in special needs schools is the use of special therapeutic methods in order to eliminate the problems resulting from a particular disability type. The project implementation was based on special therapeutic methods of work with children with mental and combined disabilities and focused primarily on art therapy, bibliotherapy, dramatotherapy, zootherapy, canistherapy, hippotherapy, ergotherapy, play therapy, Snoezelen, etc.
  16. 16. Hry (puzzle) – Games (puzzle) Puzzle using a PC and an interactive whiteboard. Each school chose a photo of where we are and then we used Planet Jigsaw website to create two puzzles with two different levels. Students competed in against each other and we eventually announced two charts of the winners in various levels (within our two partner schools). On our website could interested members of the general public participate by folding our LOGO as a puzzle.• eTwinning – eTwinning Information about eTwinning
  17. 17. Odkazy – LinksSponzoři/Sponzori – Sponsors We also managed to involve in our activities the pupils’ parents, people and organizations outside the school and we started cooperation with other entities as well (e.g. library, Red cross, Town office, consulting and professional facilities, businesses, sponsors, various theatrical groups and other organizations). Our cooperation with Vivarium Levex and ZooExpo has extended to the following school year beyond the project and the two entities continue providing zootherapy to the disabled pupils. The project was financially supported by Hradec Kralove Region and the other sponsors.
  18. 18. Hodnocení projektu/Hodnotenie projektu - Evaluation of the projectDuring the project we created a year-round timetable with a variety of activities, which were integrated directly into the lessons and syllabi of most subjects. This way, pupils fulfilled the educational objectives and at the same time developed their skills by being involved in eTwinning international collaboration. Every months we made at least one joint product, as for example: „The New Story of the Dog and the Cat – How They Became Friends“ – writing and collaborative illustration – at the end of the project a collaborative book was created.
  19. 19. project logo (using children’s drawings – Czech children drew the cat and Slovak children drew the dog and the best drawings were used to make the logo); Czech and Slovak dictionary of animals (PowePoint presentation); sending of greetings to the partner by post (several times during the project – holidays); puzzle making competition; writing a letter to the partner and sending it by post; pupil communication via Facebook, e-mail and videoconference; other outputs.• Project in numbers• Presentations in Czech, Slovak and English• Awards
  20. 20. Napsali o nás/Napísali o nás - Wrote about usPromotion of school through eTwinning on regional, national and global level.• Napište nám/Napíšte nám - Write to us  For example: Dear friends, I was not at the Museum of the Capek brothers in Male Svatonovice during your pupil´s visit there...It is a wonderful work you are doing with your children and I know as an ex- teacher that even very demanding one. I can say that it is all more valuable because children are the creators themselves and their work is really very nice…Thank you again for your lovely present and for your beautiful pedagogical work and work to holdback the price of message of authors Karel and Josef Capek.• Kontakt - Contact
  21. 21. Our partnership persists and eTwinning is fun!!!1st partner visit in LEVICE 2nd partner visit in HRADEC (Slovakia) KRÁLOVÉ (Czech Republic) Thank you! Tatiana Michalovičová and Josef Suchánek