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Literature during US Colonialism


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Literature during US Colonialism

  1. 1. It is written by distinguished Filipino author Deogracias Rosario It is a classic short story It tells the love story of Monina Vargas, a young beautiful maiden and her love affair with Octavio Razon, one of the country's most noted pilots.
  2. 2. The plot of America is in the Heart parallels its author’s personal experiences It is written by Carlos Bulosan It was a painful record of the experience of a Filipino who did not find his American dream
  3. 3. It is written by Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero This play is about the traditional way of courting and accompanying girls on a party and in other occasions The type of this play/genre: English Comedy
  4. 4. It is written by Cecelio Apostol His work recognize as one of the greatest Filipino poet written in spanish It is dedicated to our national hero Jose Rizal
  5. 5. It is written by Cecilio Apostol This poem recognized as one of the greatest Filipino poets in Spanish In this poem, the poet attacks the American imperialism. Throughout our country's’
  6. 6. It is written by Marcel Navarra This story is all about the two best friends that used to be together all the time in the past but later got separated This is originally written in Bisayan
  7. 7. It is written by Magdalena Jalandoni In this story it is talk about the patient woman She is a feminist writer
  8. 8. It is written by Manuel E. Arguilla In this story picture out the traditional way of courtship of the Filipino culture The opening of the story is just so lovely I feel a need to quote from it a bit to give you a feel for Arquilla's elegant prose
  9. 9. This play was played to a packed audience at Teatro Libertad in Manila on May 14, 1903. - See It is written by Aurelio Valenzuela Tolentino On May 14,1903 was arrested because of his play, Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas (Larawan ng Inang Bayan). -
  10. 10. It is written by Jose Corazon de Jesus He is also known by his pen name Huseng Batute, was a Filipino poet who used Tagalog poetry to express the Filipinos' desire for independence during the American occupation of the Philippines, a period that lasted from 1901 to 1946 Jose Corazon de Jesus - The Legendary Lyric Poet (Nov 22, 1896 – May 26, 1932)
  11. 11. REFERENCES • Philippine literature: a history and anthology • Ni Lumbira and Lumbira