Noveltwister Pitch - Startup Weekend Groningen


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NovelTwister is the startup makes it possible for people and friends to collaboratively write fun and interesting stories. Several playful elements encourage people to keep writing and make it an even more fun experience..

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  • Hello, we are the NovelTwister team. Today we launch our first product. We believe that everyone is creative, but that people sometimes just need a little help. We want to be that help.\n
  • Our main aim for this weekend was to have fun and have a minimum viable product running by the end of the weekend. This worked out, we had an awesome weekend, the game is online and people can play it. Let us explain why we are so enthousiastic about this.\n
  • Writers used to write books all by themselves and there was no further interaction whatsoever. Most of the times writers are writing and the crowd is reading.\n
  • But everybody has a life, everybody has stories and everybody wants to expose their creativity. Why would we only read stories written by professional writers. Really, exciting times are ahead of us. There’s so much creativity around us. New technologies give us the opportunity connect people in these new ways. With NovelTwister, the crowd is not only reading, the crowd is also writing. We reading one another’s story and collaborate to finish it in a playful way.\n
  • NovelTwister inspires by predefined book cover and beginnings of stories. This prevents the crowd from a writers-block right at the beginning. We’ve seen the begin is the hardest part. After that, stories are on the loose...\n
  • We don’t want people to have to wait for one another too long, that’s why we’ve introduced a turn-based system so we can trigger people when someone else has collaborated and for you to come up with a sentence or two. The turn-based system provokes the more introvert writers to express themselves as well.\n
  • There’s only room for five players to enter the writers room, and these rooms are (for now) invite only. The initiator invites an unlimited amount of writers, only the first five to take a seat will play the game. The game will start as soon as two players are inside the room. The invitees who are too late to join in will be able to start a room by themselves and invite their friends (including the one who invited them) for another story. In this case they are initiator themselves.\n
  • This game allows us to introduce an unlimited number of mental challenges. Today we introduced the ‘hidden words mechanism’. The predefined stories consist of a book title, book cover and a first sentence. The admins can add up to 20 related words that are hidden for the players. Once a playyer uses a secret word, they will earn points which they’ll take to their overall ranking.\n
  • A story is written in a maximum of 50 turns, during the last 10 turns a system will start counting down. Now players know they have to come to a plot. After the last turn, points will be counted and the winner announced. The stories will appear in all writer’s bookshelve.\n
  • What do you see here? We see that people don’t look at ads anymore. Almost 70% of british tv audience uses a secondary screen while watching tv. People want content instead of ads.\n
  • Worldwide there’s 180 billion euro’s spent on advertising, in the Netherlands 500 million, we think NovelTwister can grab a share of that... There’s quite a business models thinkable, but we strongly believe in a white-label model which allows companies to encourage people to write stories about there brand. Perhaps even turn a negative story in the news into a positive one here.\n
  • Imagine Holland’s most famous comedian ranting about your brand on twitter.\n
  • Imagine lots of people writing stories about your core values.\n
  • Imagine learning a foreign language was a fun experience.\n
  • \n
  • Go ahead and play it, keep in mind we’ve released this game within two days. We’ll work on the game mechanics, bugs and perhaps some extra features during the next few weeks. Thank you very much for your interest!\n
  • Noveltwister Pitch - Startup Weekend Groningen

    1. 1. Story writing has never been this much fun!
    2. 2. We’ve created a fun game to help people write stories together.
    3. 3. What’s happening here? 67% use second screens. Social TV Trends Report 2011
    4. 4. Ad Spend Worldwide € Ad Spend Netherlands € 500.000.000 €?
    5. 5. What do we need?People to help figure out our business case
    6. 6.