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Office Construction - Practice project


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Module 4:
Office Construction - Practice project for Primavera P6
- Activity Codes

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  • Dear Sir, kindly provide the company project which has been earlier completed to practice primavera. kindly send the full detail of project planning & actual completion of the project to this mail address(
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Office Construction - Practice project

  1. 1. DEMO PROJECT OFFICE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT DETAILS ‐ 1Project Start: January 10, 2011 % Complete Type: PhysicalData Date: January 10, 2011 Calendar: Standard 5 Day Workweek DurationActivity ID Activity Name Activity Type Predecessors + Relationship (days ) A1000 Project Start Start Milestone 0 A1010 Determination of the need of facility Task Dependent 14 A1000 A1020 Cost / Benefit Analysis Task Dependent 21 A1010 A1030 Envoirment Inpact Analysis Task Dependent 14 A1020 A1040 Feasibility Report Prepation Task Dependent 21 A1030 A1050 Analysis of feasibility Report Task Dependent 7 A1040 A1060 Yes / No Decision Finish Milestone 0 A1050 A1070 Architecture Layout Task Dependent 14 A1060 A1080 Structural Layout Task Dependent 14 A1070 SS+7 A1090 Architecture Design Task Dependent 21 A1070 A1100 Structural Design Task Dependent 21 A1080 A1110 MEP Design Task Dependent 21 A1090, A1100 A1120 Interial Design Task Dependent 21 A1090 FS+7, A1100 A1080, A1090, A1100, A1110,  A1130 Submission of Drawings Task Dependent 7 A1120 A1140 Pre‐Qualification of Contractors Task Dependent 14 A1130 A1150 Selection of Pre‐Qualified Contractors Task Dependent 7 A1140 A1160 Tender Floating Task Dependent 14 A1150 A1170 Tender Negotiation Task Dependent 14 A1160 A1180 Award of Contract Start Milestone 0 A1170 A1190 Construction Supervision Level of Effort 347 A1180 SS A1200 Mobilization Task Dependent 14 A1180 A1210 Site Clearance Task Dependent 7 A1200 A1220 Site Layout and Preparation Task Dependent 7 A1210 A1230 Bulk Excavation Task Dependent 14 A1220 A1240 Structural Excavation Task Dependent 14 A1230 A1250 Foundation Task Dependent 14 A1240 A1260 Columns ‐ GF Task Dependent 7 A1250 SS+7, A1250 FF+3 A1270 Beams / Slabs ‐ GF Task Dependent 21 A1260 A1280 Block Masonry Task Dependent 21 A1270 FS+15 A1290 Plumbering and Electrical Rough ‐ in ‐ GF Task Dependent 14 A1270 SS+3, A1270 FF‐3 A1300 Plaster ‐ GF Task Dependent 28 A1280 FS+7, A1310 FF+7 A1310 Doors / Windows ‐ GF Task Dependent 21 A1280 FS+7 A1320 Floor Finishing ‐ GF Task Dependent 35 A1300, A1310, A1330 FF+7 A1330 Plumbering Fixtures ‐ GF Task Dependent 21 A1290, A1300, A1310 A1340 Electrical Finishes ‐ GF Task Dependent 21 A1330 SS+7, A1330 FF+7 A1300, A1310, A1320, A1330,  A1350 Painting ‐ GF Task Dependent 28 A1340 A1360 Columns ‐ FF Task Dependent 14 A1270 FS+7 A1370 Beams / Slabs ‐ FF Task Dependent 28 A1360 A1380 Block Masonry ‐ FF Task Dependent 28 A1370 FS+15 A1390 Plumbering & Electrical Rough ‐ in‐ FF Task Dependent 21 A1370 SS+3, A1370 FF‐3 A1400 Plaster ‐ FF Task Dependent 35 A1380 FS+7, A1410 FF+7 A1410 Doors / Windows ‐ FF Task Dependent 28 A1380 FS+7 A1420 Floor Finishing ‐ FF Task Dependent 42 A1400, A1410, A1430 FF+7 A1430 Plumbering Fixture ‐ FF Task Dependent 28 A1390, A1400, A1410 A1440 Electrical Finishes ‐ FF Task Dependent 28 A1430 SS+7, A1430 FF+7 A1350, A1400, A1410, A1420,  A1450 Painting ‐ FF Task Dependent 35 A1430, A1440 A1460 Underground Water Tank Task Dependent 14 A1350, A1260 SS+4 A1470 External Plaster Task Dependent 21 A1400 A1480 External Paint Task Dependent 28 A1450, A1470 A1490 Punch List Task Dependent 14 A1350, A1450, A1480 A1500 Project Handover Finish Milestone 0 A1490, A1190 FF
  2. 2. DEMO PROJECT OFFICE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT DETAILS ‐ 2Project Start: January 10, 2011 % Complete Type: PhysicalData Date: January 10, 2011 Calendar: Standard 5 Day Workweek DEFINE PROJECT LEVEL ACTIVITY CODES DEFINE WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS) CODE 1 : PHAS VALUES DESCRIPTION FEAS Feasibility DESG Design & Architecture PROC Procurement CONS Construction FNSH Project Hand Over CODE 2 : DEPT VALUES DESCRIPTION MNG Management DESG Design STRC Contractor Structure Work MEP Mech., Electrical, Plumbering  FNSH Contractor Finishing Works CODE 3 : FLRS VALUES DESCRIPTION PL Preliminary Works GF Ground Floor FF First Floor EX External Works
  3. 3. DEMO PROJECT OFFICE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT DETAILS ‐ 3Project Start DJanuary 10, 2011 % Complete Type: PhysicalData Date: January 10, 2011 Calendar: Standard 5 Day Workweek ACTIVITY  CODESActivity ID Activity Name WBS Code PHAS DEPT FLRS A1000 Project Start OC FEAS MNG PL A1010 Determination of the need of facility OC.01 FEAS MNG PL A1020 Cost / Benefit Analysis OC.01 FEAS MNG PL A1030 Envoirment Inpact Analysis OC.01 FEAS DESG PL A1040 Feasibility Report Prepation OC.01 FEAS DESG PL A1050 Analysis of feasibility Report OC.01 FEAS MNG PL A1060 Yes / No Decision OC.02 FEAS MNG PL A1070 Architecture Layout OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1080 Structural Layout OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1090 Architecture Design OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1100 Structural Design OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1110 MEP Design OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1120 Interial Design OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1130 Submission of Drawings OC.02 DESG DESG PL A1140 Pre‐Qualification of Contractors OC.03 PROC MNG PL A1150 Selection of Pre‐Qualified Contractors OC.03 PROC MNG PL A1160 Tender Floating OC.03 PROC MNG PL A1170 Tender Negotiation OC.03 PROC MNG PL A1180 Award of Contract OC.03 CONS MNG PL A1190 Construction Supervision OC.04 FNSH MNG EX A1200 Mobilization OC.04.01 CONS STRC PL A1210 Site Clearance OC.04.01 CONS STRC PL A1220 Site Layout and Preparation OC.04.01 CONS STRC PL A1230 Bulk Excavation OC.04.02 CONS STRC EX A1240 Structural Excavation OC.04.02 CONS STRC EX A1250 Foundation OC.04.03.01 CONS STRC EX A1260 Columns ‐ GF OC.04.03.02 CONS STRC GF A1270 Beams / Slabs ‐ GF OC.04.03.02 CONS STRC GF A1280 Block Masonry OC.04.05.01 CONS FNSH GF A1290 Plumbering and Electrical Rough ‐ in ‐ GF OC.04.04.01 CONS MEP GF A1300 Plaster ‐ GF OC.04.05.01 CONS FNSH GF A1310 Doors / Windows ‐ GF OC.04.05.01 CONS FNSH GF A1320 Floor Finishing ‐ GF OC.04.05.01 CONS FNSH GF A1330 Plumbering Fixtures ‐ GF OC.04.05.01 CONS MEP GF A1340 Electrical Finishes ‐ GF OC.04.04.01 CONS MEP GF A1350 Painting ‐ GF OC.04.05.01 CONS FNSH GF A1360 Columns ‐ FF OC.04.03.03 CONS STRC FF A1370 Beams / Slabs ‐ FF OC.04.03.03 CONS STRC FF A1380 Block Masonry ‐ FF OC.04.05.02 CONS FNSH FF A1390 Plumbering & Electrical Rough ‐ in‐ FF OC.04.04.02 CONS MEP FF A1400 Plaster ‐ FF OC.04.05.02 CONS FNSH FF A1410 Doors / Windows ‐ FF OC.04.05.02 CONS FNSH FF A1420 Floor Finishing ‐ FF OC.04.05.02 CONS FNSH FF A1430 Plumbering Fixture ‐ FF OC.04.04.02 CONS MEP FF A1440 Electrical Finishes ‐ FF OC.04.04.02 CONS MEP FF A1450 Painting ‐ FF OC.04.05.02 CONS FNSH FF A1460 Underground Water Tank OC.04.03.04 CONS STRC EX A1470 External Plaster OC.04.05.03 CONS FNSH EX A1480 External Paint OC.04.05.03 CONS FNSH EX A1490 Punch List OC.04.06 FNSH MNG EX A1500 Project Handover OC.04.06 FNSH MNG EX