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“     “…to get to the point where we can create content across
Newsroom Convergence - Common desks for multiple
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“   Roularta Media Group in Belgium realized 700%
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CCI Europe Rethink Brochure


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Describes CCI NewsGate, editorial system for multi media publishing of news.

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CCI Europe Rethink Brochure

  1. 1. Re-think Re-align Re-invent
  2. 2. Experience the evolution of Content cross media publishing Re-think Re-thINk Lorem ipsom dolor sit amet lore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .04 how your newsroom works Re-aLIGN Lorem ipsom dolor sit amet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .06 Re-align Re-INveNt Lorem ipsom dolor sit amet lorem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .08 your resources and expand your choices the NewsGate aRChIteCtuRe 10 Lorem ipsom dolor sit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Re-invent the data CeNteR 12 Lorem ipsom dolor sit amet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . your business model to insure your future Go oNLINe to LeaRN moRe! 14 Lorem ipsom dolor sit amet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 3
  3. 3. “ “…to get to the point where we can create content across all these platforms and on all these delivery channels, we ” need that common platform where all the journalists are working in the same set of tools.” Terry Moore, Deputy Editor, Orange County Register Re-think how your newsroom works the demands of creating multi-media content and getting across departments or geographical locations, directly from more work done with less can take a toll on the newsroom within one single system. This means that with CCI NewsGate staff . that’s why CCI NewsGate is designed to maximize the you can create “dream teams” according to your staff’s skill sets, way you really work . expertise and talents, without considering where they are loca­ ted. For instance, creating a team of staff members from different a collaborative environment, unified data structure and user- newsrooms to lend expertise on one specific topic. friendly functionality allow you to create and manage content Your own personal research assistant for various media with efficiency, without sacrificing quality . NewsGate features state of the art search functionality. Content the story Folder – complete content control can be searched and pulled from external resources (i.e. wires and web sites), as well as from long­term storage and various The NewsGate Story Folder is a pivotal new concept in which a automated Budgeting system an external system for actual fee calculation. Freelancers can archives. Staff in other, connected newsrooms can have access to story’s content and resources can be assigned, created, shared view and accept their assignments, as well as upload content NewsGate’s Story Folders also make up the automated budgeting content developed in other media properties. The ground breaking and managed centrally by all involved: editors, reporters, photo­ items. If desired, freelancers can even be granted access from system. All information in Story Folders is compiled in Story Lists new feature is with out a doubt the automated research that the graphers, graphic artists, researchers, etc. outside to specific Story Folders in NewsGate to interact directly (budget) and Work Lists that automatically updates whenever system continuously performs. As all parts of the material you with team members from your own staff. a change is made to content, assignments, publications, etc. All collect or create for each story is searched and indexed, News­ The content – text, photos, graphics, video and much more – can users have access to the lists, which can be filtered by dates, Gate immediately finds related stories, new relevant wires, other be published to any type of publication channel directly from the easy and intuitive for users publications, responsible and much more. Now, the news budget live stories on the same subject etc. and serves up the headlines Story Folder. NewsGate provides a familiar and customizable work environ­ literally makes itself and can be sorted to fit any type of user’s directly where it’s most needed, inside the Story Folder. multiple media products, ad hoc teams – one system ment. Users can easily tailor their individual workspaces and needs and any type of media. With a Data Center and shared Choice of layout/design tools add content with drag ‘n drop capabilities and docking/floating viewing of budgets among properties, the potential to reuse NewsGate empowers you to deliver the mix of media products windows. Users can also sort and save database lists, infinitely, content and save costs is limitless. NewsGate is tightly integrated with Adobe InDesign/InCopy. that your customers demand. Not only by enabling reuse of con­ giving them fast and automatically updated information on the This integration maintains NewsGate’s impressive and popular tent across traditional and new media publication channels but easy tracking and management of freelancers day’s stories. “one database object” functionality. And NewsGate still offers also by fascilitating easy collaboration so ideas and research flow NewsGate’s open Web Services allow you to set up a complete LayoutChamp in tandem with Adobe, giving page designers two seamlessly between everyone involved in shaping the story. Staff freelancer workflow, to manage and track freelance assignments strong layout tools in one system. Extreme efficiency and full is able to create rich news coverage for immediate distribution and payments. You can export relevant editorial information to creative freedom. across your full range of media channels and work together 4 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 5
  4. 4. Newsroom Convergence - Common desks for multiple unknown colleagues on other desks, in other newsrooms and at newsrooms other media. Now you can create central desks that manage common Central points to handle cross-media news topics/themes, such as sports, features, international, etc., The easy sharing and overview means that ‘new media staff’ can for more than one newsroom/title. handle news to be published to the Internet, mobile, TV or print Cross-newsroom editorial teams for specific projects/themes from one central point. No need to spend time searching multiple lists and applications to find the content and format it for speci­ Editorial teams composed of journalists from multiple geographic fic publication channels – CCI NewsGate is the central hub for all locations can be created, to work on special projects such as whether you are managing resources for many newsrooms methods of publication. elections, Olympics, economy, etc. Source lists, content, archives, or for one, possibilities are endless . In NewsGate content is etc. are easily accessible by all media properties that are part of created media neutral, so staff can focus on quality and depth the Data Center. Messages can be sent to some or all of a story versus the final publishing channel . Publishing content to any team from ‘within’ a story. Such communication and messaging channel necessary is fast and easy . features encourage news staff to brainstorm, share and collabo­ rate both within and across media. Content quality is improved transparency of content when editorial staff find easier and better ways to work together at an early stage in the newsgathering process. Double work is Staff can view each other’s news lists and see others’ work in Re-align also avoided when CCI NewsGate tells you who else is working on progress. This makes it easy to contribute to, or pull from, work in the same or a similar story. progress to add to content and quality of stories. Of course, com­ your resources and expand your choices pleted/published stories are easily accessible in order to develop Knowledge, news and staff expertise are strengthened when new stories using the same information. editorial staff work in virtual teams, potentially with hitherto 6 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 7
  5. 5. two-way integration to tv- and Radio Newsroom Computer extensive archive – as part of the system systems (NCs) CCI NewsGate goes way beyond just ‘storage’ and ‘editing’ XML All content is created in in the NewsGate Story Folder regardless files. It allows any kind of background file, source material, con­ of the desired publication format, and the journalistic environ­ tacts, notes and other related information to be stored along ment continues all the way to the TV or Radio­specific production with stories, providing a connection between content and the tools. TV run­downs, scripts, news graphics etc. can be viewed ‘knowledge’ behind it. Unless specifically indicated, stories (Story and in some cases edited directly from the Story Folder to insure Folders) do not expire, but are automatically moved to Long Term that minute to minute updates are immediately available for the Storage after a predefined period of time. The content along with media specific production staff. all background material, research notes, multi media content etc. is stored and accessible in the archive. Any element can be completely private and secure if desired. the NewsGate architecture Lorem ipsom dolor sit amet with CCI NewsGate, CCI europe deliberately chose a product strategy that is radically different from their traditional com- petitors, who have been busy trying to extend their editorial pagination systems into the online domain . this strategy enables CCI europe to address a number of requirements at existing and new customers which could not have been addressed with a “galactic publishing system” for all media . The result is an editorial system with a vastly expanded editorial environment, designed specifically around the journalistic process and the covering of news stories and with features to plan, cre­ ate, manage and deliver content for any number of media. solid base At the heart of CCI NewsGate is a powerful XML database. Based on technology from Oracle, the XML Database provides a central repository for secure storage and management of vast amounts of content and related material and files. open to proprietary systems CCI NewsGate is built on an integration architecture that is both open and scalable that can harness the valuable resources of even the smallest news organization. The open architecture enables CCI NewsGate to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology and new publication channels are quickly added to the existing story creation and planning procedures. 8 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 9
  6. 6. “ Roularta Media Group in Belgium realized 700% productivity gains by optimizing resources and implementing a template-driven workflow. The company now produces 3,000 print pages ” 2 per week. 1 3 4 Re-invent your business model to insure your future media organizations leading the way the traditional newsroom is being forced to change, as more Following are a few examples of CCI customers who have chosen the CCI data Center solution to realize cost savings, and more audiences choose new media channels along with new synergies, increased productivity and new revenue in their organizations: – or in place of – traditional print products . with CCI News- Gate, you can realize a highly competitive, flexible business 1 3 model and be positioned to grow and change quickly with the marketplace . move from reacting to the marketplace, to The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, is replacing Fædrelandsvennen, in Kristiansand, southern Norway, has becoming a proactive, visionary leader in news media . its CCI NewsDesk system with CCI NewsGate. Included will be a circulation of 43,000 and more than 116,000 daily readers. other media properties owned by its publisher, Metroland: The In 2008 Fædrelandsvennen replaced its NewsDesk system with a the way forward Hamilton Spectator, Guelph Mercury, Waterloo Region Record CCI NewsGate Data Center. Now all of Fædrelandsvennen’s media the time is now to “bridge the gap” between traditional work and 16 weeklies from the Metroland West division of is integrated in one system including the traditional printed environments and changing news trends . Metroland. The system will allow Toronto Star Newspapers newspaper, the online version of the newspaper, TV (TVSØR) and Limited and Metroland to share and re­use content across Internet TV; and the new system is open to upcoming distribution channels such as mobile news. Also, the Fædrelandsvennen • NewsGate provides the platform to align your newsrooms newsrooms, saving time and increasing productivity. The system editorial desks of all their different media now work on one and streamline your organization and processes. You can will also enable two­way integration with online publishing system in an efficient, media­convergent newsroom. create common content structure for re­use; provide an systems and support for Mac OS X workstations. automated planning tool for efficiency and collaboration; and provide a tool for journalists to produce online, print, 2 4 radio­ and TV content and much more. Dagbladet is the second largest daily newspaper in Norway Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., publisher of The Times of India, • CCI Newsgate enables you to combine resources and results with circulation in excess of 191,000 readers. Dagbladet’s CCI implemented a CCI Data Center to also include other properties: so that you can establish common desks across your news­ NewsGate Data Center helped them increase online productivity The Economic Times, India’s largest English Financial daily news­ rooms. This allows planning and collaboration, and content and develop new products. They now publish online first, with paper and the second largest English Financial daily in the world sharing, across geographical boundaries or desks. print re­using online content; also, publishing online is now a (after Wall Street Journal) with 0.73 million daily circulation; one­step workflow. Twenty­five percent of Dagbladet’s staff is Mumbai Mirror with daily circulation of 0.688 million; and the involved with online and other new products, and Dagbladet’s Indiatimes Internet Portal (approximately one billion page views online journalists all handle text, photo, audio and video. per month). The group will employ CCI NewsGate’s unique Story Folder to organize multimedia content, a collaborative work environment and dynamic planning capabilities across multiple delivery channels. 10 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 11
  7. 7. the data Center Data center the perfect example of succesful 2 3 re­alignment 4 the data Center is where all data and setup is stored cen- Data trally . media companies can consolidate their It resources 5 center and manage multiple products in a single hardware/software 1 installation . scalability The Data Center can scale for very large installations, connecting an example: newsrooms across geographical boundaries, and is easily extend­ tribune’s data Center strategy ed with new titles/papers/media channels. The Data Center can The Tribune Company decided to upgrade to also be installed in a single site for newsrooms to work separa­ NewsGate using existing data centers located in tely. their Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune properties. Increase productivity without adding more staff Two data centers provides redundancy for their properties. The Data Center provides support for planning content across 6 newsrooms prior to the content being ready to share. It is pos­ Los angeles times, Ca (host for redundant datacenter) 1 sible for a user working in one newsroom to create content with 7 material from a Story Folder in another newsroom. The shared Chicago tribune, mI (host for redundant datacenter) 2 content (e.g. story, photo, graphics and multimedia) will inherit all changes made to the source content until the content relati­ 3 Hartford Courant, CT (running from live datacenter) onship is broken by a user in the target newsroom. CCI NewsGate “ provides a complete overview of where any piece of content has 4 The Baltimore Sun, MD (running from live datacenter) been used across all newsrooms. We chose CCI because we needed a reliable data center 5 The Daily Press, VA (running from live datacenter) solution, for cost-saving opportunities we expect to adding more titles You can easily add more media titles to the Data Center. Media ” realize by consolidating the newsrooms and 6 Orlando Sentinel, FL (running from live datacenter) properties can opt to have total separation between newsrooms, facilitating collaboration in the region. or total sharing amongst different newsrooms. The decision to 7 The Sun Sentinel, FL (running from live datacenter) change the amount of data sharing can be made and imple­ Said Gary Shawd, V.P. of IT for Gannett’s Louisville, Kentucky group. mented immediately. 12 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 13
  8. 8. Go online to learn more! Get the latest on NewsGate, and other CCI news and information Further information on CCI products, the data center and our CCI leadership share their thoughts about the industry, latest news can be found at www .ccieurope and and about our role in helping media companies succeed. enews .ccieurope .com HEADLINE www .ccieurope .com CCI’s newly re­designed web site now features lots of informa­ tion about CCI, our products and our services. There is also a Industry buzz: Various industry professionals share their customer portal where system users can exchange useful tips and knowledge, experiences and ideas. CCI eNews interviewed some of the news get inside information on using our systems. INDUSTRY innovators, experts in their field who gave us their thoughts about changes in the enews .ccieurope .com industry, in their workplaces, and in the You can find more information on NewsGate at our new web tools they’re using to reach consumers . portal, There you will also find recent CCI CCI customer cases in leadership, vision, innovation: news, product updates and other information. Add us to your among those interviewed were ken Brusic How CCI’s editorial and advertising solutions have contributed favorites to stay abreast. – senior vP, Content Leader, orange County to customers’ business goals. CUSTOMER Register and harry Bouwman, manager New media, de telegraaf . visit enews .ccieurope .com to see videos of their feedback . CCI product developments to support CCI customer needs, both now and as the industry transforms. PRODUCT Questions from users, answers from CCI experts: CCI system experts answer questions from day to day users, to ensure that customers get the most out of their CCI products. WORK 14 CCI NewsGate CCI NewsGate 15
  9. 9. about CCI europe Founded in the 1700’s as a newsprint company, CCI Europe is today the leading provider of editorial solutions for multi-media news environments. CCI NewsGate is the most robust and powerful in the industry, and is implemented in many news organizations across many continents. CCI provides the platform to support evolving needs of the world’s largest news organizations, and scalable solutions to help growing media brands optimize business strategies. Constant innovation and strong customer commitment remain the cornerstones of CCI’s business model. Join the future of cross media publishing like our many partners worldwide. CCI europe a/s axel kiers vej 11 | dk-8270 højbjerg | denmark Phone: +45 87 33 55 88 | Fax: +45 87 33 51 88 info@ccieurope .com www .ccieurope .com CCI NewsGate is a trademark of CCI europe a/s © 2008 CCI europe - all rights reserved