Hip replacement surgery allows Rwandan to play, run and spend time with children after nearly 20 years


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Mr. Sam Katwell, a resident of Rwanda, suffered through 20 long, agonizing years before finally getting rid of his pain at Nova Specialty Hospitals, Bangalore, where he underwent a successful hip replacement surgery. He was delighted with Nova's immense care and hospitality and ecstatic about being able to do all the things he was unable to do before for the past 20 years, like swimming and playing football.

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Hip replacement surgery allows Rwandan to play, run and spend time with children after nearly 20 years

  1. 1. Hip replacement surgery allows Rwandan to play, run and spend time with children after nearly 20 years Sam Katwell lives in Rwanda. He owns a large motor spare parts business, and has always had a passion for football (soccer). About 20 years ago though, he met with a serious accident that damaged his hip bone and his femur, (thigh bone) that led to a state called avascular necrosis – which cut the blood supply to his hip, leading to the cells in the area dying. This damaged his hip completely. Sam suffered through this agony for about 20 years before finally deciding to get a hip replacement surgery. This is Sam’s story and how he finally got rid of his pain to go on and live a normal, healthy life. In 2012, Sam attended a health seminar where he met Dr. Gautam Kodikal, senior consultant at Nova Specialty Hospitals. After meeting the doctor, Sam decided to come to Bangalore to undergo a hip replacement surgery. At Nova, Dr. Gautam Kodikal, performed a cementless total hip replacement surgery, which is a recent and globally preferred surgery for diseases of the hip joint. The international medical community is increasingly looking at this procedure as a way to treat avascular necrosis. Post-operative x-rays confirmed that the surgery was successful and that his injury had been cured. He would need a few more months of physical rehabilitation to get back to normal physical activity. About a year later, Dr. Kodikal was pleasantly surprised when Sam insisted on coming back to India to meet him. Sam described his experience, and thanked him for his help in letting him live a pain-free, active life, nearly 20 years after enduring much constant pain. Dr. Kodikal was thrilled to see that Sam was able to walk, run, and even squat and play football without any discomfort. Sam’s story gives hope to so many of those who are hesitant about undergoing hip replacement surgery. At Nova Specialty Hospitals, patients receive world-class treatment from the finest surgeons in the country, using the latest medical technology, and also experience the best post-operative care. Through Sam’s experience, it’s clear that constant pain (in the knees, hip or shoulder) might be symptomatic of a larger problem. In Sam’s case, the accident had caused severe injury to his hip and developed into avascular necrosis. While it took him 20 years to find a solution to the condition, it is important to be aware of the repercussions of any injury you may have and get appropriate medical care for it.
  2. 2. We’d love to hear your story, too. Do share your experience with us and inspire others who are undecided about taking the next step to free themselves from immobilizing joint injuries and pain.