Coverage of Ossron Technology In Times Of India


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Nova specialty hospitals at Bangalore uses state-of-the-art Ossron procedure to heal severe orthopedic injuries. Here's the online edition of the coverage in Times of India dated 20th March, 2014.

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Coverage of Ossron Technology In Times Of India

  1. 1. ` Nova specialty hospitals at Bangalore uses state-of-the-art Ossron procedure to heal severe orthopedic injuries the-art-Ossron-procedure-to-heal-severe-orthopedic-injuries/articleshow/32372558.cms BANGALORE: Buchi Micheal, a Nigerian national, spent eight hard years struggling with painafter a terrible mishap and looking for the right solution to cure his thigh injury. After a long search, he recently landed in Bangalore where orthopedics experts of Nova Specialty Hospitalsensured that it was his last- ever trip to a foreign country looking for the right treatment. In 2005, Micheal suffered a femur (thigh bone) fracture during a road accident and subsequently underwent three surgeries. Unfortunately, all of them failed to heal his injury. A very disappointed Buchi then decided to travel to Germany for his treatment, where he had to go through two more surgeries. "I was confident that at least in a Western country, I will be able to find a permanent cure for my thigh fracture, but it was heart-breaking when the surgeries failed to heal the injury," he says. With multiple failed surgeries, Buchi was starting to believe that he may never get back to the kind of life he lived before. Just when he was looking to give up all hope, the company he worked for recommended Nova Specialty Hospitals in Bangalore. "I researched about Nova online to ensure that I won't have to go through the same misery as before, and cautiously came to India," he adds. At Nova, Buchi met Dr. Gautaum Kodikal, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, who studied his case history and recommended the Ossron procedure, also called the osteoblast procedure, for treatment. "In this state- of-the-art technique, the bone-forming cells are removed from a patient's bone marrow. These are concentrated in the laboratory and re-implanted in the affected area," explains Dr. Kodikal. The surgery was successful, and today Buchi is back in Nigeria living a life without pain. He hopes to return to India again - not for surgery, but a vacation. "Thanks to Dr. Gautam Kodikal and Nova Specialty Hospitals, I feel much stronger now and am ready to live my life to the full," says a beaming Buchi. Publication: The Times of India Edition: Online Date: 20th March, 2014