5 bm hedge-doctors-on-strike-health-improves_ncas_2011


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5 bm hedge-doctors-on-strike-health-improves_ncas_2011

  1. 1. “Knowledge advances NOT by repeating known facts but, by refuting false dogmas”
  2. 2. Professor B. M. Hegde,MD FRCP(London), FRCP(Edinburgh), FRCP(Glasgow), FRCPI, FACC • Emeritus International Advisor, Royal Colleges of Physicians, London and Edinburgh. • Editor-in-Chief, Jr. Science of Healing Outcomes. • Chair, Bihar State Health Society, Patna. • Professor, Human Health. N. Colorado Univers. • Chair, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mangalore. • Former Prof. Cardiology, London University. • Former Director-Professor and Dean, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India. • Former Vice Chancellor, Manipal University. • Padma Bhushan Awardee 2010. Ortho 4
  3. 3. Medical Science • Do we have the science of man? NO. NO. NO! • Modern medicine needs a new scientific model. • RCTs & Peer Review are our bane. • One size fits all fails. Ortho 5
  4. 4. E=M • Body=Mind (Mindbody) • A-duality (Advaita) • Human body works as a whole. • Human body is but a bundle of energy. 6Ortho
  5. 5. The Universe “The universe is immaterial- mental and spiritual. Live and enjoy.” Richard Conn Henry. Johns Hopkins University Physicist. 7Ortho
  6. 6. Global Signalling • Every cell DNA emits photon particle light. • Medicine, applied to one part, results in massive changes in the photon output, even in distant cells. • ? Teleportation! • (Fritz Albert Popp. 1970.) Ortho 8
  7. 7. Fritz Albert Popp 1970 • Health is a state of perfect subatomic communication and ill health is a state of communication breakdown. When we are ill we are out of synch with our waves.” 9Ortho
  8. 8. What is Health? • “Health is enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm to be universally compassionate” BM Hegde www.thejsho.com 2010. • “Health is enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm to love.” Richard Smith www.thejsho.com 2010. • “Need a new definition of health.” F.Godlee. BMJ 2011;343:doi:10.1136/bmj.d4817 • “Health is work and love.” S.Freud 10Ortho
  9. 9. Human Metagenome • Human genome as we know it now. • Plus • Germinomes, virinomes, metabolomes, etc. • Trillions of them in Toto 11Ortho
  10. 10. Positive Proof of Global Warming!
  11. 11. Robert Becker 13Ortho
  12. 12. Photon light emission from the human body 14Ortho
  13. 13. Ortho 15
  14. 14. 16Ortho
  15. 15. Bath tub emptying Ortho 17
  16. 16. Whirling flow inside a blood vessel Ortho 18
  17. 17. Fills by venous dance! Ortho 19
  18. 18. Heart fills by Venous dance. Ortho 20
  19. 19. Bernoulli Principle 21Ortho
  20. 20. Heart as a seat of emotions! Ortho 22
  21. 21. Restore Electrical Potentials Optimal Wound Healing Ortho 23
  22. 22. Silver Nylon & Microcurrent Ortho 24
  23. 23. Day #1 Finger Tip Amputation Ortho 25
  24. 24. Day #3 Ortho 26
  25. 25. Day #17 Ortho 27
  26. 26. Day #39 Ortho 28
  27. 27. Day #88 Ortho 29
  28. 28. Cell as a whole person 30Ortho
  29. 29. Magical MemBrain 31Ortho
  30. 30. Receptor-ligand coupling. 32Ortho
  31. 31. Molecules of emotions-Pert Candace 33Ortho
  32. 32. Science of emotions-Pert & Ruff et.al • "at some future state of supreme enlightenment we're not going to reach for the pharmaceutical cabinet on the shelf in the bathroom. We're just going to induce the proper emotional meditative state of consciousness, and we will bring forth these chemicals in our bodies in the right amounts, at the right time." 34Ortho
  33. 33. Bruce Lipton-cell biologist 35Ortho
  34. 34. Bruce Lipton 36Ortho
  35. 35. Dr. Glen Gordon’s PEMF Ortho 37
  36. 36. Energy Signalling • Electromagnetic energy signalling travels at 1,86,000 miles per second & is 100 times stronger. • Chemical signalling speed is • 1 centimeter per second!!!!!! • Which one would your multitrillion- celled community prefer???? 38Ortho
  37. 37. Before Treatment Mr.VR, Male 71 Years Ortho 39
  38. 38. After Treatment Mr.VR, Male 71 Years Ortho 40
  39. 39. Picture - 16Picture - 15 Ortho 41
  40. 40. After Treatment Ortho 42
  41. 41. Mrs. P aged 45. with acute disc prolapse Ortho 43
  42. 42. Is the heart a simple muscular pump? • Liver pumps blood-Galen 127 AD. • Heart Pumps blood. W. Harvey 1628 AD. • Does the heart pump blood? • “Knowledge advances NOT by repeating known things, but by REFUTING false dogmas.” Karl Popper Ortho 44
  43. 43. 45Ortho
  44. 44. Phase space plot of Normal heart rate (CD = 0.46)
  45. 45. Phase space plot of heart rate with CHB (CD = 2.14)
  46. 46. CWT plot of Normal heart rate
  47. 47. CWT plot of heart rate with CHB
  48. 48. • World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences. Based in Mangalore, India. Subsidiary of the “Friends of Health,” USA. Founder President: Professor Rustum Roy Evan Pugh Distinguished Professor of Material Sciences and Medicine, Penn.State University. Ortho 51
  49. 49. Founder Co Editor in Chief: Editor in Chief, B. M. Hegde MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS. Chairman, State Health Society’s Expert Committee, Govt. of Bihar, Patna. Former Visiting Prof. Cardiology, University of London, Affiliate Prof. of Human Health, Northern Colorado University, Retd. Vice Chancellor, Manipal University, . India Professor Rustum Roy. Co-Editor in Chief, Hans Peter Durr, PhD. Nobel Peace Prize (Pugwash) Alternate Nobel Laureate. Emeritus Director, Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany. The Jr. of the Science of Healing Outcomes Published from Mangalore, India www.thejsho.com Our New Journal Ortho 52
  50. 50. Hans Peter Durr 53Ortho
  51. 51. Iris Bell Professor of Family and Community Medicine, (Program in Integrative Medicine), University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona USA Juliana Brooks Senior Managing Director General Resonance, LLC Havre de Grace, Maryland USA Effie Chow East West Academy of Healing Arts San Francisco, California USA Barbara Dossey Director, Holistic Nursing Consultants Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health Santa Fe, New Mexico USA Hans-Peter Duerr Dir., Max Planck Institute Munich, Germany Bart Flick Visiting Professor University of Georgia Athens, Georgia USA Krishnaswami CV. Retd. Prof. Clinical Medicine, Head. Diabetology, VHS centre, Chennai, India Viktor Inyushin Doctor of Biology, Professor at Al-Farabi Kazakh State University Almaty, Kazakhstan Wayne Jonas President Samueli Institute for Information Biology Alexandria, Virginia USA Joie Jones Professor of Radiology University of California Irvine Irvine, California USA Brian Josephson Nobel Laureate, Physics Cambridge University, UK Mark Mortenson General Resonance, LLC Havre de Grace, Maryland USA Konstantin Korotkov Professor of Physics St. Petersburg State Technical University St. Petersburg, Russia Herbert Nehrlich. Family Physician, & Poet. Hobart, Tasmnia. Australia. Marc Newkirk President Mobius Sciences Inc., Massachusetts, USA Marilyn Schlitz Director of Research Institute of Noetic Sciences Petaluma, California USA Richard Smith Former Editor of British Medical Journal CEO of Health Europe Inc. London, UK Susan Lark M.D Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. William Tiller Professor Emeritus of Materials Science Stanford University Stanford, California USA Vladimir Voeikov Professor, Vice-Chairman Faculty of Biology Lomonosov Moscow State University Moscow, Russia Andrew Weil Director, Program of Integrative Medicine University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona USA JSHO Board of Editors (as of November 2007) B.M. Hegde, Editor Visiting Professor, Cardiology University of London, UK Rustum Roy, Co-editor Evan Pugh Prof. of Solid State Emeritus The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA USA Ortho 54
  52. 52. Editorial Board of JSHO Ortho 55
  53. 53. Spanish Flag Ortho 56