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Dr. Lalit Mohan ParasharSenior Consultant, ENT & Head and Neck SurgeryA National Talent Search Scholar, he is a graduate o...
ENT & Head                    microscope.                    when the eye content                              Stapedectom...
ENT Surgeries:-EAR -:Cochlear     Implants      -Myringotomy and Grommetinsertion- Tympanoplasties-Stapedectomy with     p...
Nose -:                          THROAT -:Septoplasty-                     Tonsillectomy-Septorhinoplasty-                ...
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Dr lalit-mohan-parashar ent-head-neck-surgery-ncas_2011


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Dr lalit-mohan-parashar ent-head-neck-surgery-ncas_2011

  1. 1. Dr. Lalit Mohan ParasharSenior Consultant, ENT & Head and Neck SurgeryA National Talent Search Scholar, he is a graduate of Maulana Azad Medical College,Delhi. He has worked in all the Govt. medical college hospitals in delhi and prestigiousPrivate ones like Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Fortis and Batra Hospital. He has alsobeen Secretary of Association of Otorhinolaryngologists of India, New Delhi and is wellrespected in ENT circles for his Quality of work.
  2. 2. ENT & Head microscope. when the eye content Stapedectomy- and are under pressureand Neck teflon/ gold/ tungstonSurgery piston placement for Otospongiosisor otosclerosis. THROAT -: Mastoidectomy- for disese of mastoid bone;The Department of generally coupled with Tonsillectomy- withE.N.T. and Head & Neck repairative minimal blood loss.Surgery is well equipped Tympanoplasty. Adenoidectomy-with latest in diagnostic Sac Decompression- for endoscopic guidance tomodalities including difficult to treat Meniers ensure completeinstant out-patient disease. removalendoscopies to enable a Facial Nerve Micro-Laryngealworking diagnosis in Decompression and Surgeries- look at Voice-each and every patient repair. Box microscopically andexamined. A truly world remove growths andclass department repaircapable of handling :- Uvulo – Palatoplasty- as Nose -: treatment of snoring/ OSA Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Septoplasty- correction Pharyngoplasty- of nasal septum repair/modification of crookedness. throat Septorhinoplasty- Laryngofissure andENT Surgeries:- Cosmetic and other voice box repairative surgry of surgeries nose. Tracheal SurgeriesEAR -: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery- for difficult to treat sinusitisCochlear Implants - for and sino-nasal polyposis Endoscopies:all kind ofenabling sound Trans Nasal Neuro diagnostic proceduresperception and speech Surgeries- including as laryngoscopy,discrimination in primary pituitary tumours and bronchoscopyor secondary deafnes. skullbase surgery oesophagoscopy andMyringotomy and Optic Nerve nasopharyngoscopyGrommet insertion- for Decompression- when with flexible fibreoptic orchildern with Glue Ear. blindness followes optic rigid scopes.Tympanoplasties- nerve compression.Repair of eardrum and Orbital decompression-ossicles under
  3. 3. ENT Surgeries:-EAR -:Cochlear Implants -Myringotomy and Grommetinsertion- Tympanoplasties-Stapedectomy with pistonplacement Mastoidectomy-Sac Decompression- FacialNerve Decompression andrepair.Endoscopies:laryngoscopy,bronchoscopyoesophagoscopy andnasopharyngoscopy withflexible fibreoptic or rigidscopes.
  4. 4. Nose -: THROAT -:Septoplasty- Tonsillectomy-Septorhinoplasty- Adenoidectomy- endoscopic guidance to ensure completeFunctional Endoscopic Sinus removalSurgery- polyposis Micro-Laryngeal Surgeries-Trans Nasal Neuro Uvulo – Palatoplasty-Surgeries- including pituitary treatment of snoring/ OSAtumours and skullbase Obstructive Sleep Apnoeasurgery Pharyngoplasty-Optic Nerve Decompression- Laryngofissure and otherOrbital decompression- voice box surgeries Tracheal Surgeries Head & Neck Surgeries – Parotidectomy Sub- Mandibular Excision Neck Dissections Thyroidectomies Parathyroidectomies