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3 dn srinath-ge_complete-anaesthesiology_ncas_2011

  1. 1. GE HealthcareTechnologyin the Operating Room DN.Srinath Business Manager
  2. 2. General Electric – A heritageof innovationFounded by Thomas Edison in 1878Only company from the original1896 Dow Jones index still listed today290,000 employees world-wideOperating in more than 150 globallocations$150 billion revenue in 2010 2 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  3. 3. General Electric todayGE Energy Infrastructure GE CapitalEnergy HealthcareOil & Gas Aviation Home & Business Solutions, MediaPower & TransportationWater 3 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  4. 4. GE Healthcare$17 billion global business unit ofGE53,000 employeesworldwide$1 billion+/yearinvestment in R&DCore strengths inbio-sciences,technology, business 4 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  5. 5. 3,000 scientists & technologistsstrong in 5 global research facilities Global Research - Europe Munich, Germany Global Research HQ Niskayuna, NY China Technology Center Shanghai, China Coming 2012 Global Research Center John F. Welch Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Technology Center Bangalore, India 5 This is GE Healthcare 2011 © 2010, General Electric Company
  6. 6. Healthcare SystemsAdvancing every phase of patient care, from diagnosticimaging to routine testing to life-critical care.Anesthesia Delivery Magnetic Resonance ImagingBone Densitometry Respiratory & SleepComputed Tomography ServiceDiagnostic Cardiology X-rayHome Health UltrasoundInterventionalLife Support SolutionsMaternal Infant CareMolecular ImagingPatient Care Solutions 6 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  7. 7. Theenvironment 7 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  8. 8. Healthcare trendsPatient-centric care • Better health for more people at lower costTowards wellness and prevention • From post-symptomatic diagnosis to pre-symptomatic screening • Improved access through telehealthClinical convergence • Diagnostic tests (in vivo and in vitro) • Diagnosis linked to therapy • Convergence of pharma / diagnostic industriesProductivity and „cost-out‟ driven • Reimbursement pressure on providersInformation driven • Payors demand rigorous cost/benefit analysis • Accessible and actionable patient information 8 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  9. 9. Need for a fundamental change… Aging population  People with multiple diseases Treatment costs  Productivity loss Cancer Heart Disease Brain Disorders 9 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  10. 10. How can GE help? 10 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  11. 11. The need for healthcare innovation Healthcare Needs Best Solutions” Big health challenges“ Technology for lower-cost• Rise in chronic and costly diseases: outcomes Alzheimer‟s, cancer, congestive • Targeted & “ just what you need” heart failure, cancer, obesity. technologies and services.• Aging populations. Accelerate healthcare IT • Enable physicians through decisionGlobal vs. local responses support, productivity tools &• Local solutions with global financing. applicability. Rural & other underserved focus• Tools to address rural health. • Health essentials: water & energy, financing.Broaden technology &services Consumer-driven health• Innovation that drives access & • More innovations outside of productivity. hospitals (e.g. homes, retail settings). • Consumer awareness, motivation. Healthcare is changing around the world…so is GE. 11 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  12. 12. healthymaginationAddressing important global healthcare needs Reduce the cost of health procedures and practices through GE technologies and services Improve quality and efficiency by simplifying ways of driving best standards of care Increase access to better health for more people through low-cost innovation, education, and financing$6 billion commitment to making health sustainable 12 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  13. 13. Ways this may benefit… Our world  Underserved people will have more access to better health technology and services such as water, energy and GE Healthcare solutions.  People will be able to access quality health from home and will have education and tools on a variety of health and prevention topics. Healthcare  More doctors and hospitals will have access to lower-cost and more targeted health products and IT through GE Capital financing.  GE will help health providers become safer and more efficient through IT solutions and process improvements. 13 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  14. 14. How can GE Healthcareaddress new challenges inOR of Ambulatory Surgery& imaging needs inUltrasound Guided RegionalAnesthesia & PainManagement ? 14 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  15. 15. 100 years in Anesthesia . 2003 Aisys A quarter million anesthesia machines. “Knowing that GE is the 2010 global leader in anesthesia 2003 Aisys makes it that much easier 2003 Avance with Et Aespire control for us.” 1998 Aestiva “GE has more firsts than 1995 any other anesthesia 1987 AS/3l company, bar none.” 1983 Excel Mod 2 1980 “Listening to us has resulted in Modulus 1978. a comprehensive family of Ohio 30/70 1966. anesthesia delivery solutions, 1963. Ohio monitoring systems, information Unitrol DM5000 management, training, service 1963. and education.” Ohio 4000 1935. “Every time GE develops a Heidbrink 212A new anesthesia delivery 1922. solution, they bring 100 years Heidbrink Junior of history to the table.” 1912. “To see GE‟s future, just look Monovalve “GE has a deep history of to its past” anesthesia machine innovation in anesthesia from1910. Teter which it build-upon like no oneAnesthesia else can.” “GE‟s anesthesia innovation inMachine service is just as relevant as its innovation in product” 15 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  16. 16. Carestation Vision Best integrated point of care solution, assisting caregivers to deliver truly safe personalized clinical practice and Echocardiograph decision management. integration on Perioperative Perioperative with Carestation balanced Personalized Point anesthesia, crisis of Care Management management, - device diagnostics, Pharmacogenomics Fragmented and Clinical IT Technology = ergonomic Anesthesia-specific problems clinical feedback (Entropy/Analgesia) to inhalation and iv Acute Care device therapy and clinical IT Systems integration integration of UI, “Seamless Information parameters and info systems mediating clinical applications“Analog/Disparate “Partial Integration/ for Personalized Information" Limited Connectivity" Patient Care" Multiple stacked boxes/ Interfaced workstation 16 Drug delivery of monitoring & therapy Intrinsic (natural)This is GE Healthcare 2011 Integration dev
  17. 17. Wireless 17 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  18. 18. Wireless 18 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  19. 19. Point of care Ultrasound -AnesthesiaThe Surgical & ANPerspective
  20. 20. Ultrasound-Guided RNBsMaking AN & Surgeons Champions ofUltrasound Situation Overview Surgery and Anesthesia are intricately linked peri-operatively to guide a patient comfortably through the surgical process and on to recovery or rehabilitation. As Anesthesiologists consider adding the benefits of an ultrasound-guided Regional Nerve Block (RNB) program to their anesthesia delivery options, the surgical team (surgeons/PACU nurses) becomes key stakeholders in the decision. The surgical team is a direct beneficiary of the workflow benefits of using ultrasound-guided RNBs by Anesthesia, although some mis-information/myths exists within this community. Further, because the surgical suite is a highly profitable department within the hospital (or surgery center), the surgeon holds an enviable position with Administration. This makes them a desirable champion and ally in securing the funds and workflow changes necessary to smoothly and efficiently integrate ultrasound/RNBs in their O.R./surgical department to realize the overall cost benefits. KEY POINTS - Surgery and Anesthesia are intricately linked in the OR - The Surgeon/Anesthesiologist relationship can be tenuous - Surgical team (surgeons/nurses) are key RNB stakeholders - Some miss-info/myths exist w/surgery team regarding U/S RNBs - RNB programs change O.R. workflow and resource allocation - RNB require a resource shift with more pre-op and less post-op - Surgeons have CxO respect - can be u/s fund promoter/detractor 20 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  21. 21. AN Audiences/Influencers A tool for this audience Accelerate Adoption Surgeon/Nurse • u/s is hot AN topic • Easier for “me” • Evidence accumulating • Productivity gains post-op • Education critical • Patient/Staff Satisfaction Justify Purchase • Economics requiredSupport Coverage • Quality/Safety/Cost• Evidence-based • Patient Satisfaction• Quality/Safety/Cost• ROI for HC system Awareness Pull •Avoid post-op pain, POVN •Min. Opioid/pain med use •Pain-free rehab w/confidence 21 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  22. 22. Ultrasound Value Chain for Anesthesia Workflow Comparison Gen An vs Ultrasound RNBs: Gen An. Workflow •Pain •PONV OR •Bladder Retention •Constipation PRE-OP PACU Arrival Prep Intubate Surgery Emergence Post-Op Recovery Unintended Admittance •Arrive •In-theater intubation for gen AN •Prep •Surgery •Sedate •Anesthesia Emergence pre-PACU HOME ICU • Pre-op • In ORUltrasound Workflow • Post-op U/S RNB Workflow Oppty: OR • addl pre-op time PRE-OP PACU • shorter in-OR time Arrival UGNB Blx Set Surgery Recovery • save/eliminate post-op •Earlier discharge •Earlier arrival HOME •Administer RNB • Patient rolled in ready • Surgery • $ oppty for OR dept •Pre-op Block set time • Pot. no intubate/emergence •Pain- free recovery, happy nurses •No PONV or other complications to delay discharge 22 •Reduce PACU LoS or potential to skip PACU altogetherThis is GE Healthcare 2011 •Pat on-to life/rehab quicker
  23. 23. Why use Ultrasound in Reg‟l Anesthesia?• Patient comfort. Patient safety – single needle stickvs. multiple attempts• Visualization of peripheral nerves and surroundingstructures• Visual tracking of needle movement in real time• Portable, affordable, accessible in the OR• Numerous articles supporting the use of ultrasound• Trend towards outpatient care and minimally invasivesurgery• Reimbursement for anesthesiologist 23 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  24. 24. PAINMANAGEMENT“For all the happiness Mankind can gain; Is not in pleasure , But in rest from pain.” JOHN DRYDEN (1631-1701)
  25. 25. PAIN PATHWAYS 25 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  26. 26. Pain Management : Nerve Block PlacementAccurate placement of local anesthetic in sufficient amounts arounda target nerve to achieve successful blockage & efficient painmanagementClinical situations: •Intra-op pain management •Post-op pain managementTraditional methods: •Trial and error technique, “Poke and hope” •Anatomical markers •Indirect cues - Peripheral nerve stimulators 26 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  27. 27. 27This is GE Healthcare 2011
  28. 28. 28This is GE Healthcare 2011
  29. 29. Introducing Venue™ 40 Simple Sophistication • Exceptional image quality • Cross Beam & SRI Integrated • Easy to use • Portable & sleek • Easy to clean • Hi Frequency Probe upto 18Mhz • Wide Range of Probes “GE Venue 40 Ultrasound Guidance for Efficient PNB & Pain Management " 29 This is GE Healthcare 2011 ….Just Gel and go
  30. 30. Easy to Use • Intuitive touch interface • Pre-configured applications • User-friendly image file formats …touch and go. Freeze/Save Annotation Stylus Flexible Depth/Gain library precision archiving 30 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  31. 31. Easy to Clean • Cleanable by design No seams • Fluid resistant Single- surface • Withstands many user interface medical disinfectants No knobs or keyboard to …clean and go. clean Flush probe connector 31 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  32. 32. GE Vscan – Now answers deeper connectionFor All Ambulatory Physicians & Surgeons ,Vscan is a pocket-sized ultrasound devicethat provides immediate informationto help answer focused cardiovascular questionswhich can improve efficiency of patient managementand strengthening their role as specialist.For compassionate point of care providers,Vscan is a pocket-sized visualization toolthat provides more clues & enhances their discoveriesto help them maintain a deeper connection with their patients.That‟s because Vscan allows themto take an easy look inside the bodythat enhances the physical exam. 32 This is GE Healthcare 2011
  33. 33. GEHC Education & Training Partnership Seek & Own the Luminaries Be the Leader with Awareness Education Education Building brand GE program recognition and sponsorship, sales leadership reputation growth enabler Products Distribution Leveraging adjacent “One size fits all” to segment leaders and customer tailored experts, expand GE solutions expertise Design & Market to Engagement, Metrics, Partners 33 one This is GE Healthcare 2011
  34. 34. GE HealthcareThank you Nova India Team& best wishes for all your healthcareinitiatives focussed on worldclass care