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2 dr mm-begani-day-care-surgery-in-india_ncas_2011


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2 dr mm-begani-day-care-surgery-in-india_ncas_2011

  1. 1. Dr. M. M. Begani Founder President, The Indian Association of Day Surgery Director, Abhishek Day Care Institute & MRC, Mumbai Associate Professor & Consultant Surgeon, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences (University of Mumbai) Vice President – Association of Colorectal Surgeons of India (ACRSI)Founder & Chief Promoter – National Counter Terror & Trauma Care (NCTTC)
  2. 2. Why Day Care Surgery? Day Care Surgery is a necessity in a developing country like India. It provides high quality surgery at affordable cost. It provides economy of time and money. A true Day Surgery should provide a reduction in cost by at least 30% to the patient as compared to a Corporate Hospital. Day Surgery is the need of the day, Not a gimmick.
  3. 3. Problems Population: 1,o73,000,000 (over a billion) • Urban : 26.13% • Rural : 73.87% 60% in Metropolitan city live in poor housing and slums. Per capita income of an average family is around Rs. 30,000/- Bed : Patient ration: 1 : 1246.
  4. 4. Statistics: Expenditure Expenditure Population Public 18% 60% Private 82% 40% Public Private Total of GDP India: 0.94% 4.2% 5.14%
  5. 5. India on the sick bed Public spending on health-lowest in the world. 90% ‘Out-of-pocket’ on medical expenditure. 39 mn pushed into poverty from ill health, yearly. 32% Indians refuse t/t due to high cost. 35% Indians take loans & sell assets for t/t. 3 times increase in cost of hospitalisation in 15 yrs.
  6. 6. The Indian Association of DaySurgery Founded in 2003. Life members – more than 350. Across – 18 states. Executive committee has more than 200 presentations and publications. Regular workshops. National Conferences. Protocols. Journal/News Letter.
  7. 7. National Conferences ADSCON 2005: “Day Care Surgery: Future of Modern Surgery”- 29 Guest lectures covering all surgical specialties. ADSCON 2006: “Progress & Dilemmas in Day Surgery” ADSCON 2007: “Super-speciality as Day Care” ADSCON 2008: “Towards Day Care Millennium” ADSCON 2010: “A new Revolution” ADSCON 2012: 22nd April-Hyderabad
  8. 8. Day Surgery Journalof India
  9. 9. Protocols of aDay Care SurgeryCentre
  10. 10. First Day CoverIndian Postal Dept.
  11. 11. Sticker & Badge
  12. 12. International support
  13. 13. International participation
  14. 14. Oration Dr. Ved Prakesh Mishra Dr. N. K. Deshmukh
  15. 15. Lectures
  16. 16. Workshops
  17. 17. Press meets
  18. 18. Press coverage
  19. 19. Across the Specialty Indian Medical Association. Associations of Surgeons of India. Association of Colon & Rectal Surgeons of India. Urological Society of India. Ophthalmic Surgeons of India. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Associations. Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecologist Society of India. Anaesthesiology Society of India. Orthopaedic Surgeons of India. Ayurvedic Surgical Society of India. Rotary Club. Antwerp University Hospital – Belgium Mahaveer International Various National & International Conferences
  20. 20. Insurance Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited.
  21. 21. We shall not indemnify you for anyInsurance period of hospitalisation of less than 24 hours except for the 126 Day Care procedures the list of which is annexed Bajaj Allianz Insurance New India Assurance Company Limited
  22. 22. Any other Surgeries /Insurance Procedures agreed by TPA / COMPANY which requires less than 24 hours hospitalisation due to subsequent advancement in Medical Technology.
  23. 23. Abhishek Day Care Centre Stand Alone. Multispecialty. ISO Compliant & Certified. Fully Equipped Recognised for Insurance Claims
  24. 24. Patient information
  25. 25. In the pipeline CM / Health Minister / Health Secretary / Director. Corporate Social Responsibility. Charity. Medical Council of India. Training programs for Nurses and Surgeons.
  26. 26. Internationally 7th International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2007.
  27. 27. Internationally 8th International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery. Brisbane, Australia. 2009.
  28. 28. Participating In Anna Hazare Movement
  29. 29. Thank you.