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This is a beta version of our presentation taking place in Latino Australia Education Fair - Santiago de Chile, August 2013-
If you find it helpful, feel free to download it, favorite it and/or talk about it!

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  1. 1. Applying to an MBA in Australia By Nova Language Consultants August 2013
  2. 2. Your motivations Are you looking for... - a career change? - professional specialization? - making more money upon your return? - being promoted in your current company? - starting up your own business?
  3. 3. Do your research -School Profile: specializations, conditions, who are they looking for? -School entry requirements -Deadlines -Location -Weather
  4. 4. Get in touch with schools 1. Write to admissions 2. Zoom in on those schools of your interest 3. Get in touch with faculty members, current students and alumni Networking can be important
  5. 5. Get your papers together • Transcripts (translated & certified if required) • Letters of recommendation (be ready to identify 3 key people) • Visa • Bank statements
  6. 6. Coherence in your statements 1. Motivations 2. Career Goals 3. Personal history 4. Academic achievements 5. Personal goals Be true to who you are. This may require a little bit of introspection!
  7. 7. What do they need to hear from me? Write your essays: (a) Personal statements (b) Statement of purpose example
  8. 8. Test requirements GMAT? Check for scores, deadlines and assess your current level of English example
  9. 9. Test requirements IELTS or TOEFL?
  10. 10. Resources Graduate Management Association of Australia Australian Institute of Business Group of 8 Top 5 programs Australian Graduate School of Management Melbourne Business School Macquarie Graduate School of Management Brisbane Graduate School of Business University of Queensland
  11. 11. Thank you for your time and attention! By Nova Language Consultants August 2013