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China Venture Capital Industry Map


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A snapshot of the China Venture Capital Industry dated 2014-11-11.

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China Venture Capital Industry Map

  1. 1. 2014-11-11 Startups •Serial Enterpreneurs •BAT-trained Entrepreneurs •Post-90s •Others LPs •Insurance Companies •Social Insurance Funds •Securities Investment Funds •Corporate Pension Funds •Trust Funds •Universities & Foundations •FoF GPs/Investors Big-name VCs •IDG •Sequoia •Shenzhen VC •Matrix •Etc. New Generation VCs •Zhonglu •Pingan VC •Shunwei •China Growth Capital •Etc. Internet Giants •Baidu •Alibaba •Tencent •Qihoo 360 •Xiaomi Angels •Lei Jun •Xu Xiaoping •Cai Wensheng •Etc. Many other USD/RMB VCs Incubators / Accelerators •Microsoft Azure •Tsinghua TusPark/X-lab •AWS DreamT •Feimalv •Etc. Data/Research Institutes •iResearch •Pedata •China Ventures •AVCJ •itjuzi •Etc. News/Social Services •36Kr •itjuzi •17Startup •天使汇 •i黑马 •Tech2IPO •天使湾 •DoNews •PELink/PEdaily •techweb Financial Advisors •China Renaissance •Hina Group •China eCapital •New Access •CVCapital •Many other boutique Fas run by individuals Clubs •AAMA •iHeima •3W Coffee •The Young Investors Club •Cheku Cafe •Etc. Equity Crowdfunding •V2IPO创客 •云筹网 •众投邦 •创业易 •创投圈 •原始会 •大家投 •天使客 •天使汇 •天使街 •创业邦 •雷锋 •虎嗅 •亿邦电商 •cnBeta •科技讯 •爱范儿 •趋势网 •爱搜集 •创新派 •奇点集 •币帮 •微投网 •爱创业 •爱合投 •股权易 •路演吧 China Venture Capital Industry Map Legend: BAT stands for Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent Created by: