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Ocean update - ESUG Conf 2011 @ Edinburgh


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latest news and updates on OCEAN

Published in: Technology
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Ocean update - ESUG Conf 2011 @ Edinburgh

  1. 1. a CleanNetworking Library for ESUG 2011 @ Edinburgh
  2. 2. Current network library ByteArray TCP+ IPv4UDP+… +IPv6 Socket SocketAdress irty! HTTPSocket SocksSocket D 0% t ested
  3. 3. ALLOCEAN Architecture Primitives !Image Socket BackEnd BackEnd BackEnd Library Plugin PluginVM Plugin Network API Network APIOS Network API
  4. 4. OCEAN Current Status Socket SocketPluginWrapper mo s t OOP Al 100%UdpSocket TcpSocket tested Conversation Server TcpSocket TcpSocket
  5. 5. OCEAN Current Status Library KernelTestsClasses 17 21Methods 188 149 Tests eta cello ~44% of M Config Methods
  6. 6. Hard time writing tests! Socket Data closed? sent? Socketconnected? Data received? ur re nc y Low-lev C o nc el
  7. 7. How to Help? Your code
  8. 8. OCEAN Olivier Igor Noury Auverlot StasenkoBouraqadi Jannik Laval Luc Fabresse