Nourish International Chapter Policies


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Nourish International Chapter Policies

  1. 1. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 Nourish International Policies Chapter Policy 1. Nourish International Chapter Policy Overview Nourish International Chapters are student-run organizations on University campuses. Nourish chapters are permitted to use the Nourish International brand, tax status and intellectual property to: • Raise money through ventures and other initiatives • Establish partnerships in order to run international projects • Become a registered student organization on their campus • Build and maintain a student membership on their campus All money raised by Chapters is property of Nourish International. Chapters may allocate at least 75% of their net profit towards a project of their choice. Nourish members may be reimbursed for money spent on direct venture expenses. Money may not be used for personal purposes included but not limited to travel, food, and time. Chapters must: I. Abide by all Nourish International policies II. Communicate with the National Office III. Maintain the relationship with their campus IV. Maintain the relationship with their community partners V. Maintain a membership and Executive Board Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  2. 2. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 VI. Develop ventures on campus to raise project funds VII. Keep an up-to-date ledger of Chapter financial activity VIII. Transfer money earned to their National Office Account IX. Retain at least $500 in their Chapter account for the start of the year X. Select and implementing projects; chapters should fund and send participants to at least one project every three summers XI. Abide by all school, local, state, and federal laws in regards to chapter operation, projects, and ventures; failure to comply can result in the review and possible termination of a Chapter’s status by the National Office 2. Chapter Structure Chapters are required to have: I. Official recognition as a student organization from their university II. An Executive Board consisting of at least four members and must include a: a. Chapter Leader b. Treasurer c. Venture Director d. International Projects Director III. A Faculty Advisor IV. Approval from the National Office V. A process for leadership transition International Projects Policy Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  3. 3. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 1. Nourish International Projects Policy Overview Nourish Projects are partnerships between a Nourish chapter and a community development organization, including investment of financial and human capital in the partner organization to support a specific project. Each project must have: I. A project leader II. A community partner III. Approval from the Nourish National Office Project Leaders must: I. Coordinate project decisions II. Report on the projects progress III. Submit a post-project report IV. Communicate with the Partner Organization V. Communicate with the Nourish National Office Project Participants (including Project Leaders) must: I. Abide by all school, local, state, and federal laws Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  4. 4. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 II. Regular blogging and documentation regarding the project III. Complete Nourish International’s travel registration IV. Purchase travel insurance at the level specified by the Nourish National Office V. Respect and uphold National Office decisions regarding in-country rules and restrictions Community Partner’s must: I. Prepare a detailed Itinerary II. Prepare an itemized budget III. Have an application for approval from the Nourish International National Office IV. Maintain communication with the Chapter 2. Approval from the National Office All potential projects must be pre-approved by the National Office staff prior to Chapter selection. To gain approval, projects should demonstrate: I. Strong, local leadership: Projects must have qualified local leaders who have experience in the community and the project area. II. Community Ownership: Projects must be able to demonstrate the community’s support of the project. Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  5. 5. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 III. Role for Students: Projects must have a meaningful and beneficial role for student participants. Projects that require specific professional expertise from student participants will not be approved. IV. Feasibility: The partner organization must be able to show the capacity to take the project to completion, including a clear timeline and realistic desired results. V. Safety: Projects must adhere to all safety standards set forth by the National Office. 3. Chapter Selection Once approved by the National office, Chapters may select a project. Chapters must select a project based on their ability to create the greatest possible impact. Chapters must submit a final Memorandum of Agreement between the participating chapter(s) and partner organization(s). 4. Project Cancellations 5. The National Office reserves the right to cancel a project that fails to maintain the safety of project participants. In the event of a project cancellation, all Nourish participants and project leaders must leave the county as soon as it is safely possible. • In the event that the State Department or Center for Disease Control issues a Travel Warning for a country in which a Nourish project is being planned; the Nourish project must be canceled. • In the event that a Travel Warning is issued during a project’s implementation; students will be required to immediately make contact with the US Embassy and undergo an evacuation of the country. While not exhaustive, some reasons for cancellations are as follows: Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  6. 6. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 I. Student Misconduct a. Failing to complete travel registration b. Failing to complete waivers c. Failing to follow student code of conduct d. Failing to abide by any applicable laws, rules or regulations II. Injury or death of a project participant III. Issuance of a Travel Alert or Travel Warning IV. Outbreak of dangerous disease or other dangerous condition V. Questionable, fraudulent, or corrupt actions on behalf of the partner organization Ventures Policy 1. Nourish International Venture Policy Overview Ventures are on-campus small businesses run by Nourish Chapters in order to raise awareness, build chapter membership and generate revenue for international projects. Ventures must: I. Have a specific Venture Leader responsible for coordinating and implementing the event, including any event volunteers II. Abide by all rules and bylaws of Nourish International, the University, the Student Honor Code, and all local, state, and federal government laws. III. Represent Nourish International and the communities we work with in a responsible and ethical manner 2. Venture Leaders Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  7. 7. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 Venture Leaders must: I. Record expenses and revenues resulting from ventures, including in-kind donations, with the treasurer II. Deposit all profits resulting from any Venture into the Chapter bank account within 48 hours of the Venture ending time 3. Venture Participants Nourish International will reimburse venture participants for direct expenses only. Participants will not be reimbursed for the time, gas, mileage, and travel that are associated with the planning and implementation of ventures unless otherwise approved by the National Office. I the undersigned, agree as a representative of my Chapter, that our Chapter will uphold these policies. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Printed Name Chapter ______________________________________ Signed Name Last Updated: 8/04/2009
  8. 8. 109 N. Graham Street, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919.338.2599 National Office representative. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Printed Name Chapter ______________________________________ Signed Name Last Updated: 8/04/2009