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Mozam presentation lucy2

  1. 1. NOURISH 214
  2. 2. BackgroundOn the 30th of April 2012, 4 friends got together with the shared goal of initiating anawesome adventure motivated by community service. They brain-stormed and dreamedup outlandish ideas, discussed feasibility, promoted synergy and left silly ideas of paintingaeroplanes behind. After a few phone calls, e-mails and frustration over the perfect questan idea came to light and was agreed upon by a unanimous vote. A meeting was held withthe CEO of Nourish South Africa and a partnership was formed over pancakes; we weregoing to Mozambique to do our best to uplift a struggling orphanage that Nourish hadtaken under its wing.This team of 4 now motivated by prospects of suntans and beach sand began to fund-raiseand generate sponsorship for these orphans. This process of fund-raising which lastedapproximately 2 months eventually showed some fruit and a date was set for departure.Each member of the team had been allocated their role in the team and great excitementsurrounded the realisation of this great opportunity.
  3. 3. Group Members StudentName Course Position Number ResourceLucy Munro 11061929 BEng Civil (English) Managener BEng Civil ManagerChris Triegaardt 11010577 (Afrikaans) ExtraordinaireRick Vandoorne 11050692 BEng Civil (English) Master Brick Layer BEng ChemicalAndrew Steiner 11203031 Master Mixer (English)
  4. 4. Acosida Orphanage Address : #20-35 Bagamoyo, Matola, Mozambique Contact : Dumisane Macamo Contact Number : +25 88 452 0671 Dumisane and Sarah
  5. 5. Nourish Contact : Sarah Bergs Contact Number : 071 909 7261 Facebook : Website : Physical address : Tanda Tula Safari Camp, Farm Nederland 114 Postal address : P O Box 960, Hoedspruit, 1380 Non-Profit Organisation Number : 090-810
  6. 6. Pre-Trip Game Plan Raise enough funding in conjunction with the generous sponsor by UP to make this trip happen. Arrange transport, documents, equipment etc. Correspond with the orphanage and Nourish to establish how we can participate in the program and what meaningful contribution we can make. Collect donations and find willing sponsors for clothing and toys and any useful items that could benefit the orphanage
  7. 7. Game Plan Once We Arrive Establish a camping site on the premises where we will not be in the way of the operation of the orphanage but still have easy access to the various on goings Finish laying the floor of the new crèche with cement using whatever tools available to us Build the wall in the middle of the crèche as high as possible with the bricks available to us Plaster the walls of the crèche Establish a system/chain of operations for all the activities so that each member of the team can work to the best of their ability and the work load can be shared relatively evenly Dig a vegetable garden so that the orphanage can grow their own vegetables
  8. 8. Welcome to Mozambique Aacrosida Orphanage Matola
  9. 9. Day 1
  10. 10. Day 2
  11. 11. Day 3
  12. 12. Day 4
  13. 13. Andrew SteinerOn our venture to Mozambique I gained a greatunderstanding of what it really means to be selflessand to give of one’s talents. It is truly greater togive than to receive.For the little that I could give to the orphanage andthe impact that I could make, I am thankful. Thedrive and joy in the children of Acosida issomething that will never leave me and I hope tolive by the example they have set.“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothingbecause you can only do little - do what you can. ”- Sydney Smith
  14. 14. Lucy Munro"The only lasting happiness in life lies in losingyourself in something bigger, better, morelasting and of greater worth than your ownsmall existence." - Mother TeresaThrough this module I gained life,communication and management skills. Ourteam had to overcome many challenges, buthad a life-changing experience. Also, I learnedfrom the orphans that no matter how bad thecircumstances of life, to always have a smileon my face and hope for a better, brightertomorrow.
  15. 15. Rick Vandoorne“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”~William JamesI went into this project with the mindset that such asmall group of people will never be able to make adifference. This perception has changed completely!I truly feel fulfilled by helping such a small communityand feel that what we have done will affect thesechildren positively for the rest of their lives. Through asimple unselfish caring act such as community serviceone can change the lives of those less fortunate.
  16. 16. Chris TriegaardtI went to Mozambique with the intent of building aplace where the orphans can play, have meals and beeducated. This Area would also be used as an aftercarecentre for children in the community. This facilitywould generate some income for the orphanage.I really enjoyed the project and the construction partwas very fun even though it was a lot of hard work.I enjoyed interacting with the orphans and seeing theirlove for live. This gave me a greater appreciation foreverything that I have. I look forward to doing anotherproject like this further along into my career.
  17. 17. I wondered why somebody didnt do something.Then I realized, I am somebody. ~Author Unknown