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1th Delegate Mailing


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1th Delegate Mailing

  1. 1. XMAS EXchange Motivation and Aspiration Seminar Armenia, 5-7 November 2010  Magic happens in Armenia  About the conference  Venue  Registration and fees  OC contacts FIRST DELEGATES MAILING Content  Magic happens in Armenia  About the conference  Venue and rules  Registration and fees OC contacts
  2. 2. Magic happens in Armenia!!! One of the oldest and magical countries of the world. The land between Europe and Asia. Tasty food , ancient culture and warmest people will help you to have the most interesting experience, unforgettable memories, friends and the best XMAS in your life. The legend goes that when Armenians came to God to ask for their piece of land, all the good land had already been distributed, so God gave them the leftovers, full of stones.
  3. 3. XMAS EXchange Motivation and Aspiration Seminar The aim of this conference is to promote exchange as one of the AIESEC core products as well as motivating newly recruited AIESEC members for their further activities and give new emotions to everybody. The conference will help you to understand who is AIESEC, what can give it to you and how can AIESEC helps you develop your potential on your stage of AIESEC Experience. The impact of this conference is even greater as it is a regional one and delegates and facilitators with diverse experiences meet to share and develop themselves. Objectives:  The delegates fully understand the AIESEC Way and AIESEC product;  The delegates know the X process and are ready to create new ways for X development;  The delegates are motivated to contribute to the organizational and personal goals.
  4. 4. VENUE We Welcome You in “Aliq” hotel complex Aliq» hotel is situated in one of the picturesque places of Armenia, in the beginning of Tsakhkadzor, in the heart of the forest, a beautiful place where the nature becomes a nice place for rest. Charming surrounding, pure and healthy air, perfect conditions to have a rest The rooms of the hotel are furnished with furniture according to European standards, everything is done for complete relax. Each room has its bathroom with hot and cold water.
  5. 5. Registration and Fees Foreign Delegates Delegates Fee: 50 Euros Cancellation Fee: 25 Euros Armenian Delegates Delegates Fee: 16.000 AMD Cancellation Fee: 8.000 AMD NOTE: All delegates registered after the deadline (October 29) will be considered as Late Registered Delegates and will be charged with Late Registration Fee. Damage fee is not included in Delegates fee and will be charged for each damaged thing. Registration form is available on Deadline: October 29 23:59 GMT +4
  6. 6. Contacts OC VP DS: Heghine Ghukasyan Skype:heghine.ghukasyan Tel: (+374) 94 045180 OC VP F/EVENTS Rafael Markosyan Tel: (+374) 91 805211 OCP Yelena Mardoyan Tel: (+374) 95 988787 Useful Links
  7. 7. It is that time of the year again, when you are thankful for everything merry and bright. May this Christmas be a delight! Wishing you a Merry XMAS