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Injection flaw teaser


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Published in: Technology
  • How can you say that injection is mostly possible only in username field? is there any reason why it can't be done in password field?
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Injection flaw teaser

  1. 1. The Art Of ExploitingInjection FlawsSumit
  2. 2. About the course Hands on 2 days training Require out of box thinking (strong coffeerecommended!) 20 exercises, 100 slides, 8 CTFs! Previous feedback: “ This was the best course I have ever been on. Since attendingthe course, I have identified so many issues which automatedtools have missed. Thanks a ton, Sid” “I have been pentesting for 4 years now, and thought I knew allabout SQLI. I guess I was wrong. If anyone knows this subjectwell, it is Sid”
  3. 3. About MeSumit “sid” Siddharth Speaker/Trainer at Black Hat, Def con,OWASP Appsec, HITB, Ruxcon etc My blog: Specialist in Application & Database Security! More than 8 years of Pentesting! Co-author: SQL Injection, attacks and defense Head of Penetration testing@7Safe
  4. 4. Day 1: SQL Injection
  5. 5. Exploiting SQL Injections Authentication Bypass Extracting Data Error Message Enabled Error Message Disabled Union Injection Blind Injection Time Delays Out Of Band Channels Privilege Escalation OS code execution
  6. 6. Exercise 9.8 – SQL Injection: OS commandexecution Objective Exploit SQL injection to run OS commands on the databaseserver CTF : What are the contents of C:secret.txt on the server Time 10 mins
  7. 7. Advanced SQL Injection Insanely Blind SQL Injection Application returns same response Injection point in INSERT/UPDATE statement
  8. 8. Encoding/Decoding User Input Base64 decoding user input Hex decoding user input Real world examples WordPress Admin-Ajax.php unauthenticated SQL injection PHP-Nuke auth.php$cookie=explode(„;‟, urldecode(empty($_POST[„cookie‟])))$admin=base64_decode($admin)
  9. 9. SQL Injection in SQL Names Consider the following:Dim cat, orderBy, querycat = Replace(Request.Form(“cat”), “‟”, “‟‟”)orderBy = Replace(Request.Form(“orderBy”), “‟”, “‟‟”)query = “SELECT * FROM prod WHERE cat = „” & cat &“‟ ORDER BY “ & orderBy
  10. 10. Hacking Oracle from Web Exploiting SQL Injection against oracle database How to extract data One Query to get them all! How to execute OS code What if we are not DBA Become DBA Execute OS code Drop DBA
  11. 11. Capture The Flag: SQL Injection Objective• What’s in C:secret.txt Time 20 Mins! No instructions or hints this time!
  12. 12. Day 2: The Art of ExploitingLesser Known Injection FlawsORM InjectionLDAP InjectionAdvanced LDAP InjectionXPath InjectionXpath v2XML Entity InjectionCombining Xpath and XXECTFQ&A
  13. 13. Hibernate Query Language Injection User’s input to be passed directly to theunderlying SQL engineList<Event> result = session.createQuery("from Event e where e.title=" + param +"").list();
  14. 14. HACKING LDAPLDAP overviewLDAP injectionBlind LDAP injectionHacking LDAP in practiceSecuring Applications Against LDAPInjections
  15. 15. LDAP Injection: Authentication Bypass (&(user=username)(password=pwd)) Usually password is hashed and then matched with thestored value Injection is most likely to work only in username field (&(user=username)(password=*)) (&(user=username)(&))(password=pwd))Anything after first filter will beignored by OpenLDAP
  16. 16. Exercise 6 PHP/LDAP Find the telephone number of employee EricPhilip Time: 10 mins
  17. 17. XPATH Injection Agenda What is XPATH Exploiting XPATH Impact of XPATH exploitation Blind XPATH Injection Automating XPATH Injection XPATH v2 injection Insane XPATH Injection Defending against XPATH Injection
  18. 18. XPATH’s XML NomenclatureRoot nodeCommentNode nameAttribute valueNodeNode valueAttribute nameNode
  19. 19. Automating Xpath XPATH Explorer Demo time!
  20. 20.  Hugely increased feature set Regular expressions Unicode normalization String to code point conversion Remote document references All of these can be utilised to speed up documentretrieval and reduce the key space we have to search.XPath 2.0 Features..
  21. 21. XPATH 2.0 Allows to not just read the current XML file but anyarbitrary xml file on the file system.
  22. 22. Hacking Web Services with XML External Entity Not validating the xml files before processing it Attacker can inject an external entity <!ENTITY pwned SYSTEM "file:///c:/boot.ini" > Web service parse the entity and the parseraccess the local resource Unauthorized access to information Post scanning Denial of service attack Breaking the xml syntax Providing files like /dev/urandom
  23. 23. Combining XXE and Xpath Did I say, with Xpath 2.0 you can read arbitrary xmlfiles on the file system. I actually mean: with Xpath 2.0 you can read arbitrary xml files on the filesystem. Introducing Xcat
  24. 24. Thank You! Questions please... Twitter: notsosecure