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Driving the Internet of Things with Mobile Apps at tiConf


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Driving the Internet of Things with Mobile Apps at tiConf

  1. 1. #tiConf #iot Hans Scharler @scharler
  2. 2. Objectives • Introduce the “Internet of Things” • Show you a pie chart • Discuss the opportunity for mobile app developers • Introduce ioBridge and some of our projects • MAKE A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT • Answer questions
  3. 3. We love our Things Keyword / phrase Searches per Month web of things 9,900 internet of things 60,500 iphone 124,000,000 ipad 24,900,000 laptop 24,900,000 android 37,200,000 google 506,000,000 britney spears 5,000,000 brittney spears 6,120,000 (spelled wrong) hans scharler 30 (me once a day)
  4. 4. How much fun is a computer without the Internet?
  5. 5. (whatever amount this is)
  6. 6. The Opportunity Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic via ioBridge APIs Mobile Traffic Desktop Traffic
  7. 7. --Hans Scharler “Industry Leading Expert” Source: Hans Scharler The Opportunity
  8. 8. Drivers • Development Speed – you need to develop apps as product development cycles get shorter for connected products and services • Number of Connected Devices and Services Scales Fast X
  9. 9. Drivers • Consumers are expecting mobile apps for whatever mobile device they have • Mobile Apps are the UI/UX for connected products • Mobile Apps must be great for connected products – app reviews influence product sales • Mobile Apps must support iOS and Android at product launch - The “Internet of Things” needs cross-platform mobile app development.
  10. 10. Products Licensed Infrastructure for high-scale monitoring and control apps Open Source Rails App / API for Sensor Data ioBridge Iota Low-cost Embedded Ethernet and Wi-Fi Modules
  11. 11. Platform Overview
  12. 12. Customer Breakdown Channel Partners Product Manufacturers Startups Developers
  13. 13. If we connect everything, we better create real useful applications…
  14. 14. Control Heating/Cooling Based on Current Position and Weather Track Your Location With Google Latitude
  15. 15. Twitter Controlled Toy #thingspeak #forward
  16. 16. Twitter Controlled Hotel #thotel blue @paraimpu
  17. 17. iPhone Controlled Beer Cannon Mini Fridge Beer Cannon by Ryan Rusnak Over 1 million YouTube Views In the June 2011 issue of Popular Science Featured on JUNKies -- TV Show on Discovery Science Select Beer. Aim. Fire.
  18. 18. • Zodiac Pool Systems Powered by ioBridge
  19. 19. • Zodiac Pool Systems – Provided end-to-end design of consumer product to control and automate pools and spa using web browsers, tablets, and smart phones Powered by ioBridge
  20. 20. Powered by ioBridge
  21. 21. Applications District of Columbia Rainwater Harvesting Project with Geosyntec Engine House #25 – Washington, DC Engine House #3 – Washington, DC
  22. 22. Applications Connected Government Buildings Multi-site management Power monitoring Real-time logging and alerting
  23. 23. Applications Interactive Toys connected worlds apart
  24. 24. Applications Real-time Solar Panel and Cost Savings Reporting
  25. 25. Applications Automated Cranberry Bogs with remote monitoring Condition-based automation Sensor input Real-time logging and alerting
  26. 26. t hings t o consider ... Scal abil it y Sent ience
  27. 27. 2,000
  28. 28. Native Titanium Modules for the Internet of Things
  29. 29. var iobridge = require("appersonlabs.iobridge"); var device = iobridge.createDevice({ apikey: "982656D1-368B-4FB3-9655-B6AFBDEB7D04", serial: "7640212975142365“ }); device.addEventListener("stream", function(e) { + " - " + e.payload); });
  30. 30. Build interactivity with embedded devices and mobile apps quickly
  31. 31. Q & AHans Scharler @scharler #tiConf #iot