Getting closer to patients


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Getting closer to patients

  1. 1. Bringing you closer to patients
  2. 2. 2|It is often critical or key to understand what is going onwith your key target segments.Identifying and targeting the right segment and findingout whether it is ‘key’ is the first step to bettermarketing strategyBut then once you have pinned your segment down youneed to interrogate your segment until it gives up itssecrets???What are you allabout?Are you Key?
  3. 3. 3|To circumnavigate communication barriers it is helpful to think 3dimensionally about your segment.How well defined is my segment?What is the filter down rate? Where does itfilter down to? Do I have to replace the filterlike on a swimming pool?How do we optionalise our customer basedchoice parameters?How can I learn more words that obfuscatethe point being communicated?££What’s all this segmenttalk? Are customerssegments? Or are theyin segments, likewoodlice?
  4. 4. 4|Sometimes there is a barrier between marketing departments andreal world patientsSometimes there is a barrier between marketing departments andreal world patientsOoohI’m illIrrelevant bullshitRATIONALTHOUGHTBARRIER REALPATIENTISSUES
  5. 5. 5|Make sure you limber up with some policy-Pilates before movingon to some more heavy initiative-crunches….But before you devise a stratagem for managing patientexpectations, first you need a visit to the strata-gymnasium.Flexible implement-izativitySubstantive-results curlsidea-showersThink-sparingManagementmuscle toningSolution stretching
  6. 6. 6|The bare-bones approach to outcoming a solution matrixOur approach is to work up an initial pre-structure to your nominal mind-crux, then data-in the outputs pre-reflexively, thus proactively diss-ass-organising your focus-goaling.Some of our competitors use old and tired synergy which could be out of date orinfected with diseased logicMixture ofinvestmentportfolio chips5 point action basedplan of actions
  7. 7. 7|But, hang on (you say, not me I know) what about substantive data and rockhard fact to ensure no de-credularity afflicts our avaricious parade…?We have access to grotesque and obscene amounts of data which can either make us as sickas a goat with ‘information over-thinkage’ or it can help us understand the specific marketdetails to within an inch of a nano-point.Our analysts are so data driven they literally don’t own or use any form of transport to get toand from work …only excel+With thissample sizewe mayneed to slapon someX 0.16projection-factor 16
  8. 8. 8|Not really…it’s just been a waste of my time…Well you can always move nearer to or regularlydrive by a hospital / healthcare institution….….Or invite patients over to your house (we suggesttelling them there are free drugs and life savinginterventions there, and/or you’re having a BBQ)If none of this works, don’t panic someone elsewill tell you what you need to knowAfter all this, are you any closer to your patients?