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Using Pixelmator to Create Images for Social Media


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presented to on Image editing.

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Using Pixelmator to Create Images for Social Media

  1. 1. Websites By Kris.comImage Editingfor SocialMediaUsing PixelmatorPresented
  2. 2. When in doubt - Search
  3. 3. It’s not Silly Putty® Images should not look stretched!
  4. 4. Pixelmator Instructions Determine size needed Create a blank canvas Open your original image you need to resize  Size only width to meet requirement  Constrain proportions Copy your image onto blank canvas Edit Transform to fit in place
  5. 5. File > New
  6. 6. Image > Image Size
  7. 7. Copy / Paste / Copy to OtherEdit > Transform…Position it, Select OKAdd your Edits (not covered)File > Export as JPG
  8. 8. Other Social Media Twitter  Profile Photo  Background Gravatar Questions from the Audience…
  9. 9. WebsitesThank You! By Image Editing for Social Media Using Pixelmator Presented at