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Notesfromkris Website Checklist


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Rough Draft outline of WordPress Installation prepared for WordPress 4 Beginners class.

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Notesfromkris Website Checklist

  1. 1. Review Site Plan<br />Determine PlugIns, Pages, Widgets, Rough Layout<br />Select Theme & Template<br />Installation<br />Host information acquired<br />cPanel Install or FTP Install<br />Update WP to latest version<br />Review WP Database Name/Structure/Password Strength<br />Review WP Settings<br />Upload Folder chg from yyyy/mm to common<br />Registration Off <br />Change Permalinks<br />Privacy On<br />Categories!<br />Site Plugins Installation<br />Common (All Sites)<br />Security:<br />Akismet <br />Bad Behavior<br />BulletProof <br />Limit Login Attempts<br />Backup:<br />Backup Buddy $75/mo<br />Nice to Have:<br />RB Internal Links <br />Social Media<br />___________________ ><br />Other (Site Specific) Examples<br />Gallery/Slideshow<br />eNewsletter<br />WP-Cycle<br />Facebook or Twitter Feed <br />Blog Protector<br />Quote Rotator<br /> ___________________ ><br />Launch<br />Donate to Plugin Developers <br />Create Backup<br />Provide client with username/password – create closing letter<br />Create/Upload Favicon (icon next to address bar)<br />Set up Security Measures<br />Akismet<br />BulletProof<br />SEO (Basic) Followup<br />Google Analytics<br />Google SiteMap (XML) <br />Google Webmaster<br />Check Titles<br />Image Alt/Title Tags<br />Forms<br />Return email?<br />Saved to Database (if MailChimp)<br />SEO Plugin or Genesis SEO Install<br />Check prefix of pages<br />SEO Setup (Extra)<br />