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2012portfolio alisha


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2012 Portfolio Updated

Published in: Design, Business
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2012portfolio alisha

  1. 1. 01 TECHNICAL The meaning of Alisha is meant for DRAWING the person who has well knowl- Illustration works by edge in the way that she is. And Pencil Drawing / Water Color I toke the concept of my name to make this portfolio as the one of book which you should pick once to see what and how far I came as Graphic Designer’s way, Now! Take your time for this book and Enjoy! :)INDE X01 | Technical Drawing .... 202 | Logo & Corporate Design ..... 503 | Poster Design .... 804 | Packaging Design .... 1405 | Catalog & Infomation brochure .... 1706 | Newspaper Design .... 2207 | Branding created & Corporation ... 25 Book & Homepage Design Created Business Plan for the Corporation08 | Photography ... 3909 | Packaging Design ... 48 • “Always Teatime” Packaging design of Tea product. • “Oh!My!!xxx!!!” Packaging design of Funnel product. 210 | Swatch Collection Design ... 5511 | Umbrella Branding Design ... 6112 | Self Promotion DM ... 65
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  3. 3. VEGE CREPE, VEGETABLE CREPE 02 & CAFFÈ CONCEPT STORE LOGO & Logo design and Interior’s Graphic work with the concept branding of Vegetable Crepe & Caffè Shop CORPORATE “Vege Crepe” at Lalaport depart- mentstore in Yokohama, Japan. (2007’s work) DESIGN 01. Crepe & Caffè Shop’s Logo Design 02. Apparel Shop’s Logo design5 6
  4. 4. BIARRITZ, 03 LUXUARY & CASUAL APPAREL SHOP POSTER Logo design and Corporate de- sign work with apparel shop, “Biarritz” the main concept of logo DESIGN is Luxuary & Casual, The ispiration of logo came from girly and luxu- ary beach. (2006’s work) 01. + more communication Poster Design 02. Poster Design for the theme of Problem Solving in Thailand.7 8
  5. 5. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN POSTER FOR NTT HIGASHI NIHON (Telephone company for east area,Japan) “+MORE COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN” This is poster design for Campaign Advertising for NTT Higashi Nihon (east ja- pan’s telephone company). The theme and concept of poster for solving prob- lem of less communication in family, Because of in that period (2005) in Japan,9 The problem of less communication in family is the big topic for solve the prob- lem. This poster focus on the varietion of communication like holding the hand, 10 Hug and Kiss to make parents consumer realized about make more communi- cation in family especially with their children. (2005’s work)
  6. 6. The campaign poster for Newspaper’s adverstising in the same series of + more11 communication campaign. The point of veiw for this series is even any com- muncation like kiss or hug, It could be connect everyone in your family become 12 together like the line with the heart which connected those 3 of posters together.
  7. 7. 04 PACKAGING DESIGN “KUKUYA” Japanese’s souvenir shop in Nagano, Japan “SPEAK LOUNDER MORE INTELLIGENT” CAMPAIGN POSTER DESIGN for TCDC (Thailand Creative Design Center) The objective of this poster created for advertised education’s seminar for Thai’s young generation. The concept of poster is about use graphic design for solve the social problem. I picked up the social problem in Thailand because there’re a lot of13 young generation want to be as “follower” not “leader”, The thing which and help 14 young generation change their behavior is “the education” that why I connected edu- cation seminar to this graphic poster to make it more interesting in my own illustra- tion because using illustration work is the one which could be eye catched for young generation as well. (2011’s work)
  8. 8. “KUKUYA” SOUVENIR SHOP IN NAGANO, JAPAN. The packaging which I designed are the15 package of dessert souvenir (1) and (2) and designed character called “Mikaeri Kobato” 16 (face round little pigeon) those of products still existing selling in this shop. (2007’s work)
  9. 9. 05 FIAT 500 “ECO DRIVE” CATALOG & PROMOTION CATALOG INFOMATION BROCHURE Think Earth’s concept still con- cerned and focus all around the world. Fiat 500 also produced car 01. Catalog Design for FIAT 500 which has well economized and operation CO2 emission for eco 02. Information Brochure for Accademia friendly consumers. Italiana Design school (Floor’s guide) The concept of this work I used Green and Blue as theme color to make consumers of17 FIAT 500 feel like green design. But not just only that I play with the pattern of color to make more modern and chic which match to FIAT 500. (2011’s work) 18
  10. 10. 19 20
  11. 11. Floor Guide information Brochure for Accademia Italiana Design School. 06 The concept of Brochure design is want to make understanding of Floor’s guide and informations of school for new students. (2011’s work) NEWSPAPER DESIGN Newspaper design for Accademia Italiana’s student21 22
  12. 12. NEWSPAPER “INST” (INTERNATIONAL STUDENT) for Accademia Italiana’s Student The concept of this newspaper design is make more fun in newspaper not only useful information but also look fun when students read this newspaper. The contents of this newspaper included useful informations such as how to economized and plan some trip in Europe while students studing aboard in Italy, Design inspiration from student’s work and international student’s interview, Fashion and23 Foods talk. (2011’s work) 24
  13. 13. 07 BUSINESS PLAN for the BRANDING & concept of branding and CORPORATION coporation. Branding corporation and created for Mar- keting and Trend subject included product designed (Book) and Business plan. The idea of this brand corporation came from the inspiration of organic lace making from Australia and for group work, We found that there’re not much business player who deal the business with Lace business for making some book in the market, That why we choosed to created the book which talked about pure Lace’s stories. The details of this book contained with the history of Lace, The method of making Lace, and the impor- tance thing which for this book is we will make Lace become the thing that it has to be Trendy thing as lace doing in the moment. Not only introduced this book to the market, This corporation also guide consumers who inter- esting in Lace Fashion to become the one of Lace community in online store. The things that the group of corporation created for this project are 1) Book designed and created called “Lace - the fine web”, 2) Online store for everything about Lace (focus on clothing and fashionable line) called “Lace and Story” and the branding for the co- poration is “Lace and Story”.25 26
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  15. 15. PRODUCT : BOOK DESIGN29 30
  16. 16. 31 32
  17. 17. 33 34
  18. 18. 35 36
  19. 19. PRODUCT 2 : ONLINE STORE for selling book, Lace’s fashion items.37 38
  20. 20. 08 PHOTOGRAPHY Photography project called “DAY DREAM” represented for girl’s dreaming, Some of the model dreaming about graduation, marry, and become famous designer.39 40
  21. 21. 41 42
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  24. 24. 09 PACKAGING DESIGN Packaging Design for Tea Product “Always Teatime” brand.47 48
  25. 25. Brand labeling “Always Teatime” Packaging’s label image Packaging’s label image “Mad Tea Party” “Too late whitetea rabbit” Packaging design and product rendering Spice tea flavor Relax white tea flavor for tea package brand “Always Teatime”. This packaging and branding design came from the inspiration of Alice in49 Wonderland linked to the concept of tea’s product and used 2 of main char- 50 acters as “Mad Hatter” stand for Spice flavor of tea and “White Rabbit” stand for White tea flavor. This package design and image rendering by Cinema 4D program for tea bottle and product’s box.
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  27. 27. 53 54
  28. 28. 10 SWATCH COLLECTION DESIGN Design pattern for Swatch collection. This project created for collaboration project between Swatch and WWF. The inspiration came from the trans- formed of numbers on watch’s dial be- came 12 kinds of endangered animals under the purpose of more care and know about endangered animals.55 56
  29. 29. 57 58
  30. 30. 59 60
  31. 31. 11 Brand name, Logo and Logo type design PRODUCT BRANDING DESIGN FOR WELLNESS BEVERAGE PRODUCTS This project was designed for ap- plied the competition of italian bev- erage company “STERILGARDA” to produced the umbrella brand for new line products which have 3 products of beverage as 1) Natural Juice 2) Non added sugar Juice 3) Fuctional tea Under the theme of “Wellness” prod- uct, Wellness is a healthy life; a healthy way of living that starts from the food intake. for targets as • Women, between 25 and 54 years; • Young families and singles; • Children/Kids. The new product line will also be environmen- tally friendly and eco-sustainable, because the paper used for packaging comes from respon- sibly managed forests, certified by FSC – Forest Stewardship Council, which issues an eco-label, in addition to being recyclable. This pack will be made by industry leader Tetra Pak.61 62
  32. 32. 63 64
  33. 33. Back page Front page 12 SELF PROMOTION DM Student’s project for Self Promotion DM created for apply job in the future. Theme of this work is Playful me that I want my client feels my identity side as based on Playful design. From the concept based on my iden- tity, I started from the meaning of my name “Alisha” which means the per- son who have knowledge. The de- Pop-up Page signed of DM had created by the sym- bol of knowledge “book” like Pop-up DM style.65 66 Pop-up DM
  34. 34. Back page with Name card Main page Name card (Back)67 68 Name card (Front)
  35. 35. BIOGRAPHY Alisha Paturiyavet (07.Jan.84.Bangkok) 2005 Graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin College in Computer Graphic Design department, Tokyo, Japan. (certificated diploma) 2005-2007 Worked as Junior Graphic Designer at Contemporary Planning Center, Tokyo, Japan 2007-2011 Worked as Freelance illustrator, Japanese TranslatorThanks for take your time 2011-2012 Studied Graphic Design from 4th semester at Accademia see this book (Graduate in December,2012 for Bachelor’s degree) “It is not so very important for a person to learn facts. For that he does not really need a college. He can learn them from books. The value of an education is a liberal arts col- lege is not learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from text- books.” Albert Einstein to be continue!