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Not Always Right: The Comic, Part 1


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Inspired by True Events. In this part 1 series, we introduce you to the characters on the Not Always Right comic and take you down the road of customer service entertainment and stupidity.

Don't forget to view in fullscreen for the utmost viewing pleasure and laughter!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Not Always Right: The Comic, Part 1

  1. 1. E Not ALWAYS RIGHT : '.1!HE COMic Inspired by True Events
  2. 2. _ E N013 ALWAYS RIGHT : THE COMiC BOI‘lS Loss Prevention Officer at River Creek Mall — Intimidating — Blunt - Not actually called "Boris"
  3. 3. E not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE cOMiG Charlie v / LU E ' ADI Team Member at NotsMart — Sarcastic Q’ . — Cynical - witty jg g ‘X .
  4. 4. Linda Bookseller at Barnes 8: Hobos - Intelligent - Organized - well—read
  5. 5. Not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE cOMiC Rose Server/ Bartender at Shenanigans - Sassy - No—nonsense — Efficient
  6. 6. not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE comic TJ Team Member at Snackdonalds —Nervous —IneXper-ienced —Pan: i.cky
  7. 7. E not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE COMiC Inspired by True Events Never Too Late (Or 3 Early) To Apologize iieiio, Mg bro3‘r: :_Lend Juli brolcce up wit; me a ‘m irea no in .3 o W1l‘: ‘:‘e: a“ mood bU+.1"m not aogfg wL§iq got; and 13m ream, sorrg because Tim going to be rude and mean f and got) don't deserve ‘ COULD T F@iéJeiiNc—. GET THE UN HEALTH lEST F@>iH9rINGi THING, ON You? F@¥tt| N MENU, +-sn'i. $i? + Thank got) So much.
  8. 8. E Not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE COMiC Inspired by True Events "why Barkeeps Should Rule The world" JUSL t€LL me, whats the cheapest thing you've got here? /
  9. 9. Not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE comic Inspired by True Events i Location: The Land of the Free Barnes 8: Hobos To Be who You Are Bookstore This is an OUTRAC—‘iEl I am hLghLg oF&‘endedi Oh Mg 8OS'i I cant beLLeve gou goo are right. ’ wovld do this‘. There are CHILDREN around. ’ How covLd I be So 4 Lnconstde rate .7 GBABTJB . J='iéE'sI$lefle- T"! "§“k4 “"', P V-’xl! D.D‘¢¢€. !3.. .:. v_. .'u-; I 1 l ‘ .7 . There. ’ Now there's something l-‘or everiione! fin. @@11iT’[s
  10. 10. Not ALWAYS RIGHT : ‘1!HE GOMiG Inspired by True Events He Fought the Law, H Barneégfafigisogz 8: the Law won Bookstore Scr, the store's return poucg is cLearLg written on the rececpt. Theg cannot take back items Lh at have been opened. FU RTHERMORE, bg purchasing from {N5 9{oF9. you are accept- Lng the Stof€'S return poucg as a signed contract bg which goo agreed to . abLoe. mg rights! I? gov don't Let me reiurn Lt, I ‘LL Sue you! fl'a{, 'S b9€T feceLpt? Ofehed _' B9 cLaLm'mg to be a Lawgef trgtng to ctrcumvent this hen goo are oLear;3 not. goo contract, agned b9 goo, no are commit’cLvg 2“ 30’: 0? judge wouLd roLe in goor ~Pa/ or. -Fraud, which can It 300 ream; were a Lawger, get 900 90U'd be aware o? I: Vi9 Fact- I worked Ln reta1L -to put mgsek? khnough Law schooh and deabt wuun peopLe L‘-ke mm even; d23- Man, that ? eL% GOOD. ’ IN ADDITION, bg blatariLg
  11. 11. not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE conic Inspired by True Events Location: Anna , Barnes 8: Hobos Oprahnlna Bookstore where is the new book recommended bg Oprah? T can't I-‘Lnd L’; here. ’ Li£e{8£uvf€ Oprah saLd Li sec&, Lon, or~der was gosh post. shed . ' ('11 ". "4 Ur. No "LI. wasvvi . ’ Oprah said ix goo suu was new! Oprah wave: to doesn't Lie! She's get the 0Pra h! book ? an 0? Course. ’ Oprah Said 1; have eo read Lt. ’OPRAH, //
  12. 12. Not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE COMiC Inspired by True Events , C . o_ 2% 2 Q ' ® _ <i‘; * Stop and Stair " A II. ‘A Your The c>_g_e: ' eecaLa£or The one fig“ Ls bro Ken. Over there . ’
  13. 13. not ALWAYS RIGHT : mm GOMiC Inspired by True Events WHAT 1H6 Few Aka You -rAu<wc-. A3091-.10‘, DIsRESPEcrruL ; _f5RK? CAN'T You see ‘7HA1'I: M PREGNANT? ! Maam. Tm gotng «to have to ask you to remove axe wet-. ermeLon Iirom gour shirt- kjes. Ineed goo to new meoub to ma car. ‘ , , - / “ 1/-v. V0012 ABY! ” F? ‘ I 9* / ! B : 'u.
  14. 14. not ALWAYS RIGHT : mun cOMic Inspired by True Events 0V~. tha{ Sounds good TLL have the same» what can I get -For 900 Lacues? v»/ eLL. I'd $29 that ‘S the Lord '5 wag of teLLLng us to get dessert! we'LL take two cookies. Ptease]
  15. 15. E not ALWAYS RIGHT : 'J3HE COMiC Inspired by True Events ¢ / E An thin N°‘ I'M .3"5.t hcgim I 7 0 return thLS Wfighg wfh P“€8'‘~’= ‘“t ; e V 9°“ dog ’? ood. Lt ? ‘°5"‘8 "*9 mind.
  16. 16. m not ALWAYS RIGHT : THE 001110 Item removed Prom baggimg area. No! rmuswe me Are 9°” “mg SooLs oF SMALL 9°" °‘*"‘ cmwkew! wrun- DOYOU THINK or THAT? ! ‘Rem removed Prom bagging- item removed Jr‘rom—- Are goo possessed ? L—_£ Pkease place {he ikem an the bagging area.
  17. 17. Q Not ALWAYS RIGHT : ‘11HE comic Inspired by True Events not agam! In Soviet Russia, Accent Speaks You Heuo? what? You do what to mg bodg? Yes? You Know what Idoto goo! ’ bodg WW? “ I And goo? ‘30rf€ jerk keeps m3kLhg obscene C3[_| _§ to thts rwvml-_; er_ sure to PL99 up goorarcerxtf - | "_ ‘y L .2‘. 3» 60- -- do goo Bods have mam? k)oo‘re married, B°'i5 “are °«“ have 3 L359 women. ALL are Love um. and door meme 9F‘C°"f; ' 35 7 ‘ L5 not <8‘-‘, ¢~‘_5_ UP? 0 0WY-
  18. 18. not ALWAYS RIGHT : man cOMiC Inspired by True Events why Barkeeps should Rule the world, Pt. 2 What the heLL did goo do that For? Don't goo Know wVa’c godre domg? ‘I4. had ice Ln LU ‘I didn't ges gov dial! 900 ordered .9 scotch on the rocks! Yes, and t Do goo know 9°‘) 7”’ what scotch (,5? I Here's gour SCOKO/ or{'1€ vi Exactly And do gov know what ' on the rocks "