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  1. 1. Nanuk Head Space ProductionsEric Wichman & Harley Valentine
  2. 2. SummaryCombining reactive visuals based on soundinput, and a thematic surface environment fordisplaying these visuals, we intend tohighlight the relationship between individualand environment.Using the Canadian arctic frontier as a frameof reference, we hope to illustrate theimportance of a rediscovery with naturethrough artistic and technological platforms.
  3. 3. NomenclatureThe Inuit name for the Polar Bear is"Nanuk", meaning "an animal worthy ofgreat respect."
  4. 4. Project ComponentsSight: a surfaced-mapped, sound-responsive video projection.Sound: audience-generated sound inputs(voice, cellphone, etc.) initiate visualeffects via a microphone.Surface: a cubist design sculpture basedon the image of a Polar Bear.
  5. 5. Sight
  6. 6. SightVideo references to the Northern Canadianvistas; time-lapse macro vistas of the tundra,aurora borealis, midnight skies.Projection mapped to a three dimensionalsurface.Employing an industrial projector (10,000lumens), A/V matrix, VJ software.
  7. 7. Projection Surface MappingApplication Application
  8. 8. Sound
  9. 9. SoundExplores individual reactions to time-lapse video of northern Canadianlandscapes.Audience-generated sounds, captured bymicrophones, trigger projected visualeffects.Employes two microphones, mixer,external sound card, laptop, VJ software.
  10. 10. Layout Projector 20ftSculpture A/V Controls Exhibit boundary MicrophoneTotal Site Requirements: 30’ x 20’
  11. 11. Surface
  12. 12. SurfaceThe cubist design of the sculpture is based directlyoff the image of a Polar Bear. Abstracting this imageand working with deduction of design we arrive at amulti faceted sculpture, creating a symphony of flatsurfaces and hard edges. This abstracted surface willthen be animated by the mean of projectingmapping.The sculpture materiality will be constructed out ofMDF board and painted to matte finish white.Dimensions of the work will be approximately 6fttall by 9.5ft wide.
  13. 13. ConsolidatedThe act of projecting mapping will see thesurface of the sculpture bombarded with video/graphics/ text relating to the fragileenvironment theses colossal mammals callhome. With ethos to environmentalism.
  14. 14. References
  15. 15. BudgetProject Component Item Inbound Cost Outbound Cost Sight Industrial Projector (rental) $350.00 $350.00 Laptop $1800.00 -- Power Supply $46.99 -- Support Stands 46.99 $157.00 -- Sound SM58 Microphones $110.00 -- 57.00 Firewire 410 Sound Card $399.00 -- XLR Cables $24.99 -- Surface 150 sq/ft MDF fibre board $85.29 $85.29 White Matte paint $25.99 $25.99 Screws & fasteners $5.69 $5.69 Software VDMX5 $349.00 -- Mad Mapper $468.87 -- Insurance 46.99 $1500.00 $1500.00 Total $5348.81 $1940.48
  16. 16. Curriculum Vitae Harley ValentineSELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS2012Mirrored Finish, Neubacher Shor Contemporary, "Scotia Bank Feature Exhibition" CONTACT Festival2011WITH LOVE FROM CAMERA XO, Philip Starck Yo Building, Toronto, OnDeconstructed Beauty & New Sculptures, AKA Space, Toronto, On2010BIRTH OF THE NEW AMERICAN DREAM, One 800 Gallery, Toronto, On CHERISHED IDENTITIES, Akasha Art Projects,Toronto, OnTHE PARISIAN MIRRORED GATEWAYS-release 1-4, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, On2009THE DREAM BALLET & THE PETITE BOURGEOIS, Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto, OnCANADIAN PAST TIMES & DESTRUCTIVE PATHS, Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto, OnTORONTO FIRE 1904-Kaleidoscopic Conflagrations, The Spoke Club, Toronto, OnSELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS2011Contact Photography Festival, FIGURE & GROUND, Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto, On2010THE SHAPE OF THINGS, One 800 Gallery, Toronto, On Contact Photography Festival, THE PERVASIVE INFLUENCE,One 800 Gallery, Toronto, OnFIRST TIME-GEORGE WHITESIDE/HARLEY VALENTINE, One 800 Gallery, Toronto, On2009HARLEY VALENTINE vs. BRUNO BILLIO, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, On
  17. 17. Curriculum Vitae Eric Wichman2010-2012HEAD SPACE PRODUCTIONS - Digital TechnologistDigital audio and visual media production, interactive media programming, 2D and 3D animation andweb design.2011-2012MTHIRTY COMMUNICATIONS INC. - Project Manager, DigitalProject management, digital media design and web development for advertisements.2007-2009SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT CANADA, INC. - Digital Marketing RepresentativeDigital media production, media distribution, CMS and marketing database design and management.
  18. 18. ContactFor more information:• email:• web:• twttr: @wichmane