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S3 Bidet Presentation


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Semesta 3
CB 305 Plumbing Services 2
Presentation - Bidet

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S3 Bidet Presentation

  2. 2. BIDET
  3. 3. WHAT IS BIDET…?  Bidet is a plumbing fixture that was made popular in Europe.  The bidet cleanses the user after using the toilet.  Instead of toilet paper, bidets use a stream of water to clean you after using the restroom.
  4. 4. History of the Bidet  As history has progressed, the bidet has seen numerous technological advances, and many different types of bidet models have emerged over time.  The bidet was originally invented back in the 1700s.  These bidets, when they were first developed, were completed using porcelain and they had high costs associated with them.  Because these bidet fixtures were not a part of the toilet, the bathroom required additional room in order to fit a second fixture, and bidets are nearly as large as traditional toilets
  5. 5.  In the past, only high class families could own bidet systems, but this is rapidly changing.  Modern bidet seating, especially those that attach directly to a traditional toilet is now coming down in price despite improving in terms of performance.  So the newer, modern and high-performance types of attachable bidets are cost-effective while offering a wide variety of additional features and benefits that rely on electricity to deliver heat, warm water and a more comfortable experience.
  7. 7. PICTURE OF CERAMIC BIDET  Ceramic Bidet
  8. 8. Dimension of bidet  Dimensions (arrow point to arrow point):
  9. 9. A. REGULAR: Approx. 15-11/32" (390mm) ELONGATED: Approx. 16-17/32" (420mm) (HandicappedToilets may measure over 17", but the elongated IntiMist will fit fine - you may see a little of the bowl showing under the seat) B. Minimum 1-3/16" (30mm) - must be a flat area (not curved)
  10. 10. B. 5-1/2" (140mm) C. Minimum 12-19/32" (320mm)
  11. 11.  For health reasons, we can't take the IntiMist back after the box has been opened. Please check the dimensions carefully.  The IntiMist must be located within 3 feet of a 110VAC 60 cycle US style AC power receptacle. It uses a maximum of 550 watts.  Included a plug-in AC surge protector to help protect the sophisticated electronics from electrical surges.
  12. 12. The B. Dimension is important:
  13. 13.  The IntiMist needs to sit on a flat surface which must extend all.  the way to the left and right of the seat bolt holes, and both 1 3/16" behind the bolt holes and all the way in-front of the bolt holes.  A toilet like this just won't work with a bidet that replaces the toilet seat.
  14. 14. Types of bidet
  15. 15. Have 4 types : 1. Over-the-Rim 2. Heated Rim (Flushing Rim) 3. Spray Model (Horizontal orVertical Spray) 4. Combination
  16. 16. Over-the-Rim  This model is fitted with a standard facet.  The bidet bowl is filled exactly the same way that you fill a sink.  This version is the simplest type to install.  This model features a rimless bowl, which makes it easy to clean.
  17. 17. Heated Rim (Flushing Rim)  The second type of bidet is the heated rim (flushing rim), which has hot/cold handles on the top.  The water enters the bowl below the rim of the basin.
  18. 18. Spray Model (Horizontal or Vertical Spray)  The third version is the spray model.  This one is popular because it provides a gentle shower.  You can choose from two types of spray including the horizontal spray, which delivers a horizontal stream of water, or the vertical spray.  The later consists of a foundation jet situated in the center of the bowl.
  19. 19.  One thing that a consumer needs to know when buying a spray bidet is that there is a risk of water contamination from the back siphonage that is created by spray fittings.  If you are buying a spray bidet, make sure that it is installed complete with a back-flow prevention device.  Don't try to install this yourself. Get a professional plumber to do it.
  20. 20. Combination  The fourth type of bidet is the combination model that features both the vertical spray option and a heated rim.
  21. 21. Three Different Types of Bidets  The Original Porcelain Bidet  The Electric Bidet  The Non-Electric Bidet  USPA bidets  Travel Bidets
  22. 22. The Original Porcelain Bidet  The bidet was invented in the 1700.  The first type of bidet that existed was the bidet that was separate from your toilet.  These bidets were usually made out of porcelain and were very expensive.  They were not attached to the toilet so a lot of room was needed.  Since it was separate from the toilet once the person was done going to the bathroom they would have to get up and use the bidet which was next to it.This type of bidet was the first bidet to exist
  23. 23. The Electric Bidet  Emerged in the 60's.  This bidet did not require much room as it was attached to your toilet.  This type of bidet was called the electric bidet. It hooked up to your toilet and could be used without having to get up.  This bidet gained popularity in the 60s as indoor plumbing improved.
  24. 24.  It became more mainstream to have the bidet all over the world in Europe and Japan.  Since it was made out of plastic usually, it is much cheaper then the earlier versions of the bidet and is found in more houses.  The only downside is that it requires electricity to use.
  25. 25. The Non-Electric Bidet  As bidets grew in popularity, so did the different kinds.  It does not require any electricity or battery for its operation.You can choose to adjust the water stream according to your requirements.  It can either be a toilet seat or attach in between the toilet and the seat.  This type of bidet gained a lot of popularity in the Middle East since it is very cheap.
  26. 26.  The non-electric bidet can come with either cold water or hot water depending on where you hook it up to.  Since it does not use electricity it will use the piping of the bathroom.
  27. 27. USPA bidets  It is amongst the modernized models that come with quality aesthetics.  They come with remote operation and are very useful for patients with constipation and hemorrhoids.
  28. 28. Travel Bidets  These are the compact models that have the ease of carrying and can be used in conjunction with public restrooms to prevent urinary tract infections.  They come with soft push button and warm washing facilities.
  29. 29. HOW TO USE A BIDET
  30. 30. How to Use a Bidet for Women 1. Turn the nozzles of the bidet's faucets to create a gentle stream of water at a desirable temperature.The water will emanate from the bottom center. 2. Hover over the seat and get comfortable.You can sit all the way down on most modern bidets, or you can continue to hover during use. 3. Sit or hover over the bidet for about two minutes, so the water stream can adequately clean your private areas
  31. 31. 4. Turn off the faucets of the bidet. 5. Wipe yourself with a sanitary wipe to dry and further cleanse your vaginal, perineum and anal areas.
  32. 32.  DaisyToiToi (bidet) -YouTube.flv  How a BidetWorks -YouTube.flv
  33. 33. ADVANTAGES TO HAVING A BIDET  The most important advantage to having a bidet is that it is much more hygienic than using toilet paper alone.  Bidets can save money in the long run from all the toilet paper that can be saved.
  34. 34. INSTALLATION  Some bidets are designed with seats, just like a toilet.The controls for the spray are either on the front, side or the rear of the unit.  Might consider installing a mounted wall grab- bar to assist the user in getting up and down.  Consider which option you would like best.
  35. 35.  A bidet with a wide, rounded ledge will provide the most comfortable seat, especially for a large person.  When installing it, or having it installed, make sure that you leave ample room at the sides for your legs and room at the back for your knees.  It is suggested, at least for some models, that you leave a gap of at least four inches between the wall and the back of the bidet.
  36. 36. Finish… thankyou