NosillaCast Live via UStream


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The magic behind the live NosilaCast using Ustream

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NosillaCast Live via UStream

  1. 1. Ustream Live Show If you can follow these instructions it's an absolute miracle. I put together al of these steps over the course of several years and trying to explain it all is harder than I thought it would be. Overview Diagram This diagram is intended to explain how the different pieces work to create the Ustream live show. Ustream Live Show - 1
  2. 2. Launch Camtwist Download from Create a saved setup that gives you Desktop, PIP Desktop, and Internet Relay Chat. I have no idea how I got IRC in there, so best to download my pre-saved configuration file to ~/Library/Application Support/Camtwist/Saved Setups. Download my pre-save configuration file entitled "threes_a_charm" from You'll want to mess around with the Desktop settings to choose which monitor you want to have people view, you can select a specific region or full screen. I usually shrink up GarageBand as small as it will go, and then set the desktop region to cover the GarageBand window. PIP Desktop lets you move your image around on screen and change the size of your image. Play around with it as you like. Ustream Live Show - 2
  3. 3. IRC Configuration in Camtwist I don't remember setting this part up, but if it doesn't happen automatically here's how you want it set. If you want to change the font settings, click on Display and have at it. Install Soundflower and Configure Audio Hijack Pro for your Mic Follow the instructions here: ndflower-audio-hijack-pro/ right up to before it says to configure GarageBand. Launch Garageband I use a script written by Will that does a bunch of stuff, like shuts off the stupid reverb, hides the podcast track, etc. and renames it to the day's date, but I figure you've got engough experience launching GarageBand, and I think it depends on a template file in a specific folder, blah blah blah. Ustream Live Show - 3
  4. 4. Configure Audio Hijack Pro for Garageband I did this an awful long time ago, but here's how I think you do this. Launch Garageband 1 - Click on GarageBand 2 - Click on Effects 3 - Click on one of the empty boxes to insert an effect 4 - Click on Editor 5 - In the popup menu set the Output device to Soundflower (2ch) 6 - Click Hijack Hijack your Mic Select your mic as the audio input device and click Hijack (make sure output device is set to Soundflower (2ch) Ustream Live Show - 4
  5. 5. Navigate to Nosillacast Live on Ustream Navigate to h<a>ttp:// Make sure flashblock is on or click to flash, or you'll end up watching and hearing yourself! log in (credentials available under separate file) Click broadcast now Allow Flash to Control Audio and Video Click Allow Ustream Live Show - 5
  6. 6. Navigate to Nosillacast Live on Ustream You'll be queried about how to All that will get you to the one thing to be careful of - don't click a link in the chat room with this window in front or you lose the stream! Ustream Live Show - 6
  7. 7. Use the pulldowns and set them to: Video Source: Camtwist Audio Source: Soundflower (2ch) Note the VU meter to the left of Video Source and the volume slider. You may need to mess with that to change how loud you are to your listeners. They'll tell you ifyou're too quiet or too loud in general which is controlled here, but you'll have to mess with individual tracks one by one when they yell at you that they're too loud or too quiet. When you're ready, now hit Start Record - first action is to ask people if they can hear you - if yes, your'e good. Next record a snippet in GB and then play it back. If you see the VU meter move when you play, that's a good sign that they can hear it too (but I'd still ask them). Now all you have to do is create the show! Ustream Live Show - 7
  8. 8. Stop Record & Save don't really care what you write in here, but here's what I write. Export from GarageBand From GarageBand select Share, and then Export Song to Disk, and DONT' click the compress button. This will create an uncompressed AIFF file. Ustream Live Show - 8
  9. 9. Run Will's Script I use a script created by Will to: - Levelate the AIFF file - Move it into iTunes - Convert it to an mp3, 64kbps, mono - Give it my album artwork - Set Artist and Album Artist to Allison Sheridan - Add NosillaCast Mac Podcast as the Album name - Change type to Podcast - Set to Skip When Shuffling and Remember Playback Position Artwork is available at I honestly don't know where you have to put that to make the script work! Might be easier to do all of the steps by hand, but here's the script info anyway. Script is available at Put it in ~/Library/Services and then uncompress the .zip file This should let you right click on the aiff file you exported from GB and then choose Services, and podcast_convert_in_itunes. Go have dinner, should take about a half hour. Ustream Live Show - 9
  10. 10. upload to Libsyn give her credentials Ustream Live Show - 10