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slidesYouth Methodizer Organization is a newly structured team of youth specialized in different fields of education which is working for the betterment of youth with its limited means and resources. In the present critical times it is very difficult to maintain healthy and positive attitude towards self and society due to Psychological, Social, Interpersonal and Moral weaknesses so there is a need to have a platform wherefrom youth could get services for their guidance and enlightenment free of cost. In view of this, we decided to gather professional youth to materialize and implement strategic plan with broad vision and mission for grooming and facilitating to our generation of the time especially to the age group from 15 to 29 years actually need proper guidance.

You can join us here and also can become member of YMO to avail its services.

For further details visit our web site:
Contact: M.Ahsan Khan

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  1. 1. HOME OUR AIM BOARD/TEAM DONATION SERVICES CONTACT EVENTS Message Of The Week Message Of The Summer If the loser keeps his smile, This thirsty summer,plz keep water pots for birds at balcony, the winner will lose the thrill of victory Windows & at terrace,many birds die each year w/o water. Try to save them. What We Are? (The Anti-Disturbance Club) “YMO is A Forum for Youth to Strengthen them in Multi Disciplinary Areas” Being helping professionals, we realized the needs of the forum where our general population can be helped. Since our youth is the most vulnerable population who have been suffering from multiple issues in the current circumstances for e.g. emotional, behavioral, academic, interpersonal, moral etc Based on this idea, we made a group of professionals to minimize the disturbance in youth. The team consisted of qualified personnel and students related to different fields, led by Psychologists who were conducting open discussion forums in which multiple issues related to youth’s general functioning were discussed and resolved. We are like minded people and have been working together on different problems related to youth. Therefore, under the prevailing circumstance, we realized the need to convert this group into a more structured and reliable source of help and all members decided to make this group an NGO to spread the services to the whole society. Now we are thankful to almighty ALLAH who gave us strength to establish Youth Methodizer Organization (YMO). YMO is a platform for the youth to strengthen them in multidisciplinary perspectives.More
  2. 2. Our Aim • To focus issues and problems related to youth as they are the future of Pakistan. • To minimize frustrations of youth and give them a sense of moderate views regarding current issues and incidents. • To direct our youth in their academics and career and to motivate them to contribute for the welfare of our society. • To aware youth about rules and regulations and engender sense of responsibility to make them civilized citizen. • To empower youth to get involved in national and international affairs and civil society. • To represent the views and raise the voice for youth • To bridge the communication gap between generations • To provide vigorous entertainment to our youth Issues which will be targeted by YMO: Psychological Problems: This category will cover emotional, behavioral and personality problems among youth. Social Problems: This category will cover stressors due to academic, professional and financial issues. Interpersonal Problems: This category will cover problems related to family, friendship, and pre marital counseling. Moral Problems: The category will cover the morality and ethical issues for the betterment for the youth and ultimately for the society. Our Services Individual Counseling: Since our team consists of trained psychologists and counselors we can help youth through professional guidance and counseling, for example, career and academic educational counseling, premarital and interpersonal counseling etc. Groups Discussions/ Focused Groups: If our youth comes with the problems of same nature then we can conduct group discussions to help them in a homogenous manner. Lectures Lectures will be arranged by our team where professionals from different fields will be invited. Lectures would be based on general issues, for example, medical issues, psychiatric problems, religious issues etc. Workshops Our team is highly motivated to spread knowledge and willing to conduct events and workshops where our youth can be helped through practical exposure and brain storming sessions. Referrals YMO feels obliged to facilitate youth in any case. If any individual coming to organization with a problem where organization has limitation then we will be referring that individual to the concerned institution or organization for reliable help.
  3. 3. Events Organization YMO will organize informative and entertaining events for youth and if any member of the organization is willing to arrange some events for the betterment of youth or to facilitate youth in any way then organization will consider executing the plan. Positive Messages Message of the week will be delivered through different mediums. Surveys Since we want to highlight all the problems our youth is having, we do not want to limit our exposure. For that reason, we will be doing surveys and researches to explore the problems and their solutions. Contact Us We would like to hear from you Our mailing address: F-7/2 P&T Colony Gizri Road Karachi 75600 Pakistan GSM : +92 342 3627064, +92 345 3139219, +92 332 3349235 E-mail : Director YMO Website: