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Best online collaboration_tools_2010_-_robin_good's(2)


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Best online collaboration tools 2010 - robin_good's

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Best online collaboration_tools_2010_-_robin_good's(2)

  1. 1. Group communication Yammer Socialcast Friendfeed Campfire Tgethr Hashwork Jaiku Sharetronix Socialwork for more info about Onlinefor more info about Onlinefor more info about Onlinefor more info about Online Collaboration Tools see Robin Good'sCollaboration Tools see Robin Good'sCollaboration Tools see Robin Good'sCollaboration Tools see Robin Good's MasterNewMediaMasterNewMediaMasterNewMediaMasterNewMedia Project Management Basecamp GroupMindExpress 5pm ActiveCollab Staction Daptiv Task2Gather CoMindWork Colabolo eLoops ClockingIT Klok PieMatrix Teambox Smartsheet TaskPoint ProjectManager ProjectPlace CollaborateCloud ProofHub TeamWork-Live Wedoist Teamwork-PM Snipia ProjectManager Chat Userplane Tinychat CampFire Meebo Zoho Chat Chatterous Google Wave Donutchat ISL Pronto 99Chats Nurph Hipchat NeatChat Stinto Chatzi Wireclub BabelwithMe DonutChat GixawChat TodaysMeet Dropio Chat Backnoise Talker VoIP - Audio Conferencing Skype ooVoo Voxox JahJah REBTEL GTalk Vyke2 Gizmo5 Voxli Voxopop Powwownow Large Audience Webinars - 100+ participants Gatherplace Adobe Connect Pro GoToWebinar Wiziq TokBox Broadcast Video Chat DimDim Enterprise WebEx Event Center Freebinar Video Conferencing Video-ChatVideo-ChatVideo-ChatVideo-Chat Gchat Rounds VuRoom TokBox3 Oovoo Sightspeed VSee Mebeam Flashmeeting EyeJot4 DoVisio APideo5 XyKast Palbee Scopia Desktop Meeting24 Persony InstantPresenter6 Tinychat HP SkyRoom Wetoku VisionKontakt ViVu Zorap Mirial ClearSea TokBox Broadcast Video Chat eMeetPlus Glide Thinsy Ekiga VuRoom Chatride Meeting24 Goober Skype7 AttendAnywhere iWowWe ViVicom-ViFree LiveCage Instant Messaging Skype AOL IM Meebo eBuddy Yahoo Messenger Google chat and video ICQ Windows Live Messenger Jabber BigAnt Screen-Sharing GoToMeeting eBLVD ConnectNow Microsoft Shared View Yuuguu WebExNow LiveLook Vyew Crossloop Glance Yugma Teamviewer BeamYourScreen Remote Control GoToAssist RealVNC GoToMyPC logmein Teamviewer TightVNC LiveLook CoBrowsing Proxy Pro6 Skyfex Techinline ScreenConnect IminTouch ISL Light SupportSmith ScreenConnect PC software Netviewer Mikogo Gogrok PocketMeeting Oneeko (Skype plugin) ShowDocument Dynno GoGrok SaviiDesk Collaborative Visual Reviewing Backboard Creately A.nnotate Diigo17 uptogo ReviewBasics ConceptShare Octopz Textflow inMotionNow.com18 Cozimo Workflow & Review Friendpaste19 ProofHQ Colaab Revizr FuzeMeeting Oryx Editor - BPMN Community Notable The Commentor Mocksup ConceptFeedback Pidoco Bounce Draftboardapp Web Conferencing8 WebEx Elluminate Wimba Classroom DigitalSamba (free for 3) Centra Elluminate VRoom (free for 3) Adobe Connect Now (free for 3) WebTrain (free for 2) iVocalize DimDim (free for up to 20 people) Spreed WebHuddle Convenos Zoho Meeting OpenHuddle Microsoft Live Meeting iLinc Netspoke Genesys Omnovia ReadyTalk e-Lecta Hypermeeting Live Conference Expressway Flexchat DoConference Nefsis OpenMeetings vMukti MeetingPlace OpenConference Wiggio VeriShow ISL Groop Kablink Conferencing BigBlueButton open-source Mac, PC, Unix IBM Lotus LiveEngage Sococo OpenMeetings TeamApart FlashMeeting Visionkontact InnerPass works with Skype ImInTouch-Meeting Document Sharing - Wikis Comindwork pbwiki WetPaint11 wikidot mediawiki wikispaces.comfor teachers 12 GoogleDocs GoogleSites Socialtext Zoho13 mindtouch Deki etherpad Couchit SocialText Database Publishing blist14 Tablefy Listphile Dabble DB Document Publishing Scribd15 Issuu Scribd Docstoc TXTBear source controlSubversion/Tortoise Mixedink Microsoft SharePoint PBWiki Microsoft Docs Wepapers Co-browsing Clavardon Holoday PageShare Showdocument Wizlite - Page highlighting asynchronous Twiddla Web Presenting Slideshare SlideRocket InstantPresenter Vcasmo 280 Slides Livemeetups Freepath9 Mightymeeting ZohoShow Multimedia Presentations Vuvox10 Animoto OneTrueMedia Scrapblog bubbleshare Voice Thread Zentation Kineticast MyPlick Live Present SlidePresenter Slide-Casts My-Slide-Presenter WorkGrouping / Team Collaboration Workspaces Zenbe WizeHive BantamLive Broadchoice Workspace WebOffice BarCamps Edmodo.comMicroblogging for Education Affinitiz.comRooms for teams + external blog Colaab Sosius Deskaway Collaber Campfire CentralDesktop GroupmindExpress Ovosuite Clearspace Sosius MyNetResearch OneDrum Onehub Ubidesk HyperOffice WizeHive TeamApart Ubidesk Wiggio FMYI Collaboroo GlassCubes Kablink Teaming Incipi Threadbox Engage Zcope Sambajam CompanyConcert CubeTree Obayoo Qontext Event Scheduling eventbrite Schedgit GCalendar Timebridge any iCal app Chandler Amiando Genbook AgreeAdate MeetWithApproval Cvent Tungle Shiftboard ScheduleOnce Zeeyoo File Sharing Microsoft Live Mesh youSendIt Dropbox senduit Virtual desktopsJooce Clip2Net Spider Oak Gigashift Filephile16 Rapid Share Wuala iFolder CloudApp Whiteboarding Dabbleboard Skrbl Vyew Ge Inspiration Cubed Depicto Twiddla Scriblink Groupboard Scribblar ShowDocument Flowchart Virtual whiteboard Google Drawings Skrbl Co-Sketch MindMapping & Diagramming Creately MindMeister Mind42 Mywebspiration Spinscape Gliffy LucidCharts Xmind SpicyNodes Creately MindJet Catalyst Comapping Cacoo ThinkFold Mindomo Ideatree Edistorm Slatebox Collaborative WritingCollaborative WritingCollaborative WritingCollaborative Writing Buzzword Zoho Writer Writeboard Google Docs Quicktopic SynchroEdit Gobby Etherpad TextFlow WriteWith ThinkFold Springloopsfor coders Mixedink PrimaryPad Wridea TitanPad Solodox J2e Virtual 3d Immersive Coolaboration Tixeo I-maginer Teleplace Venuegen SecondLife Private Social Networking Platforms Googlegroups YahooGroups Ning Groupsite grouply SocialGo Memberhub Qlubb Spruz Bigtent meetup Friendfeed Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 -Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 -Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 -Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 -1 Robin Good's Collaborative MapRobin Good's Collaborative MapRobin Good's Collaborative MapRobin Good's Collaborative Map
  2. 2. Notes 1) Best Online Collaboration Tools 2010 - Robin Good's Collaborative Map Collaborative map idea by Robin Good of realized during the LearningTrends 2008 event with the cooperative contributions of over 150 people on November 16th 2008 and during the following weeks. If you want to add to the map new tools please request access to it via email to 2) Vyke Focus is on PC-to-mobile, mobile-to-PC and mobile-to-mobile VoIP communications 3) TokBox Blocked in UAE 4) EyeJot Blocked in UAE   5) APideo API to embed video chat and interactive features inside any web site 6) InstantPresenter Up to 15 participants - $39/month 7) Skype Up to 10 participants (Windows only feature for now) 8) Web Conferencing Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings or presentations over the Internet. In a web conference, each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the... 9) Freepath Freepath 2.0 is an application that lets you create presentations that are mashups of web content and content from your PC. For example, a Freepath presentation could combine a PowerPoint file along with images, videos, music, websites, PDFs, Word and Excel documents. All of these files are saved into a playlist and are launched from within Freepath; no need to launch other applications. It gives the user the option to present in a dynamic non-linear way. Once you have added your content to a playlist, you can upload your playlists to myFreepath to share and collaborate with others. Currently, we give new users 100mb of storage.     10) Vuvox Create funky slideshows for embedding from photos in Flickr or Photobucket 11) WetPaint Offers more customization options than either pbwiki or wikispaces (without upgrading to the pay version). 12) for teachers All the features and benefits that normally cost $50/year - for free. No fine print, no usage limits, no advertising, no catches. 13) Zoho Excellent, underrated suite of documents and collaboration tools. Try the Notebook for much more than a notebook. 
  3. 3. 14) blist online database like zohos but better 15) Scribd Hundreds of thousands of documents (Microsoft Office 2003 files, Open Office, etc).Documents can be viewed in Flash 'iPaper' format, and embedded on your website/blog. Can be private or shared. Strict rules about copyright, but often flouted. 16) Filephile P2P cross-platform downloadable software 17) Diigo Diigo is a bookmark sharing service.  I don't think it is a Collaborative Reviewing application 18) inMotion is a workflow & review tool for collaboration on creative content such as video, Flash, web design, graphics and documents. Watche the overview at: 19) Friendpaste Paste texts or code, add reviews on each lines, see answer in quasi real time.