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15 (2010)

  1. 1. NORWOOD NEWS ISSUE NO 15 7TH MAY 2010 MENU WEEK 2 News Team:Katy Watkinson, Milly Rigby, Ishbel Cooke, Megan Powderly, Ruby Fellowes & Luke Dempster TERM DATES Guide Dog Visit to Year One Summer Term Wednesday 19th May ʻNew to Reception’ Parents Meeting 7pm Hall Thursday 20th May PTA Children’s Fashion Show 6.30pm Half Term: Monday 31st May-Friday 4th June (inc) Thursday 24th June Sports Day KS2 am KS1 pm Saturday 26th June 12-3pm Summer Fair School closed: Staff Training day-Monday 5th July Friday 16th July PTA BBQ In Year One we thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mr Bull and his guide dog Troy as part +Barn Dance of our topic “People Who Help Us”. In fact it was “Animals Who Help Us!” Our children Wednesday 21st July. Y6 learned about what Troy can do and how Mr Bull looks after him. Leavers Assembly 9.30am Thank you Mr Bull and Troy for an enjoyable and informative afternoon. Leyland Rd Methodist Church School closes for summer holiday at 2pm Autumn Term 2010 Children return to school: Wednesday 1st September 8.55am One-Way System & Parking Half term: There is an unofficial one way system in operation here in Norwood Crescent. Monday 25th Friday 29th This system works extremely well for both schools and for the residents. We also find October this system much safer for the children who are walking or who travel to school on Staff Training Day Monday 1st bicycles. Cars come in at the bottom of Meols Cop Bridge and go out at the bottom of November School closed Roe Lane Bridge. When parking cars please be aware that emergency vehicles may need access to the site so we must always keep the main entrance of the schools clear. Term Ends: We pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with our neighbours. Therefore Friday 17th December at 2pm please give consideration to the residents when parking near their driveways. Contact Numbers Breakfast Club 211959 On the grounds of health and safety, under no circumstance is the staff After School Club car park to be used to drop off or pick children up. This includes bringing 07724708015 children to the breakfast club or collecting children from after school events. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: admin.norwood@schools.sefton.gov.uk www.norwoodprimaryschool.com
  2. 2. Star of the Children in the Spotlight Week RP:Tasnin Uddin RT:Kara Bull RT:Joshua Bunting Silver Lewis has passed 1B: Adam Diss Gold his Stage 6 1D:Naomi McKee Silver Swimming 2M:Hannah Gray Silver award. Fantastic! 2W: Isobel Mills Silver 3K:Daniel Mercer-Jones Gold 3K:Honour Coffey 3B:Isaac Burns Silver 4CP:Tom Langford Silver 4JP:Freya Hanson-Lewis Silver 4JP:Zarin Kashem Gold Ben has passed his Grade 4 Water Skills. 5P:Hope Coffey Wonderful! 5M:Eleanor Kilduff Silver 6M:Liam Campbell Silver 6M:Anzuman Uddin Silver 6C:Lucy Dutton Silver 6C:Daniel Kelly Connor has passed his Level 1 Swimming. Award. Great! Jamie has passed his 10m Rainbow Swimming Sol has gained Award. Well Lucy has a certificate for the Chief done! most improved swimmer Scout's Silver & one for completing Award. course 2 of the Dolphin Congratulations! Swim & Sign Club. Terrific! Shinewaves Competition Last weeks competition was to solve a morse code message and invent a morse code signal to show you are fine. ...___... of course means SOS or Save Our Souls. This weeks winner with the messages ‘I’m OK’ is Henry Watkinson from 1D. Congratulations Henry! Now to this week’s competition. On 7 May 1994, Norway's most famous painting, "The Scream" by Edvard Munch (pronounced MOONK), was recovered almost three months after it was stolen from a museum in Oslo. Munch was an Expressionist, an artist who expresses strong feelings through colours and bold brush-strokes in his paintings. You can find out more about this image at: www.projectbritain.com/calendar/May/scream.html The challenge is to paint, colour or shade the picture to create an atmosphere to match the image. Collect a copy of the picture from the Shinewaves postbox or download from http://msmosartroom.org/images/TheScream_lrg.gif and return it by Tuesday 11th May. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: admin.norwood@schools.sefton.gov.uk www.norwoodprimaryschool.com
  3. 3. Safety in School As the weather is getting warmer and the sunshine is here, we would like to inform you of the school's policy on sun safety/sun cream. - Children will be allowed to bring in sunscreen on a daily basis. It must be roll on and have an SPF of 30+ as recommended by Cancer Research. This must be labelled with your child's name and class. - We recommend that children wear sun hats, ideally broad brimmed or legionnaire style which cover the face, ears and neck. - Children will be allowed to wear sunglasses during outdoor sessions but these must be plastic and meet with UV standards. - Children will be allowed to wear loose and light protective jackets/clothing to protect uncovered parts of their body. - Children may bring in lip sunscreen with a high SPF and clearly labelled. - Children are not allowed to share sunscreen or lip sunscreen. - As a school we cannot provide sunscreen for children who have forgotten to bring in their own in. - Children will be expected to apply their own sunscreen. Staff will NOT apply a child's sunscreen, although younger children may be supervised. - Children should bring sunscreen for use on school trips. Time to Talk Reporters Kane Baggaley, Georgia Lonsdale, Annie McCoid and Joe Rimmer were on hand this week to interview Mrs. Brown, the second of our four cleaners. Her dream of making hoovering more interesting would be fun to watch, but until it's invented Mrs. Brown will have to do the vacuuming in the traditional way. Q. What would you like to see invented to make your job easier? A. A motorised hoover, one that you could sit on. Q. How long have you worked at Norwood? A. I have worked here for 14yrs now. Q. What do you like to do in your spare time? A. I like to go walking with friends. Q. Where else have you worked? A. I worked in Woolworths for 20yrs. Q. Have any of your family attended Norwood school? A. No, they went to Churchtown School. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: admin.norwood@schools.sefton.gov.uk www.norwoodprimaryschool.com
  4. 4. Netball News The C Netball Team had a home match against St Philips. Despite them scoring the first goal and the poor weather, we beat them 11-2. A great win! Time to Talk We recently held another of our Time to Talk sessions where parents were invited to meet informally with Mr. Dumbell, Mrs Jackie Hilton (the Chair of Governors) and Kim Taylor (Parent Support Advisor) to discuss issues and thoughts of their own choice. This is always a good opportunity for parents to let us know as a school what we are doing well as well as identifying things we could look at developing. The main topics discussed gave parents the opportunity to see what goes on during ‘Star of the Week’ assemblies on a Friday, running a Forest School session for parents and children, the quality of the sound in the Hall and information sessions for Parents about e-safety. Our next ‘Time to Talk’ session will be held during an afternoon in order to give an opportunity for parents to attend, meet with us informally and then collect their children. We will look forward to seeing you then. STAR TREKK IV Where no man has gone before Members of staff are taking part in the ‘Ladies Night Walk’ (7 miles) on Friday 14th May to raise money for Queenscourt Hospice. If you would like to make a donation please send it in an envelope for the attention of Mrs Gregson in the school office. For more information call 01704 544645 or email:fundraising@queenscourt.org.uk Rounders Competition Last week, 8 children from Year 4, went to Meols Cop High School to take part in a rounders competition. They played a total of three games and won two out of the three. Congratulations was in order, because when the points were counted, Norwood came in second place! Well done to all concerned. Handy Tips to Help Your Child After a very busy day in school, it is easy for any child to forget where they should go at 3.15 pm and who will be picking them up. To encourage your child’s independence and develop their life skills try to keep a little notebook in their book bag and write down for them these daily arrangements and encourage them to refer to the book. Whilst this is helping your child to be able to help them themselves, this would also serve as a reminder for the class teacher. After all, as adults we have developed strategies for coping with our busy schedules by keeping reminders and making lists. If your child has this bit of reassurance it will build their confidence and lead to a positive outcome which will benefit family life in the long term. For children in the Infant Department, please write this information in a short note and encourage your child to give it to the class teacher at the beginning of the day. Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email: admin.norwood@schools.sefton.gov.uk www.norwoodprimaryschool.com