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Issue 40


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Issue 40

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 40 Friday 22nd July 2011 TERM DATES AND FINALLY... Autumn Term 2011 Despite the weather this week, the summer holidays are School Closed upon us and we can look back on another memorable Thursday 1st September year at Norwood. Looking back through our newsletters, I Friday 2nd September (Staff training days) am really delighted with what the children and us as a school have achieved over the year. The amount of hard Children return to school work, effort, dedication and enthusiasm at Norwood is Monday 5th September something to be extremely proud of and I certainly am as New reception children part Head Teacher. time 8th-21st full time from 22nd I have been delighted with the improvements we have made in the teaching of Half Term Maths and it seems quite clear from the children that they have enjoyed Maths more Mon 24th-Fri 28th October this year and feel much more confident and enthusiastic in lessons. As always we Monday 31st October (Staff have aimed to ensure the children have a stimulating and interesting curriculum with training) so many opportunities found for making learning fun and challenging. Term Ends: There are so many highlights to remember for the Year 6 children, but the last weeks Friday 16th December at 2pm of their time in Norwood culminated with the excellent Arts Festival. With it being my Spring Term: 2012 first I was especially looking forward to it and it did not fail to live up to its high Tuesday 3rd January billing. The two weeks were packed with creativity and to see it brought together for (Staff training day) the ‘Evening Extravaganza’ was a delight. A massive thank you to everyone who Children return to school attended, the volunteers who offered their time, the visitors who worked with such Wednesday 4th January 2012 creativity and the staff and children who showed such energy and enthusiasm. Roll Half Term: on 2014! Monday 13th-Friday 17th The more visitors we get at Norwood and the more we appear in the local media it is February clear that we are thriving and exciting school with hard-working and well behaved children and a very dedicated staff. Term ends for Spring So after such a wonderful year, I would like to wish the Year 6 children a lot of Break: Friday 30th March at 2pm success and happiness in the future and everyone else an enjoyable and hopefully Good Friday & Easter Monday relaxing summer. fall during Spring Break Excellent Attendance Summer Term 2012 Children return to school Monday 16th April at 8.55am This week 25 children were awarded the special 100% attendance badges for being in school every day and some of these would certainly be in on a Saturday and Sunday School closed: Bank Holiday too if we let them! Well done you special lot! Monday 7th May Half Term: Monday 4th June – 283 children also received excellent attendance certificates for this term for achieving Friday 8th June attendance over 95% since Easter. Congratulations to them. Term ends for Summer Break: Wednesday 18th July at So remember Be In and Be On Time! 2pmNorwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Goodbyes Dinner Money Increase September 2011 Please note there is an increase to school meals from 1st September 2011. As well as all the Year 6 children Costs will be £1.70 per day/£8.50 per week. To help you work out how much leaving this week, we are also saying a to owe use the ready reckoner below. sad goodbye to a number of staff, who Dinner Money Ready Reckoner are moving onto pastures new. 1 day = £1.70 2 days = £3.40 Miss Tuft is moving to teach at Larkfield 3 days = £5.10 Primary School and we wish her well at 4 days = £6.80 her new school and thank her for the 5 Days = £8.50 tremendous first year she has had and If your child is absent for any reason please remember to deduct £1.70 from the terrific contributions she has made to the school during the time, especially the following weeks money, as we carry forward these as credits and you will with her class and the Reception owe less money. In future we will be ringing parents, whether at home or at work to ask them to bring late money into school. children’s dance at the Wally Cain Dance Festival. Mrs. Banks is also moving to a new school, Ainsdale St. John’s Primary as KS2 SATS results she continues her teacher training course. Mrs. Banks has made a superbThe Y6 SATs results have recently been returned and we are pleased to say that impact on the Reception classroomswe are delighted with the progress the Y6 children have made over their time at since her arrival two years ago and we Norwood. know she will make as much impact at her school. We wish her well. Level 4 is the expected level for children at the age of 11 and Level 5 is aboveaverage. Children are expected to make at least 2 levels of progress during the Mrs. Cope, who has been at the school period from Year 2 to Year 6. for over 15 years as a Midday Targets are set for all schools every year by the Local Authority Supervisor has also decided to move on and all the children, staff and Headline Results Level 4+ Level 5 Governors would like to thank her for English 88% 37% the wonderful service she has given the pupils of Norwood especially in caring Reading 90% 44% for their cuts and bruises on First Aid at Writing 87% 33% lunchtime. I hope she has counted how Mathematics 86% 32% many children she has treated as it Achieved Target could be a new world record. Pupils achieving L4+ in both English and Mathematics 82% 83% Pupils making 2 levels progress in English 89% 88% Going, going but not gone, Mrs Bentley Pupils making 3 or more levels of progress in English 27% will be going off on maternity leave and will return later in the school year. We Pupils making 2 levels progress in Mathematics 93% 81% wish her well and look to forward toPupils making 3 or more levels of progress in Mathematics 23% her return. Swimming 1st day back! The current Y3 children going into Y4 in Sept will start their swimming lessons on the first day back after the summer holidays (5/9/11). They will need their kit-including googles and a hat.News team Mrs A. Gore, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie, Megan Powderly & Finn Cromack Level 5
  3. 3. Children in the Spotlight Jamie has received Archie has passed Keeper of the Week Brooke has passed his Stage One card from J4K & his her 200m Rainbow National medal was from Swimming Award. Swimming Plan taking part in the Brilliant! Award. Super! Birkdale United Football Tournament. Terrific! Luke entered the Sefton Morgan has passed his Stephanie received a Triathalon, which he 200m Rainbow Swimming Commendation from Cats completed in 9 minutes Award. Marvellous! Academy for taking part in & 20 seconds. Awesome! a Dance for Life Competition. Fabulous! Southport & Birkdale Cricket Summer Club Calling Past Pupils Are you a past pupil? Do you have any interesting memories, stories or photographs from your time atCome along and join the fun at Trafalgar Road’s County Ground. Norwood; either here at Norwood Crescent or at ourWork on your skills with ECB Level 2 Cricket Coaches! previous building on Norwood Road?Contact Craig Todd for more details on 07772688636 Open to children aged 7-11 If the answer is yes then wed love to hear from you, as 8th, 9th and 10th August 2011 we are currently looking for information to put on the Old 9am - 3pm School section of our website. £25 per day or £60 for all 3 days We can be contacted by phone on 01704 211960 or by Please bring packed lunch, drinks, hat and suncream! email at team Mrs A. Gore, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie, Megan Powderly & Finn Cromack Level 5
  4. 4. Arts FestivalAfter the big countdown started in September, the 7th Norwood Arts Festival arrived on Monday 4th July when a sad lookingstranger appeared seated on the playground. We were all soon to find out that this person was ‘The Storyteller’, who hadcome to Norwood to find his imagination, his creativity and ultimately his stories. All the children, staff and parents joined him on his quest and he took us on an exciting journey which exploded with colour, creativity and a celebration of all the wonder and awe that only the Arts can provide. The next two weeks saw everyone at Norwood fully immersed in these wonderful activities.It all reached a peak on the lovely warm and sunny Thursday evening as the community of Norwood Primary School came to witness a real celebration of the fabulous fortnight with the Mighty Zulu Nation headlining an array of terrific performances from our children. The hot weather continued on the next afternoon of the parade as children displayed their art work and once again performers were called on again to give a final encore of their music, their drama and their dances. What a wonderful occasion the 7th Arts Festival was and Mr. Milne’s introduction of it in 1992 has seen it develop and became one of the most important events in Norwood history. Mrs. Goulden, who took it on in 1993 and has made it her own has done a sterling job organising it over the last year with lots of support from her friends and colleagues and we would like to thank her on behalf of everyone at Norwood for putting together such a fabulous and memorable event. Finally we would like to offer a tremendous thank you to all the children and staff, who gave so much energy and enthusiasm to it, and to the artists and especially the voluntary parent helpers who were invaluable in their support and help in making it such a success. Roll on 2014! We even stopped traffic...News team Mrs A. Gore, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie, Megan Powderly & Finn Cromack Level 5