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Issue 22

  1. 1. Norwood News Issue 22 25th February 2011 Arts Festival Countdown Menu 3 20 weeks to go Week TERM DATES Year 6 Eden Camp Trip Spring Term 2011 Term Ends: Friday 1st April. School closes at 2pm Summer Term 2011 Children return to school Tuesday 19th April at 8.55am School closed: Good Friday 22nd April Easter Monday 25th April Children return to school On Wednesday 9th February Year 6 left Norwood, before many people’s alarm Tuesday 26th April at 8.55am clocks had even gone off! The reason for this extremely early start was to travel School closed: to the World War II museum of Eden Camp, in Yorkshire. Originally, Eden Camp Bank Holiday Friday 29th was a Prisoner of War camp used, during World War II, to hold Italian and April German prisoners. Nowadays the original huts all house exhibits on different School closed: aspects of the war. It is possible to walk through a street during the blackout or Bank Holiday Monday 2nd immediately after the blitz. In another hut you can walk down a typical 1940’s May high street where it is possible to see wartime fashions and find out about Half Term: rationing. Bomber command, complete with a large map table, can be seen in Mon 30th May-Fri 3rd June another hut. There is even a hut where you can walk through the trenches of School closed: World War I. The children all enjoyed a very informative and interesting but tiring Friday 1st July day, with many looking forward to visiting Eden Camp at sometime in the future. (Staff training day) Term Ends: Friday 22nd July. School closes at 2pm Autumn Term 2011 School Closed Thursday 1st September Family Bingo Friday 2nd September (Staff training days) Don’t forget to come tonight to the family bingo. Children return to school Monday 5th September Doors open at 6 pm Half Term Eyes down 6.30 pm Mon 24th-Fri 28th October The children will have a great time. You too!Norwood Crescent, Southport. PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax 01704 232712. Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. Shinewaves Competition TimeLast week’s competition was to write a fictional story. Congratulations to Ruby Fellowes (6C) who wrote a short story titled ‘The Magic Door’. Now to this week’s competition:February 19th is the start of the annual Jorvick Viking Festival.To celebrate the Easter launch of the exciting new exhibition “The End of the Vikings?”, JORVIK Viking Centre is holding a design a Viking coin competition for all children aged 12 and under to enter. To enter all you have to do is think of a coin design that sums up what this exhibition is about. Find out more by visiting HYPERLINK for more details. Pop your entries in the competition post box, outside the hall, by Tues 1st March with your name and class on the back. Why not enter your design directly to Jorvick and give yourself the chance of having your coin struck and given to all visitors having a coin stamped at JORVIK Viking Centre? Next week’s clubs (w/b 28.2.11) Monday KS2 Cross Country practice (lunchtime) Y4 Sports Aerobics in the hall till 4.20 pm B Team Football Match home to Churchtown Greenall Cup till 4.45 pmTuesday School Council meeting (lunchtime) Eco Committee meeting (lunchtime) Library (lunchtime) till 4.15 pm Star of the Week Band Club in 1D Y4/5/6 Netball till 4.15 pm RJT: Zac Golding Silver YR Wally Cain Dance Club Hall till 4 pm RT: Ben Pomeroy Silver KS2 Cross Country Practice at Kew Woods till 4.30 pm 1B: Erin Cowley Silver Y1 Science in 4M till 4.15 pm 1D: Rhian ValentineWednesday Library (lunchtime) 1D: Tasnin Uddin Y1 Filmclub in YR till 4.30 pm 1D: Quintin Waller Y2-4 Southport Football Club till 4.20 pm 2W: Joshua Hignett Yr6 Cookery Club till 5 pm Yr3 Art Invaders till 4.15 pm 2W: Paris Basson 2M: Jack BrookfieldThursday KS2 Singing Club (lunchtime) 2M: Jay Curran Library (lunchtime) 3H: Emily Berry Y5 & 6 Rugby Squad MUGA 12.10 Y2 Art Club in Y2 till 4.15 pm 3K: Alfie Cooke Y5 History detectives in Y5 till 4.15 pm 3K: Natasha Watkins C Netball team home to Holy Family till 4.20 pm 4M: Laura Snow SilverFriday Y5 & 6 Girls Rugby MUGA 12.10 pm 4P: Abigail Jones Athletics Finals at Stanley 1-3 pm 4P: Lewis Taylor Silver Netball Team practice till 4.15 pm 5B: Annie McCoid Silver KS2 Chess Club in 3K till 4 pm 5B: Hannah Tear Silver Please collect the children from the playground and do not wait for 5M: Aimee Crawford Silver them by the office. 6P: Rhianna Graham 6P: Keira Rimmer There will be notification if there are any changes to these clubs. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  3. 3. Online Activities Admissions If you know of any child who will need a place in Reception for September 2011 and If you would like to support your childs education on the computer at home an application has not already been made, here is some information about which websites are recommended. then one must be made as soon as possible. These websites are free, have no adverts and there is no danger of children following sponsored links .... Sefton Admissions Section set the places in April and will be unable to make any and, changes after this date. This is material from the National Education Network which also Please see Mrs Milligan in the school office covers a wide range of subjects and is very good quality. for more information as soon as possible. Pram Club Speak Easy Please could Mrs Taylor have all completed files in a.s.a.p. ready for moderation. Well done everyone ! Next Friday 9-10.30 am Could all books relating to the course also be returned. All Welcome. Many thanks Mrs Taylor Update on ChicksThose of you that remember the stories we did on Milly’s Chicks will be pleased to know that the chicks and Milly are doing well. Hi this is an update on Milly’s chicks. They have only about 2cm left to grow. They don’t lay eggs yet. They are a rare breed. They are seven months old. Theyare living in the garden. They like coming into the house to get warm. At night they huddle together, they sometimes chase the wild birds in the garden. When Milly opens the door they run up to her. They run funnily. Soon a farmer is coming to see if they are boys or girls. On Saturday 19th February Katy went to Milly’s house and they brought the chicks in for a cuddle. Milly said she is enjoying it at Stanfield ( Merchant Taylors) and has made lots of new friends who are kind to her. By Milly and Katy Advertising Our Local BusinessesIf you would like to make a donation towards the cost of the newsletter, an advert for your local business could be placed in our newsletter. Please contact Mrs Gregson in the school office for further details. Adverts are placed independently and we are grateful for the donations towards the cost. However we are not otherwise linked directly with the businesses. News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  4. 4. Children in the Spotlight Ellie has 6 Katie has Charlotte hasGold medals passed her passed her stage & 1 Silver Grade 6 3 National from a Water Swimming Plan recent Skills Award & her 25maerobic gym Swimming Rainbowcompetition. Award. Swimming Award. Awesome! Fantastic! Brilliant! Arts Festival Bag Packing Yrs 4/5/6 Our next bag packing event, to raise money for our Arts Festival, is due to take place at Morrisons Saturday 5th March. If possible could helpers try to stagger the times that they arrive as last time we lots of helpers for the first hour but not many after that. Thank you. Mrs Goulden First Y1 Filmclub screening next week (2.3.11) will be Lost and Found Forthcoming EventsFriday 25th February A Team football Match Away to LarkfieldFriday 25th February PTA Family Bingo Eyes Down 6.30 pmTuesday 1st March Yr 3-6 Fun Cross Country Event at Kew Woods stTuesday 1 March Yr 6 Trip to watch Private Peaceful at Crosby Civic Hall Ready ReckonerWednesday 2 nd March Y4 Robinwood Parents meeting 6 pm in the hall School MealsWednesday 9 March th Y5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament at Kew Woods thMonday 14 March Y5 Wider Opportunities Concert at Southport Theatre thFriday 18 March PTA Comic Relief Discos Letter to follow with informationTuesday 22 nd March Parents Interviews Appointments from 3.30-6.00 pm I Day =£1.60Thursday 24th March Parents Interviews Appointments from 5-8 pm 2 Days =£3.20Friday 25th March Y5 Wider Opportunities Concert with Halle at Southport Theatre 3 Days =£4.80 thFriday 6 -8 May th Y4 Residential to Robinwood 4 Days =£6.40 thMonday 9 -13 May th Y6 SATS 5 Days =£8.00Tuesday 14th-17th June Y6 Residential to LlangollenSaturday 25 June th Summer Fair 12-3 pmWednesday 29 June th Sports Day Juniors am Infants pm thMonday 4 -16 July th Arts Festival News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  5. 5. Year 3 Trip to Chester This motley crew needed training by the Roman Army.Year 3 recently visited the Grosvenor Museum, as part of our work on The Romans. We had a tour of Roman Chester, ledby a Centurion who gave us lots of interesting information. We had to wear breast armour as we marched in twos. At the bath house we were fascinated to learn that the Romans had open plan style toilets. Did you know they used a sponge on a stick which was washed in sour wine in place of toilet paper. Yuk! We had a chance to experience the atmosphere of the amphitheatre, the show ground for gladiator matches. In the Museum we had the opportunity to sort through archaeological discoveries, examine water pipes and roofing tiles. We ground spices and grains, the Roman way using a pestle and mortar. Morgan and Grace were dressed as soldiers in full Roman splendour! We included a whistle stop tour of the Roman Galleries, before returning to school. It was a brilliant day! I think Joe Alfie demonstrates Roman toiletlikes this habits! helmet. Alex used a Strigil Joshua, Niamh & Spencer Morgan to clean the dirt sharing some toiletexamines Mosaics in the making! from Ben’s arm. humour Roman style.a Roman water Finn, Isobel & Rhys were pipe. archaeologists sorting bones, pottery, coal & stones. Grace All Hail enjoyed Morgan thedressing as Budding mighty a Roman archaeologists Roman try to piece soldier. Soldier! together history! News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack
  6. 6. On Wednesday 2nd February Y6 Mr James’ Visit to Year 6were visited by Mr James (fatherof Lucy and Emily James) who isan avid enthusiast of all things todo with World War II. During his visit he explained all about theBattle of Britain including when ittook place, who the commanders were (on both sides), how the battle was won and how technologies, such as radar, helped the Allies overcome the Axis forces. At one point hepicked some willing volunteers todemonstrate the advantages anddisadvantages of both British and German aircraft. Stickers were placed on their arms to indicate the position of machine guns on the wings of the different aeroplanes! Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed his talk, especially the opportunity to closely inspectgenuine parts from World War II aircraft. Charity Cake Sale Monday 28th February Year 3 Central Area 10.15 AM from 10p a cake Meols Cop High School Does Strictly On Wednesdays from 2nd March 2011 In the dance studio from 5-6.00 pm £1.00 per person Open to all ages Bring your mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. All very welcome. Contact Adam 07902658390 or Mrs A Belford at the school on 01704 531180 Absence Please ensure that you telephone the school on the first day of your child’s absence with a reason for absence. On the first day of your child’s return to school we need a brief written reason for their absence. Thank you News team Molly Glinn, Hannah Tear, Jamie Russell, Katy Watkinson, Taylor McKenzie & Finn Cromack