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Riding the wave of socal media to grow your business


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This presentation will guide you through some tips and tricks for engaging in the social media world, with the intention of growing your business, not just sharing your photos and what you ate last night.

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Riding the wave of socal media to grow your business

  1. 1. Riding the Wave of SocialMedia to Grow YourBusinessAtle Skjekkeland Dan O’LearyAIIM LincWare@skjekkeland @danieloleary
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Great Moments in Statistics Reasoning!• The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans.• On the other hand, the French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans.• The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans.• The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or the Americans.• Conclusion: Eat and drink whatever you like. Its speaking English that kills you.
  4. 4. Source: en.gauge media
  5. 5. CluetrainManifesto:Markets areconversations.
  6. 6. Why should you care?BECAUSE 34% OFBLOGGERS POSTOPINIONS ABOUTPRODUCTS AND BRANDS.Source: Socialnomics
  7. 7. Why should you care?BECAUSE 57% FEELBETTER SERVED BYCOMPANIES THATCONNECT WITH THEM VIASOCIAL MEDIA.Source: 2008 Cone Business inSocial Media Study
  8. 8. Why should you care?BECAUSE 57% FEEL BETTER SERVED BY COMPANIESTHAT CONNECT WITH THEM VIA SOCIAL MEDIA. Source: 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study
  9. 9. Why should you care?BECAUSE 78% OFCONSUMERS TRUSTPEERRECOMMENDATIONSSource: Socialnomics
  10. 10. “A new class of company isemerging—one that usescollaborative Web 2.0technologies intensively toconnect the internalefforts of employees andto extend theorganization’s reach tocustomers, partners, andsuppliers.We call this new kind ofcompany the networkedenterprise.”
  11. 11. The benefits of the networked enterprise % reporting medianCustomer- related purposes, n=1,708 this improvementIncreasing effectiveness of marketing 63%- Awareness 20%- Consideration 15 %- Conversion 10%- Loyalty 10%Increasing customer satisfaction 50% 18%Reducing marketing costs 45% 15%Reducing support costs 35% 10%Reducing travel costs 29% 20%Reducing time to market 26% 20%Increasing number of successful innovations 24% 15%Increasing revenue 24% 10% Source = McKinsey Quarterly, The rise of the networked enterprise Source = McKinsey Quarterly, The rise of the networked enterprise
  12. 12. How to use socialmedia?
  13. 13. My Social Media Principles1. Social media is a dialog, not a monologue2. The person that shares the most will become the most recognized industry expert3. Don’t just follow others revolution, create your own4. The world is flat again – reputation matters!
  14. 14. How willyourcustomerslearnabout yourproducts?
  15. 15. Best Practices Communication Brand Exposure Traffic to SiteTwitter Good Good OKFacebook Good Good OKLinkedIn OK Good BadYouTube Good Good OKDigg OK Good Bad Bad OK Source:
  16. 16. First Things First
  17. 17. Setup your Profile
  18. 18. Determine who to follow
  19. 19. Tweet!
  20. 20. What is an @Reply?
  21. 21. What is an @ Mention?
  22. 22. Use hashtags to identify relevant conversations
  23. 23. Twitter Lingo
  24. 24. Let’s talk beer!
  25. 25. Red Cross Responds
  26. 26. Dogfish Helps Out
  27. 27. People Donate
  28. 28. Twitter Apps
  29. 29. Connect with experts• #AIIM• #ECM• #Capture• #SharePoint
  30. 30. 1. Assimilate before youTweets to Success communicate 2. Style your profile 3. Add value, not noise 4. Mingle like you’re single 5. Let you be you 6. Be upright and straight up 7. Avoid TUI (Tweeting under the influence) 8. DN’T CT CRNRS 9. Can the Spam 10. Wag the Tag 11. Show RT love, give props 12. Keep on truckin’
  31. 31. Facebook – not just for family and friends…
  32. 32. LinkedIn – The Business Network?
  33. 33. Join other industry groups
  34. 34. Provide value – share your experience and expertise
  35. 35. The Importance of Monitoring
  36. 36. Strategies for Success
  37. 37. 8 Ways to Use Social Media 1. Monitor conversations about your company and products 2. Keep up to date on your industry 3. Give great customer service 4. Provide emergency updates 5. Gain customer feedback and opinion 6. Move positive information to the top 7. Drive traffic to your website 8. Create a reference library Source:
  38. 38. 3 New Marketing Opportunities• Ride the daily deals wave – Use sites like RapidBuyr for B2B promotion• Create a Foursquare and Facebook presence – Make it easy for customers to check-in and share this• Enable word-of-mouth marketing – Ask customers to review your business on Yelp, Google Places, and LinkedIn Source:
  39. 39. Questions? Connect… @/Skjekkeland @danielolearyPicture courtesy of Oscar Berg, Tieto