Portraits of Valor


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Portraits of Valor

  1. 1. The Medal of Honor Portrait Collection P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N TA U B M A N P R O P E R T I E S
  2. 2. Table of Contents Medal of Honor Exhibit Background Medal of Honor Exhibition & Venue Details Medal of Honor Character Development Program Sample Taubman Activations Questions & Answers Exhibition & Venue Contact
  3. 3. "A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers." - P R ES I DENT J 0 H N F. KEN NEDY
  4. 4. “The portraits are stunning, awe-inspiring, perfect. I know a number of the Medal of Honor men in the photographs and am just overwhelmed by the sensitivity of the photos.” -THE LATE STEPHEN E. AMBROSE
  5. 5. Goal To perpetuate the Medal of Honor, its cherished ideals & the principles upon which our nation is founded. To educate America’s youth & elevate awareness of extraordinary achievement in the face of great adversity. To pay homage to active military & all veterans who served with honor & distinction.
  6. 6. The Medal of Honor P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Overview !The Medal of Honor Portraits of Valor Exhibition !The Book: Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty
  7. 7. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Our Nation’s Esteemed Heroes   Medal of Honor recipients truly represent the heart and soul of our country, reflecting its ethnic, educational and economic diversity. The Medal of Honor
  8. 8. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Exhibition Elements   ▪  Showcases 145 contemporary photographic portraits of the nation’s heroes with quotes & citations ▪  3 Medals of Honor representing the service branches ▪  Personal appearances by honorees ▪  Book signings The Medal of Honor
  9. 9. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Exhibition Details   The Display: ▪  Approx. 2,000 square feet ▪  3 Medals of Honor Exhibit Case ▪  8 two-sided portrait displays with quotes & official citations; each to be changed periodically with a different portrait & story ▪  Panel displaying the history and protocol surrounding the Medal of Honor ▪  Panel citing the mission of the Medal of Honor Society ▪  Panel featuring quotes from past Presidents & notable Americans, which reinforce the significance of the Medal The Medal of Honor
  10. 10. “Freedom is not free; 406,000 active duty personnel were killed during World War II- December 7, 1941 to September 2, 1945.” - Henry E. Erwin
  11. 11. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Benefits   ▪  Offers wisdom & conveys strong American values ▪  Contemporary portraits of our nation’s heroes ▪  Provides recipients’ inspirational sentiments ▪  Embodies messages of honor, courage, self-sacrifice, gallantry, & commitment The Medal of Honor
  12. 12. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Venues ▪  Permanent Display- Hall of Heroes- The Pentagon ▪  The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum- Simi Valley, CA ▪  The Citadel- Charleston, SC ▪  The National Defense University- Washington, DC ▪  U.S. Air Force Academy- Colorado Springs, CO ▪  U.S. Naval Academy- Annapolis, MD ▪  Russell Office Building- Washington, DC ▪  National WW I Museum- Kansas City, MO ▪  Frazier History Museum- Charleston, SC ▪  The University of Washington- Seattle, WA The Medal of Honor
  13. 13. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N The Exhibition Experience   ▪  Official Opening Ceremony ▪  Extensive TV, Print, & Radio Coverage ▪  School Visits ▪  Docent Program ▪  Book Sales The Medal of Honor
  14. 14. “As a docent I had the privilege of hearing a young child express how a MOH recipient came to his school and was touched by his briefing – then went on to tell his mother he wanted the Portraits of Valor-Medal of Honor book for his birthday present .”   -Angela D. Avila, TSgt, USAF “What a beautiful and meaningful exhibit. We came 25 miles on the very last day just to see it. A very sincere “thank you” to all service members, past and present!!!”   -J. Howard Burgess   “What a great testimony of heroism and dedication to country and fellow soldiers.”   -Rev. Dr. Patrice Von Stroh
  15. 15. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R B O O K Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty ▪  New York Times Best-Selling book ▪  145 black & white portraits of Medal of Honor recipients & their stories ▪  More than 350,000 copies in circulation ▪  A copy of the book was gifted to every middle school & high school in all 50 states Alsoavailable is the limited edition of the book, published in 2011, commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the esteemed award. The Medal of Honor
  16. 16. Recipient Quotes “There is no greater honor than the opportunity to serve and help preserve our freedom- it’s the essence of humanity.” -JAMES E. LIVINGSTON “Your word is your sacred bond; your legacy should be honesty, honor, and trust.” -CHIEF ERNEST CHILDERS
  17. 17. Vision To provide visitors a rare opportunity to look into the faces of these remarkable men & to learn more about these esteemed heroes. “ Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” -PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN
  18. 18. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N “More than words can express, these portraits poignantly establish in our hearts and minds the measure of what each of these true soldiers gave. As we gaze into their eyes and contemplate their experience, and think of what it means to us, we can only, to each one of these brave souls, these heroes, raise high the chalice of our gratitude.” - D A P H N E R O S E K I N G M A Distinguished Author, Lecturer & Humanist The Medal of Honor
  19. 19. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Benefits to the MOH Character Development Program •  The exhibition serves as a dramatic and emotional focal point providing the CDP campaign the instant momentum, context and gravitas it deserves. •  Why are the malls the best venue for the POV exhibit?   Malls provide a gathering place and serve more than the singular purpose of shopping. People of all ages and walks of life but in particular, America’s youth and their parents frequent malls far more than they do museums. The Medal of Honor
  20. 20. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Benefits to the MOH Character Development Program •  The POV tour enables the CDP to be concurrently unveiled in each of the eight metropolitan areas enabling them to take advantage of the media attention and momentum generated by the POV exhibition. •  CDP can take advantage of the halo effect of the POV exhibition. With the emotional stories and images, the CDP will have a powerful backdrop that will offer context and gravity to its message. People being emotionally engaged by the exhibit will be more receptive and aware of the value the CDP offers. •  With literally millions of mall visitors, the CDP has the opportunity to make its case in a compelling and immediate way. There is no other environment more relevant and appropriate to readily reach and recruit educators and enlist parents to encourage local schools to adopt the program. The Medal of Honor
  21. 21. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Benefits to the MOH Character Development Program •  Publicity opportunities: •  The CDP can not only piggyback on POV media opportunities, but it stands to benefit from the media exposure the POV exhibit garners and the resulting increased foot traffic. •  Additionally, CDP media packets can be sent to the area print, TV, radio and special publications offering a MOH recipient as a interview subject related to the CDP. The Medal of Honor
  22. 22. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Benefits to the MOH Character Development Program •  Aligning with the POV exhibit offers the CDP additional opportunities and context by offering high-level meetings with area superintendents, principals and school board members hosted by a MOH recipient in advance of the exhibit coming to the area. •  In addition to teachers, superintendents and local school board members, athletic directors/coaches should be invited to take its teams to the exhibit to understand the true meaning of “service above self.” The Todd Helton PSA could be used and tagged to promote this concept. •  With the assistance of a digital kiosk with high-quality content, viewers of the exhibit can also see how the messaging from this powerful exhibit can play an integral role in shaping young lives. The kiosk and display area could be manned by a CDP representative who can answer questions and recruit educators, parents and students to distribute information. The Medal of Honor
  23. 23. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Benefits to the MOH Character Development Program •  From their interaction with educators, parents and students, and other concerned and involved citizens, CDP representatives can develop a viable database for follow-up communications. •  Among numerous other functions, the CDP digital kiosk could be set up to enable parents to send “support emails” directly to the local school boards and superintendents while they are most immediately affected and motivated, thanks to the exhibit. •  The current exhibit proposal already includes the scheduling of visits by area school children which provides an ideal opportunity to include the CDP before, during and after the school visit. The Medal of Honor
  24. 24. Proudly Sponsoring Portraits ofValor atAmerica’sTop Malls! Your Logo Here
  25. 25. ▪  Finest collection of shopping destinations in the U.S. ▪  High profile centers in the Taubman portfolio include Cherry Creek (Denver), Beverly Center (L.A.), The Mall at Short Hills (New Jersey), International Plaza (Tampa), The Shops at Willow Bend (Dallas), & Dolphin Mall (Miami). ▪  Market dominant and critical mass shopping centers; nearly 300M shopper visits annually. ▪  In 2012, Taubman Centers’ sales of $688 per-square- foot lead the shopping center industry in productivity and volume compared to an average of $448. Source: International Council of Shopping Centers ▪  Uncompromising dedication to quality / flawless execution reflected throughout portfolio.
  26. 26. A Sampling of Taubman’s Premier Malls include (from top left to bottom right): Cherry Creek in Denver, Beverly Center in Los Angeles, The Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey, and International Plaza in Tampa.
  27. 27. *Traffic Estimate Methodology Summary:! - Annual # of Visits = (unduplicated # of shoppers x mall visitation frequency per month x 12 months) + estimated amount of tourist shoppers! Definitions and Information Sources: !! 1. Unduplicated # of shoppers = unduplicated # of adult shoppers + unduplicated # of children shoppers! 1a. Unduplicated # of adult shoppers = within the mall's DMA, the projected number of residents who have visited the mall in past 3 months; Based on Arbitron survey; 12-month rolling average.! Note: Only includes adult residents within a DMA; does not include shoppers from another DMA or another country.! 1b. Unduplicated # of children shoppers = proportional number of children based on adult shoppers. Proportion is based on Claritas' demographics within the center's trade area.! 2. Mall visitation frequency = # of visits to the primary mall; internet survey conducted by Market Strategies International.! Mall Name !City !State !DMA !Annual Estimated Traffic*! Taubman CenterTraffic:Approximately 300 million annual shopper visits! Beverly Center! Los Angeles! CA! Los Angeles! 16.5 million! Cherry Creek! Denver! CO! Denver! 18 million! City Creek Center! Salt Lake City! UT! Salt Lake City! 18 million! Dolphin Mall! Miami! FL! Miami! 30.5 million! El Paseo Gardens / Village at El Paseo! Palm Desert! CA! Palm Springs! 14 million! Fairlane Town Center! Dearborn! MI! Detroit! 13 million! Fair Oaks! Fairfax! VA! Washington, D.C.! 18.5 million! Great Lakes Crossing Outlets! Auburn Hills! MI! Detroit! 23.5 million! The Mall at Green Hills! Nashville! TN! Nashville! 11.5 million! International Plaza! Tampa! FL! Tampa! 16 million! Northlake! Charlotte! NC! Charlotte! 14 million! MacArthur Center! Norfolk! VA! Norfolk! 12 million! The Mall at Partridge Creek! Clinton Twp.! MI! Detroit! 11 million! The Mall at Short Hills! Short Hills! NJ! New York City! 12.5 million! Stamford Town Center! Stamford! CT! Stamford! 10 million! Stony Point Fashion Park! Richmond! VA! Richmond! 6 million! Sunvalley! Concord! CA! San Francisco! 11 million! Twelve Oaks! Novi! MI! Detroit! 17.5 million! Wellington Green! Wellington! FL! Palm Beach! 10.5 million! Westfarms! Farmington! CT! Hartford! 17.5 million! The Shops at Willow Bend! Plano! TX! Dallas! 12.5 million!
  28. 28. Taubman’s Prestigious Partners!
  29. 29. Program Overview Taubman Malls will operate this turn-key program via a progressive portfolio tour focused on relevant national holidays while telling the (company) story to a captive audience.
  30. 30. Program Overview Customers can interact with the display during key time periods, including: Proposed timeline subject to feedback Center! Open! Close! Holiday! Short Hills! Friday, May 23! Sunday, June 15! Memorial day (5/26)! Fair Oaks! Friday, June 20! Sunday, July 13! 4th of July! MacArthur! Friday, July 18! Sunday, August 10! Twelve Oaks! Friday, August 15! Sunday, Sept. 7! Labor Day! (9/1)! International Plaza! Friday, September 12! Sunday, October 5! Willow Bend! Friday, Feb. 13! Sunday, March 8! President’s Day! Cherry Creek! Friday, May 15! Sunday, June 7! Memorial Day (5/25)! Sunvalley! Friday, June 12! Sunday, July 5! 4th of July!
  31. 31. Program Overview The tour will be a 3 - 4 week stop at each of our luxury retail properties, after which the display will spend one full week traveling, setting up at the next center, and repeating this process.
  32. 32. Sponsorship Opportunities Taubman will provide an extensive mall media awareness campaign focusing on values of service, loyalty, honesty, and integrity in conjunction with each tour stop: ▪  30” x 40” Posters ▪  Placard on Prominent Set Pieces ▪  Door Clings ▪  Table Tents ▪  Elevator Door Clings ▪  Trade Show Towers ▪  Guest Services Desk Wrap ▪  Military Heroes Vitrine ▪  Military Passport to Savings ▪  Window Store Decals ▪  Digital Integration, including website and Facebook listings ▪  External Public Relations content (if available)
  33. 33. Sponsorship Opportunities Placards placed on prominent set pieces will reinforce the marketing goals of (company name) as a proud supporter of the Medal of Honor exhibit.
  34. 34. Door Clings placed on high traffic, high visibility entrances and exits. Custom three-sided road show towers feature content about the Medal of Honor book, (company name), and the entire portrait collection. The tower will be placed in high-traffic areas in the mall as a wayfinder for customers to visit the display.
  35. 35. Elevator clings will direct customers to visit the Medal of Honor display to interact with and learn about the exhibit.
  36. 36. Taubman centers will transform their Guest Service Desks by wrapping them with Medal of Honor creative. Copies of the Medal of Honor book will be sold, and (company) literature will also be available for handout.
  37. 37. The Military Passport to Savings will also be available at Guest Service Desks and given out to all service members. The Passport will feature special offers and discounts at participating retailers within the mall. The back cover of the Military Passport to Savings will feature a full-color advertisement for your company.
  38. 38. Tenants can also display window store decals, indicating that they participate in the Military Passport to Savings program.
  39. 39. A new set piece introduced exclusively for Taubman centers is the Local Military Heroes Vitrine. Customers can submit photos of their own military heroes directly to Taubman and have them loop on a TV vitrine at the display location.
  40. 40. Digital Integration, including website and Facebook listings
  41. 41. External Public Relations content (if available)
  42. 42. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Questions & Answers What is the exhibit, and how is it set to align with the Saluting America Foundation and Taubman Properties? This one-of-a-kind photographic exhibition is like no other in its breadth, depth and quality. The exhibition consists of large-format black and white images accompanied by a personal message from each recipient as well as a brief description of their courageous action that compelled Congress to bestow on them our nation’s highest military honor. The exhibit is the centerpiece of Saluting America Foundation’s mission to honor military service past and present as well as enhance the legacy of the Medal of Honor. This visual tribute received critical acclaim when first displayed during the Medal of Honor Society’s convention in Denver in 2008 at a Taubman Property. Based on the highly successful Denver experience, Taubman is excited about partnering with the Saluting America Foundation to showcase this moving tribute at its many centers nationwide.   How will the MOH Society and the Character Development Program (CDP) benefit? The exhibition will serve as a magnet to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors who have never been exposed to the CDP. Among them are teachers, educators, parents, school district leaders, and potential funders. Taubman intends to involve local school districts nearby each Taubman Center to bring students and teachers to view and interact with the exhibit. An on-site display and representative can enlist interested visitors’ support, as well as respond to their questions. The Medal of Honor
  43. 43. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Questions & Answers What are the benefits to the MOH Society and/or MOH Foundation? Multitudes of visitors will gain a deeper understanding and an appreciation for the MOH, while perpetuating the legacy of the MOH and helping to fulfill both the Society’s and MOH Foundation’s mission. In essence, the exhibit will increase public awareness on a grand scale and in a very personal, intimate setting for visitors. Media coverage is assured. It provides opportunities to solicit nominees for the Citizen Honors Program via special on-site events. It will spark book sales and provide honorariums for participating recipients.   Why are the Taubman Centers an appropriate venue for the exhibition? Although an exhibition of this historical significance deserves to be displayed in major military, history and/or art museums, such traditional museum settings neither attract the magnitude of visitors who frequent the Taubman Centers on a weekly basis nor the wide demographic range in age, ethnicity and educational backgrounds. The Medal of Honor
  44. 44. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Questions & Answers What are the Taubman Centers’ visitors demographics? Nearly all of the proposed venues each attract more than one million visitors monthly. Taubman Centers’ visitors typically encompass visitors of all ages and income levels offering a wide cross-section of the American public.   Why are sponsors needed and who are the likely sponsors? Taubman requires funding to pay for the travel, set-up and display of the exhibition, as well as to fund coordination of outreach to the media and local schools. We believe that numerous Fortune 500 companies would have a strong interest helping to facilitate such outreach. In addition to media and other in-kind sponsors, potential interested financial sponsors include those now associated with military-related marketing such as major defense contractors/sub-contactors, Jeep and other auto manufacturers, financial institutions, consumer brands and national foundations. The Medal of Honor
  45. 45. P O R T R A I T S O F V A L O R E X H I B I T I O N Questions & Answers Are the proposed Taubman Centers firm or are other Taubman sites available? In addition to the properties proposed currently by Taubman, Taubman has 13 other properties located throughout the country. The cities shown in the proposal are suggested sites provided by Taubman due to the large military presence in each area and the ability to accommodate the exhibition at such properties during such dates. Depending upon alignment with Taubman’s scheduling interests, Taubman (and the Saluting America Foundation) may revise the list of venues and the dates of exhibition.   Are there other venues that would attract similar demographics and visitor numbers? Possibly. NASCAR events, NFL and MLB stadiums, as well as other large events and public attractions, to name a few. However, none may attract the same wide cross-section of citizens as the Taubman Centers.   Who will financially benefit from this exhibition tour? Taubman Properties, retailers in the Taubman Centers, exhibition suppliers and sponsors. The Medal of Honor
  46. 46. The information contained in this presentation does not represent or imply a commitment or agreement by Taubman. No such commitment shall arise, or agreement shall be binding on Taubman, unless and until such terms are expressly set forth in a separate document executed only by an authorized representative of Taubman. Unless otherwise expressly agreed to in such a written agreement, there is no obligation by Taubman to deal exclusively with any party. If Taubman believes it inadvisable to proceed with any proposed transaction with any party, it shall be under no obligation to proceed further and any such failure to proceed shall not create obligation or liability, financial or otherwise, to any party (except to the extent set forth in a separate written agreement signed by an authorized representative of Taubman). All information is subject to change without notice. Any merchandise old needs to be provided by Medal of Honor and is not included in any costs. Lisa Herzlich Director, Partnership Marketing T 310-289-7504 C 303-618-3750 8500 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles 90048 lherzlich@taubman.com Contact Information
  47. 47. Appendix A: Sample Taubman Activations
  48. 48. In 2010, Taubman revolutionized the mall “photo with Santa experience” with The Ice Palace.
  49. 49. Mall domination and Center Court Projection for Nike
  50. 50. Taubman concepted, designed, and managed a turn-key mall touring attraction: “The World of Wicked.” Program included cast appearances, merchant tie-ins, ticket sales incentives and social media component.
  51. 51. 77   Through gift-with-purchase incentives and a comprehensive in-mall media and social media campaign, MasterCard increased card spending among international tourists at Dolphin Mall in Miami.
  52. 52. 78   The magic of Peru was brought to life at Taubman Centers with a mall media campaign, an interactive 3D floor graphic, and entertainment highlighting Peruvian culture.    
  53. 53. 79   FOX promoted brand awareness and drove retail sales through a national partnership integrating new home entertainment releases in Taubman Easter displays, holiday Ice Palace attractions, branded lounges looping FOX content and an innovative “Virtual Store,” allowing shoppers to purchase titles directly from their smartphone using QR codes.
  54. 54. Designed in partnership with Warner Bros. and featuring Looney Tunes characters, these soft foam sculpture Play Areas are “the place” for families to gather. Play areas are customized for sponsor branding e.g. baseball themed for the Tampa Bay Rays.
  55. 55. 81   Nip/Tuck Season Premiere “blogger” promotion at the Beverly Center.
  56. 56. 82   Fashion and costume displays for the FIDM Debut Designer Exhibition.