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Evidentiary item for Comp K of e-portfolio. Elluminate training session slides.

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  • While you are waiting … you can do the following. If you’re having audio trouble, please let me know, I’ll display the next slide that gives some helpful tips.
  • E. allows us to interact in real time. It’s dynamic. Bb supports our online classes, but it is asynchronous. With technology, E. tries to simulate, as much as possible, an actual classroom.  Incorporates the human voice, an interactive whiteboard, ways to express yourself and give feedback, even a video cam. Also supports web based sharing of info with file and application sharing and web tours 
  • If you’d rather use the keyboard--Ctrl + F2Click once. No need to hold down the button.Karate KidSession is being recorded. Another great feature of E. is that the recording, in it’s entirety, can be accessed later—one advantage over being in a physical classroom. And most professors do record their sessions.
  • Generally the instructor will be using this feature, but it can be useful for group work as in brainstorming for a group project. You can use the tools simultaneously.
  • .txt allows you to view notes outside of E..eln brings them up when you started taking the notes in the live session.
  • Share Word doc.--No Audio docFile Share the same doc.
  • Set the timer.Send an announcement towards the end.
  • Just as in going to a physical classroom, you allow time to find parking, etc., the same with E. to allow time for tech problems and such.I do Audio Wizard every time I log on. It’s a good habit and just takes a few seconds.Hand Raising is “handy” tool for making sure you get the instructor’s attention.Emoticons are a great way to provide feedback to the instructor and your classmates. Use them freely.
  • Training Session Slides

    1. 1. Welcome to Elluminate Training  Our session will begin at 7:00 pm PST  While you are waiting test your audio using the Audio Setup Wizard …  Check your Connection Speed PC: Tools > Preferences > Session Connection Mac: Elluminate Live! > Preferences > Session Connection  Create a profile if you like See mine by hovering your mouse over my name. PC : Tools > Preferences > Profile Mac: Elluminate Live! > Preferences > Profile
    2. 2. No audio? It happens. Don’t panic.  Did you connect your headset prior to logging in to Elluminate? If not, quit Elluminate, attach your device, and log back in.  Use the Audio Setup Wizard. Go to Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard  Check your Connection Speed. Go to Tools > Preferences > Session Connection. Select the internet configuration that you’re using.  Sounds silly, but…is your computer’s sound turned on?  Are your speakers turned on?  Maybe your headset has a pesky mute button.  Enable pop ups & close all other applications
    3. 3. Elluminate Live! Participant Orientation (Today’s session should last about an hour.) Moderated by: Kathy Norton
    4. 4. What’s so special about Elluminate?  Permits interaction in real time  Supports group work and brainstorming  Allows file and image sharing and web tours  Creates a sense of community
    5. 5. How do instructors use Elluminate?  Hold classes  Share PowerPoint presentations  Create groups  Let you practice skills learned in class  Answer questions  Hold office hours
    6. 6. How can YOU use Elluminate?  Attend class  Get to know instructors and classmates  Share or practice PowerPoint presentations  Ask questions—and get answers—in real time  Study groups  Group work
    7. 7. Some quick things to note… Click once, Talk, Click to release  The buttons are all single-click. Click On – Click Off  Optimal microphone setting—green with yellow  The raise hand button  You can save these slides and the chat conversation  This session is being recorded
    8. 8. File Sharing Polling Whiteboard Tools App Sharing Raise Hand Type Message Click Mic
    9. 9. Participants Window Remember to put your hand back down!  Raise/Lower Hand Sometimes difficult for instructor to catch everything happening in chat. Raise your hand as if in a regular classroom.  Emoticons  Step Away Door Remember to come back in!  Icons & Halos
    10. 10. Audio Window  Microphone icon See who’s talking  Click to talk, click to release. (or Ctrl + F2) See the blue radio waves showing that you are speaking.
    11. 11. Chat Window  Send a Text Message to: – This Room (black text) – Moderators (blue text) – Selected Participants (blue text)  Chat publicly or privately, but note …
    12. 12. ―Private‖ messaging? Not exactly… The Moderator sees all!
    13. 13. Whiteboard Tools  Whiteboard icon  Tools: Selection Eraser Pen Highlighter Text Text Editor Ellipse Filled Ellipse Rectangle Filled Rectangle Line Laser Pointer Import an Image Clip Art Screen Capture
    14. 14. Use the laser pointer Where are you today? Retrieved May 5, 2007 from
    15. 15. How’s about a DRAW… Type somethin’ Move somethin’ Highlight somethin’ Get rid of somethin’
    16. 16. Polling  Types – Yes/No – Multiple Choice  Responses will appear in the Participants window if the instructor has selected to show them  Instructor may lock your responses so that they may not be changed.
    17. 17. What’s your favorite pet? A. Dog B. Cat C. Bird D. Horse E. Other
    18. 18. Notes  Notes can be taken during any session  Automatically saved • Each time you open Notes, you’ll see your previous notes  Synchronized to recordings • Can be helpful when viewing a recorded class
    19. 19. A little more about Notes…  Type and enter (synchronized)  Can export to file (.txt)  Can import from file (.eln)
    20. 20. So, what else can Elluminate do?  Share an application (This is also handy for live group work)  Share files during a session (Don’t worry, you can still get the files from the recorded session later.)  Share a web site (moderator function)  Breakout Rooms
    21. 21. Speaking of Breakout Rooms…  Can have smaller, private meetings  Each room has its own audio, whiteboard, etc.  All Elluminate tools remain available  Content from breakout rooms is not recorded, but chat and whiteboards can be saved and whiteboard can be printed
    22. 22. When you go to your rooms…  Use the microphone and pass it around (one click on, one click off)  What classes will you be taking this Spring?  Talk about how Elluminate might be helpful for group work in your classes.  Play with the Whiteboard tools  We’ll see you back in 5 minutes!
    23. 23. How Do I Get to Class?  Your instructor will provide you with a URL and password for your session through E-mail or BlackBoard, so check both regularly! Just click on the link and it will take you to the meeting.  Log in using your first and last name (or as you preferred to be called) and the provided password Login Name: Password:
    24. 24. Accessing Recorded Sessions Access recordings via or through the SLIS web site>Elluminate  Click on Recordings, and choose the class date from the calendar  Use the same password you used to get to class
    25. 25. Elluminate Drop-In Center  A place to practice  Available 24/7  Live help available at posted times
    26. 26. Best Practices for Elluminate Connect your headset prior to login Log in 10-15 minutes early Complete the Audio Setup Wizard For the Mic & Hand Raise: Click On – Click Off Hand Raise as you would in a regular classroom Use Emoticons freely to provide quick feedback Use the Whiteboard tools only when invited
    27. 27. Thank you for attending this tutorial!  Elluminate resources are available at the their web site:  The SLIS Student Guide is at:  Your feedback is important to us! Please fill out the quick survey at the end. It is completely anonymous.  Additional questions? Please stay and ask.
    28. 28. Leaving a session, or How do I get out of here? Windows: The usual Close button or File > Quit Mac: The usual red circle or Elluminate Live! > Quit