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Live Tweeting / Virtual Support


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Best viewed full screen. Laying groundwork, providing history, and correcting from my view through documentation any misconceptions, misstatements or alleged inaccuracies in the Virtual World in reference to projects of mine. This presentation deals with a specific time-frame and purpose is to showcase steps taken (brainstorming) from inception to final plenary of Current Practices in SMEM and Sharing Beyond SMEM11 "Camp".

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  • Cheryl Bledsoe was not part of the NM initiative, party to any conversations or planning between Jeff Phillips and I, or involved at that time in respect to that aspect. DD
    DEC 22nd Cheryl Bledsoe ‏@CherylBle
    'Just found this little piece of fiction about #VOST by @northlandfox ....glad I know the real story & people.'
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Live Tweeting / Virtual Support

  1. 1. Live Tweeting / Virtual SupportExperimenting & developing working concepts with Live Tweeting & Virtual Support since 2008-09’This is an Exercise in 2010 where I was first able to demonstrate use, virtual and ham radio communications.
  2. 2. “who wants to participate on a Virtual Operations Support Team(VOST)? even without clearly understanding what I meant” Jeff Phillips
  3. 3. My contention is not only did Jeff Phillips Los Ranchos understand, in fact as I wascommunicating with everyone over a few months time explaining what individualand agency roles would be in the presentation and giving options withexamples, was taking those ideas with others then putting them to paper. Alsomuch overflow from EMCampNM since beginning, E-mails, and Tweets.Ideas used in conjunction with mirroring an already in use concept, Virtual Teamslike Humanity Road. My personal stance is VOST/VOSG is not the answer andalthough has it’s function and successes has shown though real time use what thedrawbacks are.My examples in this presentation are to show a partial record of how my ideasseem to become in part, laying claim to pioneering some sort of concept.
  4. 4. My impression of Jeff Phillips aka Los Ranchos who said he was a Volunteer Part-Time Emergency Manager, was that since meeting in Jan 2010 made mentioned ofppl wanting to help, EM not doing a good job and saw how web 2.0 was changingthat. Lacked the working knowledge and know how so that’s where others localand I came in. Specifically when he connected with me virtually during the FirstMidwest Disasters 2.0 where I was Tweeting the event. My Social Media Programfor the MRCKC was a presentation for it’s success and being presented by CharlieBryan then MARC Emergency Services Volunteer Coordinator for the MRCKC. Heliked what I was doing and how I had been doing it.
  5. 5. First Midwest Disasters 2.0 in KC Metro at SwissRe Jan 2010
  6. 6. Original SMEM Idea pitch for #140
  7. 7. Had been “assisting’ Ozarks Red Cross in Missouri with their Social Media.This was a “Virtual” Meeting Perry Elkins had put together something I hadbeen trying to effect in KC with the MRCKC. Live Tweeted this event to showhow connections could be made elsewhere equaling benefit of VirtualVolunteers.
  8. 8. Dec 13, 2010 another example
  9. 9. Rough Draft Map of ConceptHow I was going to connect Tweetups = white boxes. People live Tweeting toencourage participation and play by play for Plenary.
  10. 10. Live Tweeting / Virtual SupportAnother Acknowledgement Jan 7th 2011 / So participants could first see and get a feelfor what was being done out in the field to better understand the discussion sessionslater during the day.
  11. 11. SMEM Camp Idea Attachment
  12. 12. Expansion Text Previous Slide . . . Emergency Disaster Use incorporating Hashtags, Twitter chatter, Importance etc. Could Coordinate with your tech support at your location in VA to everyone outside the State Also wanted to add in Live Feed to two KC metro locations . . .
  13. 13. Dawson Presentation
  14. 14. Jan 12 2010Continued to “not understand” Virtual Presentation despitemap, explanations, rough draft, & ppt. & states role to set upevent, small role in content.
  15. 15. Wed, January 12, 2011Operating in the Field and or EOC mentioning again live Tweetup
  16. 16. Operating In the FieldExample fromEMCampNM GoogleWave early 2010My suggestions werebased on myexperiences as NM haddone nothing similar
  17. 17. Jan 16, 2012
  18. 18. Bridge calls In-between
  19. 19. Bridge Call New Mexico March 4, 2011
  20. 20. Bridge Calls to NMMy suggestions werebased on one of many ofmy own realexperiences, specificallyfor two from NM to be ina MIC, Mobile Commandor EOC, with a LiveStream feed in from thefield in and Tweetingwith others from area.Something I envisionedin April 2010, just like thisex I was on although ithad no SM component.
  21. 21. Joel @joelarn Brian @bwfabq Eric Whitmore#tijtechopsNew Mexico Bridge Call VOSG/T Concept 3/24/2011Wed Feb 3, 2011 Statement 04/11/2011
  22. 22. VOSG/T Concept 3/24/2011 - Statement April 4, 2011 Tweetcapture 3/14/11 After New Mexico Bridge Call on March 4 2011, one of a few communications . . .
  23. 23. Virtual VolunteersHumanity Road Taskforce’s Crisis Commons, RHoK Random Hacks of Kindness, OpenStreet Map etc .So “Proof of Concept” of what? Mostly mirrors Humanity Road.As I stated earlier VOST/VOSG are not the answer in my opinion anddue to circumstances surrounding my presentation portrayal &message lost. And my examples in this presentation are to show apartial record of how it seems my ideas appear to be foundation ofpurported “concept”.
  24. 24. From Idea Inception to Presentation The Plenary “General Session”
  25. 25. Plenary NEMA 2011Livestream was alwaysthe focus what the venuecould provide was thequestion. Globalparticipation andcommunication throughconnections that I hadprior via SocialPlatforms.Great Skype in Contentthanks to@d4h Decisions forHeroes Robin BlandfordDirector arranged by JeffPhillips
  26. 26. USTREAM MRCKCHad been livestreaming Events sinceearly 2010 for theMRCKC and beforeotherwise in 2009.
  27. 27. Plenary NEMA 2011 Neil Mc Devitt @CEPINPresentations not arranged by Jeff Phillips
  28. 28. TweetsDay before the 23rd:*Jeff Philips @LosRanchosEM "From now through end of tomorrow well learn a lot more about virtual staff support for event response“ #SMEM11*@SoutholdVOICE: VOST1 virtual ops support team 1 for#SMEM11 on 3/24 is @bwfabq @theredelm @staycesing@SoutholdVOICE #NEMA11Day of the 24th:No one knows where anyone is :*TheRedElm: @bwfabq Are you here or are we completely a completely virtual Ops team for VOST1? cc @staycesing @SoutholdVOICE #SMEM11No one knows what it is:*VOST1? cc @staycesing @SoutholdVOICE #SMEM11Some not even following:*SoutholdVOICE: Hi @staycesing: Excited about #SMEM11 too! I just followed you so you can DM me if needed.(Lines through due to Tweet Doc deleted after event, this is a retrieved version and before earlier capture)Expected outcome for 1st time with no experience Live Tweeting or using available assistance so nothing “wrong”.*@Craigatfema: With all the smart phones, why so little tweeting from#NEMA11? Is this an indicator of slowadoption of #SMEM by EM leadership?#SMEM11There were many good Tweets & info as relayed in this article by @cyberlandgal and other places
  29. 29. So it’s pretty incredulous to see how my planning & others input turn out to be all Mr.Phillips ideas after the fact. This is one example from Crisis Commons one of many outthere: @peakwx Kerry Jones would have been NWS and @joelarn Joel Arwine probably was the EM tie. This is a link to the EMCampNM Event 2011 (Mar24) written between March 4 – 6 coinciding with Bridge Call It was decided they needed a half to day long event in order to get ppl to volunteer, updated once on the 13th.
  30. 30. EMCampNM Wikispaces April 4, 2011
  31. 31. More on SMEM EMCampNM
  32. 32. Even in Sept of 2012As soon as I Tweeted, coincidence Favorited it, to me mocking the factdifferent content? Definite and comment. Never used the worddocumented changes over time. “liar” and #Winning? Really?
  33. 33. Sept 2012Has Been EM Is @JSPhillips2
  34. 34. Sept 2012 Link in Tweet to VOST History Comparison “History” Content *This first post didn’t even mention “Osborne” something added later to another “revision”.*“even without clearly understanding what I meant” removed
  35. 35. “how” running it . . .Never saw any mention of it as was collaborative, overall unfortunate, and my opinion is not agood idea in practice.
  36. 36. What I Hope To See More Of In the Future
  37. 37. Thank youContent is for consideration andcontemplation, opinions are my own.Dawn Dawson @northlandfox