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  1. 1. Not proud or arrogant, modest; respectful.Macy: When I got my time that I needed inswimming I did not start bragging to people.Lauren:When I didnt brag about my birthdaypresentsJustin: When I got a 100 on a test I did not bragor boast I was modest.
  2. 2. Enjoying personal rights and liberties, and being able to makeyour own choices.Macy: I am glad that I can make my own choicesin everyday life!Lauren:Im glad that girls now have an education!Justin: Im glad that I can make my own decisionsin life and at school because without choiceslife would be boring.=(
  3. 3. The desire to learn or know about anything,knowledge.Macy: I am always curious about learning moreand more!Justin: Im always wanting to learn and grow myknowledge of the world around me. =)Lauren:I want to learn more about the earth.=)
  4. 4. Generous; actions or donations to aid the poor;Time or talentsMacy: When My family & I donated to the AnimalDefense League.Lauren:My mom gave 20 bucks to a homelessguy yesterday.Justin: When I can I will donate old clothes to thepoor or the salvation army.
  5. 5. Faithfulness to ones leader, government, orstate.Macy: My dog was always loyal to me.Lauren:You can be loyal if youre alwaysthere for someone. respect.Justin: When I beleive some leaders beliefs areright I will be loyal to them as much as I can.
  6. 6. Willing or disposed to yield.Macy: When my friends want to do somethingdifferent Im flexible.Lauren:I flexed my time to help my mom.Justin: When I am in an argument if the otherperson proves a good point I will yield and stopthe argument.
  7. 7. Something that may be relied on or to depend on somethinggreatly: like a friend you know you can rely on.Macy: I think that am a reliable person becausemy friends and family can depend on me to dosomething!Lauren: I am reliable because I can help people.Justin: I think that Im a reliable person to dosomething for someone that they want to bekept secret.