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Cheyane.australia animal mixup


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Published in: Self Improvement, Sports
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Cheyane.australia animal mixup

  1. 1. Australia Animal Mix-up! By: Cheyane
  2. 2. Bottle Nose Dolphin They are 2-4 meters long.• Paste a picture of your It eats fish, animal here. squid and shrimp and it lives in the ocean or seas. It has a white belly, but it’s grey everywhere else.
  3. 3. dingo They eat insects and• Paste a picture of your plant material. animal here. It is 60 cm. It is golden yellow It Lives in Australia except Tasmania
  4. 4. If you crossed a bottle nose dolphin with a dingo, you would get a Dlingo!
  5. 5. If you discovered one these unique creatures, it would look like….
  6. 6. Dlingo• It has a white belly and yellow and grey every where else. it has golden spots.and a bushy tail.• The dlingo eats insects. It also eats fish and squid. It hunts for food at night.• It lives in Australia and some forests. It is diurnal.• You would probly find it running around by the ocean. It loves the water. And it likes shade
  7. 7. Sources•