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Australia animal mixup


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Published in: Technology
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Australia animal mixup

  1. 1. Australia Animal Mix-up! By: Joseph
  2. 2. Dingo It is a medium sized dog. It is a meat eater. They do not bark. Yellow Dingos live in sandy areas. Dark and Tan
  3. 3. Koala They are unique animals. They live in groups. They sleep 75% of the day .It eats Eucalyptus Leaves. They breed once a year. They don’t live in the Rainforest. They’re 70-90 centimeters tall
  4. 4. If you crossed a Dingo with a Koala, you would get a Kingo!
  5. 5. If you discovered one these unique creatures, it would look like….
  6. 6. KingoIt is a medium sizedanimal. It runs fast andcan climb trees. It is aomnivore (animal that eatsmeats and plants) It isgray and yellow lives ingroups and it does notbark. It eats eucalyptusleaves and meat. It alsoclimbs for leaves andcatches fish. It is diurnal
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