School's not out! Embedding real university experience in sixth form projects


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Northern Collaboration Conference 2016
Parallel session 19: Sara Hastings, University of Hull

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  • Introduce ourselves
  • Prior to 2014 no formal sessions aimed at 6th form students.
    ACE weeks only – no library involvement / didn’t always visit library
  • Typical floor of the library.
  • Not an inspirational space – patched things up!
    Decision to refurbish in 2012 and the building went through great upheaval, some staff relocated
  • So the refurbishment began……………..
  • Big project, big changes…
  • In summer 2012 refurbishment began, officially completed May 2014.
    Refurbished library a wonderful asset - highly influential in encouraging students to study at Hull
    But we needed to show prospective students from the local area what we had to offer…
  • In 2014/15 - a project group to look at Inspirational Experiences within the BJL - objectives to ‘Build closer links with local schools and colleges’.
    Due to a staff reorganisation this staff project was never fully realised - issue of widening participation and the opportunity to work with schools and colleges on the agenda though
    Approached by School’s and College liaison in Nov 2014 to collaborate & run a session for 6th form students
    Opportunity to investigate links that could be made with colleges with a view to moving forward.
  • University’s Schools and Colleges Liaison service asked to work with them to provide a study day for students from Queen Elizabeth’s 6th form in Gainsborough.
    Never been offered before at the University of Hull - approached by the college who had previously worked with the University of Lincoln.
    Students undertaking Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) (extra piece of work in addition to their normal A level studies)
    Wanted some study skills teaching / time working in the library and using our resources to find evidence for the essays.
  • Library met with Hilary Jones from the team to discuss what would be needed and how we could provide the teaching and research help that would be needed.
    At the time Fiona and I were ALLs and as only two members of staff available when the college wished to visit it became our job to plan the sessions
    This pilot day (for us) was very staff intensive. Planning for the day involved at least 6 members of library staff, 2 members of staff (Fiona and myself) were involved for the full day and 2 members of the skills team were involved during the morning.
    Also asked our skills leader volunteers (current students working at the university who volunteered with the Skills team to help with workshops) to help with the day and had three volunteers for the full day. The college originally planned to bring 60 students but brought 42 on the day – this obviously has an impact with catering and numbers of staff needed.
    Pilot was very time consuming, had to create everything from scratch
    Baptism of fire – some things you only learn by doing! Needed temporary password accounts from IT so that students could use laptops. With networked PCs you can use one username and password to log on to multiple machines so IT gave us 10 temporary passwords. However, needed an account per laptop – a learning curve!
    Issues with colleges confirming student numbers and catering being ordered and then only half of the students actually attending – wasted food and money –more efficient to give the students a lunch voucher for £5 and the team are then only charged for the ones that are used.
    Initially did a treasure hunt but some students were late back to the room and worried we would lose them!
    Numbers of students in groups also varies greatly - makes planning the days more problematic: catering for certain numbers/booking correct rooms – can we fit the students in our training rooms/use library laptops /book a pc room to cater for all students?
    First visit we tried to split students between online research and looking for physical items on the floor – students valued online research far more than looking for physical items. Downside to using outside computer rooms is that students are not actually in the library all day, ambassadors need to walk students across to look for physical items – does this detract from the day and are students still being encouraged to put Hull down as one of their choices?

  • So this is what we’ve done to date
  • Now have all the materials created so easy to roll out
    Extra support from ambassadors
    Something we still need to work on – students do not get printing/photocopying rights with the temporary accounts - rely on members of staff =time consuming and takes library staff away from helping with their research.
  • The introduction of the ambassadors make a big difference for helping with library tours
    Students could relate to them better
    Got students thinking about university life
  • Start off with a video on peer reviewed journal articles then a quiz using Turningpoint and clickers – gets them engaged
    Demo of library catalogue and Summon
  • Presentation on Harvard referencing (tweaked from our main workshop programme) then in small groups get them to have a go with a few books and journals
  • Initially a treasure hunt but time consuming to set up and deploy. Moved to asking our Customer Services team to deliver which eased the pressure on us, and now using the ambassadors
  • Photo from the hands-on part of the day, opportunity for them to do their own research
    Works well when school/college staff input too
  • Checked lots of books out – needed to make sure they were all returned again!
  • Students had a really productive day and found many resources online as well as in print
  • Some of the feedback we received…
  • Some recent tweets
  • Some of the feedback we received…
  • Going forward, curriculum changes means more students doing EPQS so more visits?
    Opportunity for some questions but we’d also like something from you first!
  • School's not out! Embedding real university experience in sixth form projects

    1. 1. School’s not out! Embedding real University experience in 6th form projects Sara Hastings and Fiona Ware University of Hull
    2. 2. Prior offering Previous offering
    3. 3. Typical floor
    4. 4. Uninspiring
    5. 5. The refurbishment begins
    6. 6. New look floors
    7. 7. Dedicated silent Reading Room
    8. 8. Inspirational spaces Inspirational experiences?
    9. 9. Pilot day With Queen Elizabeth’s 6th Form Gainsborough
    10. 10. 10.00-10.30 Arrival and refreshments in Training Room 1, Ground floor BJL (Catering from Schools and College Liaison) 10.30-12.30 The students will be split into 2 groups of 30 and will attend the following two sessions: • Finding library resources (Sara and Fiona) • Referencing and critical appraisal (Jacqui and Trish) 12.30-1.30 Lunch organised by School and Colleges Liaison 1.30-3.30 Students split into 10 groups of 6. Library staff member/student volunteer to accompany each group and help them to find resources for their assignments 3.30-4.00 Feedback and departure Itinerary
    11. 11. Facts and figures… 2 day residential Over 348 students 10 visits
    12. 12. What we learnt
    13. 13. Student ambassadors
    14. 14. Finding resources theory
    15. 15. Referencing fun!
    16. 16. Michelle giving a tour
    17. 17. Find it with Fiona
    18. 18. Searching (with Sara)
    19. 19. Successful searching!
    20. 20. Thanks so much for yesterday. Please also pass on our thanks to all those who worked with our students during the day! We all (staff included) gained a huge amount from the time with you and our students were all fired up on the way home about the research they had found for their EPQs. Thank you for last week - another excellent session that the students really enjoyed.
    21. 21. Talking points… Do you have any best practice you could share, or challenges you’ve overcome? Do you provide any Library/Skills sessions? What does your institution currently offer for 6th form students?
    22. 22. Questions?