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People Reaching People


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Published in: Spiritual
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People Reaching People

  1. 1. PEOPLE REACHING PEOPLEEast Ohio Annual Conference Partnering With Path 1 Lay Missionary Planting Network
  2. 2. The Lay Missionary Planting Network• Vision and Goals • 3 Big Ideas • Curriculum & Training • Anchor Congregations • Fruit of LMPN • Called Out to Galilee -Video
  3. 3. The Lay Missionary Planting Network ALIGN with the …• Vision and Goals of Path 1 Creating New Places for New People: Reaching More People Reaching More Young People Reaching More Diverse People• Mission of The United Methodist Church Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.• The Ministry and Mission of Jesus Christ!
  4. 4. LMPN: VISION AND GOALS •Path 1 has a goal to equip 1,000 new church missionaries and start 650 new churches by 2012. • Find, Equip and Deploy 250 Lay People to Plant 60 New Churches• In East Ohio Network, our goal is to find at least 50 participants and at least 12 qualified lay missionaries to start new congregations.
  5. 5. UMC Jurisdictional Conference Membership Summary Lay Members (LM) Clergy Members (CM) LM: 1,409,643 LM: 381,916 CM: 10,049 LM: 1,384,007 CM: 3,624 1 Pastor per CM: 8,752 1 Pastor per 140 Members 1 Pastor per 105 Members 158 Members Total Lay Members: 7,853,955 Total Clergy Members: 45,150 1 Pastor per 174 Members LM: 2,916,643 LM: 1,761,746 CM: 14,374 CM: 8,351 1 Pastor per 1 Pastor per 203 Members 211 MembersCreated by Bener Baysa Agtarap, Path 1 New Church Strategist/GBODSource: GCFA 2007 Statistical Report
  6. 6. LMPN: 3 BIG IDEAS• Laity in Church Planting • Reach New Populations • Mission Field-Focused
  7. 7. IDEA #1 – LAITY IN CHURCH PLANTING• Find and equip lay church planters from diverse people groups
  8. 8. IDEA #1 – LAITY IN CHURCH PLANTINGWe seek lay people who have:• A passion for the Gospel• Compassion for God’s people• Demonstrated potential for reaching the targeted population (s) in the area• A job or other source of income to support their families
  9. 9. IDEA #2 – REACH NEW POPULATIONS• Hispanic/Latino• African American• Native American• Asian American & Pacific Islander• Younger Generations• Emerging Immigrant Populations
  10. 10. IDEA #3 – MISSION FIELD-FOCUSED• Identify large populations with shifting growth corridors• Focus on underserved populations
  11. 11. 5 LMPN CONFERENCE PARTNERS Map provided by Craig Kennet Miller, GBOD
  12. 12. LMPN: CURRICULUM AND TRAINING Recruit Equip Assess Encourage 9 Modules Call Progress50 Lay People with MentorsIndicators of Potential Continued Fit 2 SCD Development Weekends A New Church Start Movement in the U.S.
  13. 13. LMPN: ROLE OF ANCHOR CHURCHES • Promote LMPN – Its Vision and Goals• Help identify, encourage and recruit prospective participants• Provide both spiritual and logistical support to the Network • Provide feedback – Contextualization • Pray for fruitfulness • Start a new church or new faith community
  14. 14. FRUIT OF LMPNFound and Equipped Lay Missionaries… 1. as leaders of new congregations 2. as members of a launch team 3. as facilitators for the next LMPN in your area or in another area
  15. 15. LMPN: FRUITS FOR THE CONFERENCE1. Equipped Lay Missionaries • Lead New Church Starts • Qualified Launch Team Members • Identified Leaders For Next LMN Cycle2. Replicable Model3. Raised Awareness Throughout The Conference Of Importance Of Lay Leadership & Church Planting4. Enhanced Clergy-Lay Partnership
  16. 16. Who Will Reach More…New PeopleYoung PeopleDiverse People
  17. 17. ANY QUESTIONS?For additional information and support for the Lay Missionary Planting Network, please contact Bener Agtarap ( at (877) 899-2780 ext. 7121.Path 1 LAY MISSIONARY PLANTING NETWORK