A Theology of Stewardship


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A Theology of Stewardship

  1. 1. STEWARDSHIP: A Theology of Generosity “ …It is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy” I Corinthians 4:2 “The earth is the Lord’s …” Psalm 24:1-2May 2011 NCD Associate
  2. 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PyMFZV0 nwQ&feature=relatedMay 2011 NCD Associate
  3. 3. Are you a steward or disciple? Disciples gain new knowledge and skills, while stewards manage knowledge and skills as a way of putting the believes into practice.May 2011 NCD Associate
  4. 4. Jesus’ teachings on stewardship Parable of the Rich Young Ruler (Matt. 19:16-20) Connection between your heart and your treasurer. (Matt. 6:21) The Alabaster Jar (Mark 14:3-9)May 2011 NCD Associate
  5. 5. What is Generosity? Inspiration for the initiator! Blessings to others! God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us …May 2011 NCD Associate
  6. 6. What type of giver are you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T- Xjg4inOvc&NR=1May 2011 NCD Associate
  7. 7. IS DEBT A FACTOR? What skill has God Is the condition of given you to your financial faithfully use? situation based on matching what How are you doing someone else with your goal of possesses getting out of debt?May 2011 NCD Associate
  8. 8. TWO PREVAILING MYTHS? There is too much talk about money! People 25-34 yrs. old have the highest rate of bankruptcy. Many baby-boomers are not prepared for retirement. People do not want to give! 90% of Katrina Relief, Tuscaloosa, Haiti, Japan done by volunteers. People give to mission not maintenanceMay 2011 NCD Associate
  9. 9. PRACTICAL STEPS Make plans to give to God Seek an accountability group Write a budget Perform plastic surgery (Credit Cards) Set future oriented goals Nurture an attitude of generosity PRAY, PRAY AND AGAIN I SAY PRAY!May 2011 NCD Associate
  10. 10. GENERORISTY STARTS WITH ME All leadership begins with self-leadership Am I using what’s in my hand? Am I living as a creator rather than a consumer? Leaders can … Only lead as far as they have gone themselves Be developers of opportunityMay 2011 NCD Associate
  11. 11. Malachi 3:8-10 Tithing is not an act of generosity. Tithing is an act of obedience. Generosity begins where tithing ends. When it comes to giving, tithing is not the ceiling. Tithing is the floor.May 2011 NCD Associate
  12. 12. Where does generosity start? Tithing is an act of obedience. Malachi 3:10 – God even says test Him and see if He’ll really do what he said. So, generosity begins where tithing ends.May 2011 NCD Associate
  13. 13. GENEROSITY IS IGNITED BY LOVE Generous churches are always contagious. Generosity is demonstrated by faith tithing Resource sharing is an act of generosity.May 2011 NCD Associate
  14. 14. LIFE LONG DANCE! Discipleship StewardshipLearning The means of graceFollowing Fellowship SabbathDiscovery and Worshipdevelopment of faith CommunionLearn a lot and manage alittle. Putting our beliefs into practice.May 2011 NCD Associate
  15. 15. A GENEROUS STEWARDMay 2011 NCD Associate