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Ward 3 open space survey with smith college 101011

  1. 1. Ward 3 Neighborhood Association Needs Your Input! Northampton is in the middle of updating its open space and recreation plan. This fall city representatives will come to Ward 3 for input. To prepare, the neighborhood association is circulating this questionnaire and we hope you will take a few minutes to answer these questions. Please note that it is anonymous and participation is voluntary. Skip any question you do not wish to answer. We will start tallying the survey results on September 28th and would like to include your thoughts. Please return this to us at PO Box 64, Northampton MA 01060 or drop it into the box on the porch at 127 Bridge St, the house of Jerry Budgar. N = 145 Total Responses 1. WHICH PARKS OR OPEN SPACES DO YOU LIKE TO USE THAT ARE CLOSE TO YOUR HOME? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) Total % of total Responses the neighborhood sidewalks and streets 120 83 the bike trail (specify which ones – see answers below) 117 81 my yard 98 68 Smith College campus 99 68 the benches and steps downtown 84 58 Pulaski Park 75 52 the Meadows 73 50 the Bridge Street Cemetery 65 45 the Connecticut River to swim, fish, boat (specify where – see answers below) 61 42 the Fairgrounds area 60 41 Mill River 55 40 the playground at Bridge Street Elementary School 52 36 Sheldon Field Recreation Area 50 34 Dog Park (at State Hospital field) 48 33 Northampton community gardens 47 32 Montview Farm and Greenspace 38 26 the Courthouse 37 26 Lampron Park 34 23 North Street Woods 30 21 the wooded areas around the neighborhood (specify location – see answers below)* 28 19 skate park at Veteran’s Field 24 17 South Street Meadows 22 15 Rainbow Beach 17 12 Barrett Street Marsh 14 10 other playgrounds (specify location – see answers below) 11 6 other (fill in the blank – see answers below) 32 22 not relevant, I don’t use parks or open space 0 0 blank 0 1 *Did not count if respondent checked North Street Woods, then checked the wooded areas around the neighborhood and wrote in “North Street Woods”. Open-ended responses: Question 1 the bike trail answers (grouped where possible) Total number of answers in the coded category All of them 49 Norwottuck 7; rail trail from Northampton to Amherst 1; 28 connection to bridge 1; the one behind North Street (and continuing to Amherst) 1; from Amherst to Look Park 12; 1
  2. 2. to Look Park 1; to Amherst 5 bike trail, cont. total, cont. Behind parking lot in back of Thorne’s Market 1; behind 13 Thorne’s + Smith + over by Depot + north + Florence Bike Trail 1; downtown over RR Connecticut River to Look Park 1; Florence 4; Noho to Leeds 1; Jackson Street 1; Easthampton 3; Manhan 1 Market Street/King Street 2; Noho  downtown 1; 6 Northampton 1; to town 1; in town 1 Off North/Bates Street 1; North Street Woods 1; 5 Bates/Damon Road/North Street 1; off Damon Road 1; Bates to Woodmont 1 Pleasant Street out past Smith College 1; Union Station to 3 Smith College 1; Union Station to community garden 1 Hadley 3 Route 9 1 Rail Trail 1 From Connecticut River to downtown and Florence 1 East Street 1 Pleasant Street out to Leeds 1 Both 1 Checked but did not specify which ones 28 the wooded areas around the neighborhood answers Total number of answers in the (grouped where possible) coded category Dike behind Pomeroy Terrace/Henry Street 2; dike area 3 5 Lyman Estate 1; Lyman Road – Smith Fort Hill area 1; 4 between Lyman Road and Fruit Street 1; between Fruit Street and Smith Pre School 1 End of Wilson Avenue 2 Oxbow 2 Conz + Fruit Street 1 Walter Salvo Conz Street 1 Conz Street 1 Trees behind our condo facing Catholic Church (mostly on 1 their property) Wooded areas between cornfield, dike path, and behind 1 College Church Green space behind Senior Center and South Street area 1 Behind Cutchins 1 Behind 25 Williams Street 1 Meadows 1 Randolph Place Marsh 1 All over 1 Checked but did not specify location 7 other playgrounds answers (grouped where possible) Total number of answers in the coded category Veteran’s Park 3 Agnes Fox Park 3 Fort Hill Preschool 1 By Courthouse 1 Behind College Church 1 Pulaski Park 1 Montessori School of Northampton 1 Look Park 1 SCCS off of State Street 1 2
  3. 3. All 1 the Connecticut River to swim, fish, boat answers Total number of answers in the (grouped where possible) coded category Off Damon Road 1; UMass dock/crew launch 3; Elwell 10 Island 4; bike bridge 2 Coolidge Bridge 2; Oxbow 3; Oxbow boat launch 1; 7 Marina 1 Off Hockanum 2; End of street near Montview 1; Through 4 the meadows to a national or state park like area 1 All/everywhere 2 Riverbank Road 1 Dana Road 1 Hadley-Aqua Vita Road 1 Holyoke Canoe Club 1 Northampton 1 Sunderland 1 Its length in MA 1 Checked but did not specify where 30 other answers (grouped where possible) Total number of answers in the coded category The dike 11 Childs Park 5 Look Park 5 My front porch/back stoop 2 Train Bridge Park 1 Veteran’s Field 1 Off Look Park bike path to the right (marshy pond area) 1 Downtown 1 Tuesday farmers market 1 Fitzgerald Lake 1 Musante Walkway 1 Conservation areas in Noho 1 Ponds 1 Swimming areas 1 Community garden 1 Anywhere there are benches 1 Any open space I can find 1 Checked but did not fill in the blank 2 2. WHAT STREET DO YOU LIVE ON? Total Responses Belanger Place 2 Butler Place, Bixby Court 3 Bridge Street, Main Street 10 Cherry Street 4 Coolidge Avenue, Hubbard Avenue 3 Conz Street 9 Day Avenue, Bates 3 Dewey Court 3 Edwards Square, King Street 3 Elizabeth Street, Grant Avenue 3 Fruit Street 4 3
  4. 4. Graves Avenue 5 Hockanum Road 2 Island Road 4 street live on, cont. total, cont. Lincoln Avenue 2 Linden Street, Highland 3 Market Street 4 Michelman Avenue 2 North Street 7 Northern Avenue, Woodbine Avenue 6 Orchard Street 6 Phillips Place, Hancock Street 5 Pleasant Street 4 Pomeroy Terrace 7 Randolph Place 2 Riverbank Road, Cross Path Road, Fair Street Extension 5 Union Street 2 Valley Street, Henry Street, Montview Avenue 6 Walnut Street 5 Williams Street, Isabella Street 6 Wilson Avenue 3 blank 12 3. WHEN YOU RECREATE DO YOU LIKE TO BE: (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) Total % of total Responses out of doors 130 90 in nature 116 80 on a trail 98 68 on the street, sidewalk, or road 94 65 at the water 89 61 at a park 85 59 in my yard 83 57 at home 63 43 in the gym or fitness center 45 31 shopping 34 23 at a recreation center 22 15 at a sports field 29 2 other (you describe – see answers below) 16 11 not relevant, I don’t recreate 0 0 blank 2 1 Open-ended responses: Question 3 other answers (grouped where possible) Total number of answers in the coded category on a bike 5 kayaking 1 museums 1 art galleries 1 cafes 1 yoga studio 1 adult center 1 Pioneer Valley Roller Derby Bunker in Florence 1 on the Connecticut River 1 surfing out of state 1 4
  5. 5. on nearby mountains 1 camping 1 friend’s house 1 other, cont. total, cont. guy watching 1 Checked but did not describe 2 4. I TYPICALLY RECREATE OR USE OPEN SPACE: (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) Total % of total Responses on the weekend 112 77 after work 95 66 before work 57 39 alone 94 65 with friends 86 59 with family 81 56 with my dog(s) 41 28 not relevant, I don’t recreate/use open space 0 0 Blank 6 4 5. ARE THERE LOCAL PARKS AND OPEN SPACES THAT YOU WOULD LIKE BETTER ACCESS TO? Total % of total Responses Yes (explain on top of next page – see answers below) 43 30 No 45 31 Blank 59 41 Open-ended responses: Question 5 Yes answers (grouped where possible) Total number of answers in the coded category Sometimes it seems difficult/dangerous to access trails 1; Bike trail near my house to 12 be safer to access – riding from Island Road on Route 5 with my 5-year old is scary! Train tracks block easy access to downtown and the bike path from our neighborhood 1; bike path crossing over the RR 3; we used to before the fence went up next to the bike trail 1; access from the bike path at King Street across the tracks to the start of the bike trail that leads to the road near the Coke plant 1; connect Norwottuck bike trail system to the Market/King Street bike trail 1; I’d like to be able to access the bike path from the mid-Market Street side 1; bike path access from the end of Northern Avenue (via bridge, etc.) 1; artists getting together beautifying certain sections of the bike path 1; have difficulty getting 96-year old blind mom up on bike trail from Edwards Square 1 Connecticut River (CR) 2; community canoe/kayak available for use to access CR 1; 7 better access to CR that people could walk to for picnics and swimming 1; more access for swimming 1; Elwell Island 1; Rainbow Beach as the only access through farmland by bike 1 Cemetery 6; quiet picnic without residents or police being/feeling disturbed and 7 coming to rout us – many different respectful uses of the cemetery are possible 1 Public access to North Street Woods 3 Meadows 2; walking trails in the Meadows 1 3 I would love Pulaski Park updated 1; I would like to see access to a safe and clean 2 Pulaski Park, one that is free of trash, graffiti, alcohol, and drug use, and loitering people. I would like to see an expanded and renovated Pulaski Park that serves as a hub to downtown pedestrian life. 1 Bridge Street School to be able to use Lampron Park, also open to ice skating, etc. 1 5
  6. 6. Dog park closer to our home on Williams Street 1 Woods behind Veterans Field 1 Fairgrounds 1 Oxbow 1 Look Park 1 Yes, cont. total, cont. I think Courthouse space should be improved. I like to use it but it’s not very inviting 1 or clean. A water park in town 1 Fitzgerald Lake 1 State Hospital Grounds 1 Parks accessible to people with disabilities 1 I rely on public transportation and walking and would love a better bus system and 1 sidewalks/clearing sidewalks in winter, too Checked but did not explain 6 6. DO YOU THINK THAT THERE ARE CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO HAVE OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION NEEDS IN WARD 3 THAT ARE CURRENTLY NOT BEING MET? IF YES, PLEASE EXPLAIN: Total % of total Responses Yes the following Ward 3 residents have unmet open 47 32 space and recreation needs (explain below – see answers below) No all needs are met 27 19 Blank 72 50 Open-ended responses: Question 6 Yes answers (grouped where possible) Total number of answers in the coded category People with ambulatory disabilities 5; better sidewalks for elders walking, blind, 10 people with a walker, and wheelchair accessibility 3; better sidewalks 1; area under bridge needs work to better our ward 1 little playgrounds for children 1; children need more access to open space – I live on 5 Michelman Avenue and there’s little space to play or within walking distance 1; kids – areas to walk to safely 1; playground with baby swings for a young baby 1; no playground but Bridge Street School 1 No access to bike trails due to narrow street and Route 5 state highway – no sidewalk/ 4 heavy traffic 1; I am waiting for the bike trail from downtown Northampton to be open/connected with Easthampton where I work so I can bike not drive 1; bike path is great but can’t access easily 1; child-safe way to access the bike trail from Henry Street 1 We need more park space in Ward 3. The downtown parks are not enough. 1; do we 4 have an official Ward 3 “MsNs” community park – breathing spaces, gathering place – (except Lampron) for location – as things build up permanently I am concerned the present open space will be gone – ones we take for granted now that are private 1; all Ward 3 residents must preserve, enhance and encourage acquisitions of open space, woodlands, etc. in our ward 1; more people should be able to get to the park easily 1 People in the Salvo House, any housing authority building 2; we [housing authority 3 residents] want pretty places that are free to enjoy 1 I would like a garden but have no money to rent a space and worry about security. 3 What about gardens on the flat roof tops? 1; gardeners who can’t walk or drive to community gardens – downtown plots possible anywhere? 1; more community garden spaces for those of us who live in condo areas with limited light and land 1 Keep woods we have, reduce large development in residential areas 1; Save the North 2 Street Woods! They are beautiful and provide cooling and wildlife habitat. 1 More walking trails through the Meadows inside Route 91 1; access is an issue in the 2 6
  7. 7. Meadows pocket parks for everyone 1 area of North and Market needs better small park access 1 URC zoning districts like Market Street 1 Connecticut River 1 dogs with owners allowed in the cemetery in the evenings 1 Yes, cont. total, cont. Passive recreation (hiking, dog walking) in the city 1 Not enough park benches, public phones, and drinking water for people walking 1 downtown Water park in Ward 3 with public access or pool 1 Fragrance-fee spaces for folks with environmental illness/multiple chemical sensitivity 1 Everyone a little – could use more encouragement to be outside 1 “ANONI, + 2” 1 Checked but did not explain 8 7. IF YOU COULD TELL THE CITY THREE THINGS THAT WE NEEDED IN WARD 3 THAT WOULD MAKE IT BETTER FROM AN OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION POINT OF VIEW, WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO SAY? (READ EACH ITEM IN THE LIST AND THEN CHECK THE THREE YOU THINK ARE MOST IMPORTANT) ** ** 94 respondents answered the question correctly i.e. either they Total Total checked only 3 things on the list or had no opinion. 51 did not answer Responses – Responses – the question correctly. In this case most respondents checked more than answered answered three. The results have been tallied according to whether the question correctly incorrectly was correctly answered or not. N = 94 N = 51 we need to conserve as much farm land and agricultural soil as we can 41 24 the tree-lined streets are an important part of the Ward 3 experience and 40 32 should be maintained and replanted when needed the wooded areas should be protected because they provide natural play 39 34 space for kids, habitat for wildlife, and give Ward 3 character protect the remaining wetlands in Ward 3 28 31 we need 2 or 3 small (less than an acre) neighborhood parks to promote 23 19 walking and livability there should be a few auto-free trails from the bike path into the 21 23 neighborhood we need better public access for neighborhood use of the Connecticut 17 19 River for fishing, boating, and swimming we need a few places for community gardens 16 18 better access to and through the cemetery 12 23 when infill projects are proposed for Ward 3 they should be required to 11 17 have special green space amenities that fit in with the character of the neighborhood such as (you describe – see answers below) multi-unit housing (apartments, townhouses, row houses, condos) 10 18 should be required to provide shared, usable outdoor green space for residents we need outdoor gathering spots in the neighborhood for purposes such 8 15 as (you define – see answers below) we need another big park for sports fields 6 4 new development in Ward 3 should not be able to block key views of 2 11 the landscape such as (you specify views – see answers below) we need a few places in the neighborhood for flood storage 0 11 other (you describe – see answers below) 5 3 no opinion 1 0 blank 0 4 7
  8. 8. Open-ended responses: Question 7 we need outdoor gathering spots in the neighborhood for purposes such as: (you define) responses – answered correctly - Picnics 3 - Community events – art, music, etc. 1 - Free movie nights outside 1 - Street performers 1 - Food vendors 1 - Outdoor café seating 1 - Ice skating 1 responses – answered incorrectly - Picnics 2 - Community gatherings 1; block party or neighborhood gathering 1 - Promote community and safety, conversations and ideas about the community and city 1 - Neighborhood/community/local purposing and community identity building 1 - Sitting 1 - Small parks/patios in parking center off Service Street 1 - Pocket park in shared area 1 - Frisbee 1 - Checked but did not define 5 new development in Ward 3 should not be able to block key views of the landscape such as: (you specify views) responses – answered correctly - Sky 1 - Horizon (i.e. that brown skyscraper on Hawley Street) 1 - Checked but did not specify views 1 responses – answered incorrectly - Meadows 1 - Pleasant Street 1 - Holyoke Range 1 - Mountains 1 - Graveyard 1 - Lower than 3 stories 1 - Checked but did not specify views 6 when infill projects are proposed for Ward 3 they should be required to have special green space amenities that fit in with the character of the neighborhood such as: (you describe) responses – answered correctly - Foliage 1; Trees 2; Bushes 1; Grass 1 - Green areas 2 - Architecture 1 (keep it classic 1) - Allowing space between neighboring homes 2 - Cluster housing with ¾ of the area green space 1 - Landscaping to buffer lights, noise, buildings 1 - Adequate off-street parking 1 - Art installations 1 - Checked but did not describe 1 responses – answered incorrectly - Trees 1 - Gardens 1; Floral areas 1 - Open space 1 - Parks 1 - This is connected to small neighborhood parks to promote walking a livability – one is city, the other is commercial city planning 1 - Playgrounds 1 8
  9. 9. - Picnic areas 1 - Dog parks with benches 1 - Benches 1 - Parking 1 - Checked but did not describe 10 Open-ended responses: Question 7, cont. other (you describe) responses – answered correctly - Dog park – part- or full-time fenced area for off-leash doges 1; place to take dogs off leash 1 - Running trails 1 - Open up Pulaski Park 1 - More green 1 - Infill projects are important to have even though some residents don’t want them – it is the best way to prevent suburban sprawl 1 responses – answered incorrectly - Bike/hike/walk trails 1 - Corner stores 1 - Cafes 1 - Mixed residential/commercial zoning on the same plot 1 - Close areas of downtown to cars 1 8. HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN WARD 3? (CHECK ONLY ONE) Total % of total Responses less than 1 year 7 5 1-5 years 45 31 6-10 years 20 18 more than 10 years 72 50 Blank 1 1 9. DO YOU OWN OR RENT? Total % of total Responses Own 88 61 Rent 56 39 Blank 1 1 10. DO YOU FEEL THE AMOUNT OF GREEN SPACE IN OUR WARD IS SUFFICIENT? DO WE HAVE ENOUGH OR DO WE NEED MORE? *** ___ yes ___ no *** Due to wording of question (double question) and possible responses (single response) data could not be interpreted. 11. GIVEN THE TOPIC, IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT WE HAVEN’T ASKED ABOUT? - Of course preserving farmland and soil, it should be the law that only farms that are sustainable and organic be allowed with school and community initiatives to teach farming and cooking from our own toil. - I think open space is great, but only if those who want it are willing to pay for it. A great view of the Meadows only benefits a few loud voices. - I strongly support the idea of limiting Meadows access to property owners’ vehicles, + non-motorized recreational activities. - Need less vagrancy on our streets and the dike and Meadows. - Better maintenance of Meadows re trash, improper conduct. 9
  10. 10. - Trash in river, on banks, and in Meadows. - Meadows area does not seem accessible or open for the public. More should be available. - We should use part of the Meadows to create park space. - Green space is important but it also needs to be maintained and should be part of the plan from the beginning. - We have plenty of green space in Ward 3. In general I think that denser development in Ward 3 is a concept that makes sense. - I support infill and high-density housing in general but also appreciate the green space can be small, must be accessible especially by walking and biking. - Keep infill away from our open spaces. Direct it towards brownfields and redevelopment. - While I appreciate preserving green space in our ward, I would rather see reasonable development close to town and less sprawl outside town that requires cars and inhibits walking communities. - Is this whole issue a stalking horse for derailing the North Street condo project? Can we just talk about the specifics instead of operating in the realm of abstraction? I happen to be in favor of the condo development, lefty tree-hugger that I am – but an honest discussion of the issue would be preferable to sloganeering. - Many trees were taken down on North Street. Replanting is needed. (You did ask about that but I just wanted to emphasize it.) - I’m opposed to development in North Street Woods. Farm land and good soil should be preserved. - Buy Doug Kohl’s property and have it become an in town “wetland” park! - I do not know about all the open space such as…where is the North Street Woods? Would like this info more readily available. Thank you! - Please do not develop the area at the bike path at Woodmont Farm area. - All the open land on Hawley Street should be purchase[d] for a community garden. - Hawley Street seems dangerous, wish it could be one way. Thank you for doing this!!! - Traffic goes too fast on Williams Street. Too much late night noise. - More crosswalks, better lighting, focus on traffic-calming measures. - We need safe access to King Street from bike trail (safe way to get across railroad tracks). - A speed limit sign at entry bridge. - Talk to civil engineer who planned the intersection at Fruit and Smith. It’s an accident waiting to happen. - 1. I-91 interchange – minimal to no building 2. Traffic calming 3. More frequent bus service. - Keep the 18-wheelers going to the industrial park out of our open space and off our residential streets. - Thank you for asking! - Again, making the neighborhood better for year-round walkers. - Repair the roads: Prospect Street, Conz Street, Hawley Street, Market Street. - More night lighting on Elizabeth Street. Fix the potholes on North Street. - I don’t understand #10. - A strong appeal to clean up and renovate Pulaski Park – its current condition is a disgrace to the Noho community. - We need more friendly-public areas/benches to sit and rest as we walk to and from town center, and shop – also on King Street. - Nope. Thanks so much! - We need a neighborhood store for milk and bread, etc. - Thanks for survey. - I think the dog park is great and the Smith trails are also great. - I like the idea of path access to bike path. Very unhappy with Fair Redevelopment Project. - Make Pleasant Street nicer and more commercial (retail). It is already happening and looks better already. - A few people often gather around the Church on Phillips Place. Some empty bottles thrown around. It does not create good environment for the neighborhood of Ward 3. - Something should be done to control homeless from camping behind the dike and the Polish Church. They leave a huge mess (public safety) and drugs and alcohol are a big problem with this group. Should not be allowed near residences of Northampton. - Yes – but I’ll have to think about it! - Nope! - What will happen on King Street? Can there be something nice put in where Price Chopper used to be? Do not build in North Street Woods. - Thank you! - No. - Northampton public housing does a horrible job and should be investigated! 10
  11. 11. - Noise pollution from vehicles (and people). - No. - No – good job neighborhood association. - Our biggest concern right now is the construction on the Catholic Church site directly behind our condo/house. The building they planned is huge and will sit extremely close to our homes – no decent buffer zone. And they have already pulled up many of the lovely, old trees…very sad zoning and will detract from the beauty of our neighborhood. Thank you so much for your time and effort to improve the character/livability of our great neighborhood. - Parking (out-of-towners clogging our streets during the day). - Some streets should have parking on only one side! - Have tenants be more considerate about the ones around them. - I think it is unfortunate that there isn’t anywhere to legally sleep outside at night. One time my housemate had horrible gas and I was afraid if I slept outside I would get in trouble. - No. - Good space for block parties! Recognition of people who keep their green between road and sidewalk especially nice! - There is a strong divide at the bridge; at times we seem to live in ghetto! - Need more work under bridge to link to downtown. Smaller pocket gardens/roadway. - No thanks! - No - Need a green canopy! Need bike travel. - Again – the fairgrounds should step up and provide soccer fields (mixed use with trailer parking). [Note: respondent wrote elsewhere on questionnaire: “Actually, all this would take is for the fairgrounds redevelopment to include right-sized areas between building.” This was in reference to Question 7, “we need another big park for sports fields”.] - Need some event to connect neighbors in a family-safe environment. Survey distributed by Ward 3 Neighborhood Association. For questions concerning distribution method and numbers of questionnaires distributed, contact: Owen Freeman-Daniels. Survey data tabulated by Marcia McNally; Center for Ecological Democracy; Durham, NC; cdbydesign@earthlink.net. October 7, 2010. 11