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Owen Freeman-Daniels Campaign Brochure May 2011


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Owen Freeman-Daniels Campaign Brochure May 2011

  1. 1. FORWARD3 Vote August 2ndat the Community Center on Conz Street Need an absentee ballot? Call us. email: Owenforwa rd3@gma i phone: 413.530.1054 Owen Freeman-Daniels Find Owen online: for City Councilor Facebook Owenforward3 Twitter Owenforward3 WARD3Paid for by The Committee to Elect Owen Freeman-DanielsMadeline Weaver Blanchette, Treasurer,41 Valley St, Northampton, MA 01060Photography by David Newton
  2. 2. About Owen Freeman-Daniels: Owen Freeman-Daniels. Im a Northampton native and Ive been lucky to spend my whole lifein the Pioneer Valley. I attended the Smith College Campus School, JFK Middle Well grounded, locally grown.School, and Northampton High (Class of 1997). At Hamp High I played soccer and swam, helped revive the school Owen on Economic Growth:newspaper, and served on the Student Leadership Team for the Coalition of Ward 3 can be a place to cultivate theEssential Schools. In 2001 I completed my BA at Amherst College and beganworking in the financial services field. My first position was with a large firm arts, agriculture, and West Springfield but I currently work for a local, independent firm. Over the We can pursue community and publicpast ten years I have worked on financial issues pertaining to public employees, efforts to encourage these economicfamilies, and small businesses. activities. Maintaining Northamptons In 2006 I bought a condominium in Ward 3. A year later, I joined the economic relevance in a changingWard 3 Neighborhood Association, where I have been Vice-President since world is a top priority.2009. I also became active in the local schools, volunteering for the Northamp-ton Education Foundation (NEF) AlumNite fundraiser and their EndowmentDistribution Committee. When the Northampton Area Young Professionals On Sustainable Land Use:(NAYP) formed in 2007, I joined its Membership Committee and Leadership We can encourage ways to make the mostTeam and I currently serve as the NAYP Vice-President. of existing housing stock and explore dif- Through NAYP, Ive served on the Talent Development ferent types of home ownership. We canCommittee of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council for also begin community efforts to expandtwo years. My interest in the local economy also inspired me to work on theformation of the Valley Time Trade, an organization that uses time as an alterna- the use of, and access to, open space.tive currency. My involvement in local politics began in 2009 when I became a mem- On Consensus Building:ber of the Pioneer Valley Young Democrats and volunteered for Mike Capuanoand Deval Patrick. Soon after, I participated in the first class of Northamptons The challenging work of movingCity School, an educational program that explores how Northamptons gov- forward starts at the community levelernment functions. When Jesse Adams asked me to be the treasurer of his City with greater citizen involvement.Councilor At-Large campaign in 2009, I was happy to serve as an advisor to his Above all, we need to maintain oursuccessful campaign. civility and our openness while wel- I was born here. I grew up here. I am committed to Northampton. coming all points of view.Our city has challenging problems but also excellent prospects. I want to bring a freshperspective to Ward 3 and new energy to the City