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Memo Reprecincting Committee 29 March 2011


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Memo Reprecincting Committee 29 March 2011

  1. 1. CITY OF NORTHAMPTON Mayor Mary Clare Higgins City Hall 210 Main Street Room 12 Northampton, MA 01060-3199 (413) 587-1249 Fax: (413) 587-1275 MEMORANDUMDate: Tuesday, March 29, 2011To: City Clerk Mazza, City Council President Narkewicz, City Councilors, School Committee Members and the Board of Registrars, Senator Stan Rosenberg, State Representative Peter KocotCC: James Thompson, City GIS CoordinatorFrom: Mayor Clare HigginsRe: ReprecinctingAs you know, the City of Northampton is required to establish new wards and precincts by June, 2011.The new wards and precincts are based on population numbers as determined by the US Census. TheMassachusetts Constitution requires that legislative districts be formed with "as nearly as may be" anequal number of "inhabitants" as determined by the federal census. As a municipality, we have theresponsibility to create the precincts which will ultimately be used to create our wards as well aslegislative and congressional districts. We also have the responsibility to ensure that our redrawn precinctand ward boundaries do not result in the dilution of minority group members votes.I am naming a committee, chaired by David Stevens, to oversee the reprecincting of our City. Each wardis represented and none of the members is an elected official. Reprecincting Committee Ward One Elba Heredia Ward Two Andrew Shelffo Ward Three Gerald Budgar Ward Four Cheri Cross Ward Five Marion VanArsdell Ward Six David Stevens Ward Seven Richard GreeneThe Committee will be assisted in their work by City Clerk Wendy Mazza and by the City’s GISCoordinator, James Thompson.The reprecincting plan must be adopted by the City Council and submitted to the State no later than June15, 2011. This will require the Committee to complete their work by May 13, 2011 in order for theCouncil to take the required two votes before the plan is submitted to the Local Election District ReviewCommission. Changes in wards and precincts are effective on December 31 of 2011 (MGL Chap. 54 §1).