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Arnie Levinson Debate Flyer - July 2011


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Arnie Levinson Debate Flyer - July 2011

  1. 1. Campaigning full-time for a better ward, as told on TwitterI want to bring the full range Zoning proposals to 11 Jul to ensure that infill isof Ward 3’s concerns and ideas to affect Ward 3. I a ended handled with care | Tickets are on sale nowCity Hall. And I’ll bring information the 7/14 presenta ons for August 6’s Vegetableback to you—on my website, on at the Planning Bd. See 7 Jul Garden Tour in Ward 3. Imy Twitter feed (shown to the videos, publics con- encourage you to go! Visitedright), and through good old- cerns: @TheChamber01060 tofashioned face-to-face housecalls, 17 Jul #NorthamptonMA discuss new King Streetso you can participate effectively Just a ended a mee ng 11 Jul zoning, regional tour-before decisions are made. The with the Northampton Met with Laura Hanson ism, and a rac ng newfuture of the Fairgrounds, of Bridge Preven on Coali on. at #NorthamptonMA businesses toStreet School, of infill, of the 90% of American addicts DPW about "No Trucks" #NorthamptonMAeconomic life of our city, are all begin using before age signage for Lincoln, Or- 7 Jultoo important to be left to a small 18 | chard, and Elizabeth Visited @CocaCola plantgroup of insiders. Doing things the 15 Jul Streets to discuss truck routeright way—the transparent way—might be a bit messy, might take a See a video of my re- 11 Jul signage, noise mi ga-bit longer, but it brings the whole marks during the public Spoke with staff at Flor- on, idling trucks, andcity forward together, so that all comment period at the ence Savings Bank about avoiding late night deliv-sides feel respected and heard, no July 7 City Council restoring their spon- eriesmatter what the outcome. That’s mee ng: sored speed-measuring 7 Julmy vision for Northampton, and I #NorthamptonMA sign at Island Road to Visited Arcadia Sanctu-ask for your vote on August 2. 12 Jul calm traffic ary, another underap- Spoke with Suzanne at #NorthamptonMA preciated local jewel. about 9 Jul Day camps, classes, Come to my Campaign restoring streetlight hikes, birdwatching... | Last night spoke before Headquarters missing from Market the City Council to con- Street vey urgent requests #westernma Opening Party! 12 Jul from residents for traffic 7 Jul Just spoke with Mr. Bao calming and road repair Ge ng great feedback Saturday, July 23, 3-5pm Lang, MassDOT District in Ward 3 going door-to-door. Am 11 Market Street 2, about reloca ng 8 Jul concerned to hear about @CocaCola signs near See the final report of renewed dumping at Refreshments will be Exit 19 to improve visi- Island Road and wet- the Zoning Revisions served bility and truck rou ng lands by the river... Commi ee. I will watch Visit to learn more, follow me on Twitter at @arnielevinson, or call 570-3243
  2. 2. Need help at City Hall? Who are you going to call? If you’re an ordinary ci zen trying to change a project that might cause problems, it’s easy to feel that the odds are stacked against you. The mayor’s office, developers and special interests have plenty of power. They have ample access to money, lawyers, consultants and the ear of the city’s professional staff. The mayor appoints the members to the Planning Board, the Conserva on Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Board of Public Works, and other important bodies. When residents have legi mate concerns, I believe it’s a city councilor’s duty to advocate for them—in public mee ngs—and bring balance to City Hall. It’s not enough to just cra policies. Their actual impact is hammered out project by project. Nor is it enough to promise to represent ci zens’ concerns in private board mee ngs behind closed doors—there’s no accountability. My opponent appears to have a different a tude: [Owen Freeman-Daniels’] condo on Woodmont Road is only a stone’s throw from the 5-acre site of the planned development called North Street Condominiums. The 20-unit complex, proposed by Hadley-based developer Douglas Kohl, won city approval last year, following months of intense controversy and debate about traffic, wetlands and density. Though Freeman-Daniels said he understood the opposition, he didn’t fight the project himself or push the [Ward 3 Neighborhood] association to do so. A separate group, the North Street Neighborhood association, took on that battle. Freeman-Daniels saw his role more as immersing himself in the pros and cons of so-called infill development - encouraging growth near downtown services, rather than suburban sprawl - and the pros and cons of the North Street development. “I think the association has to be careful not to get embroiled in every development project,” he said. -Daily Hampshire Gazette, 2/5/10 “Whenever there is a proposed project, we have to remember what a City Councilor can do. I don’t believe it is the job of a City Councilor to try to adjudicate who has what property rights. In general that job is for the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Board, the Board of Health, the Conservation Commission, the Department of Public Works, Building Commissioner, and a variety of other boards and administrators in the city… “What a City Councilor can do is facilitate a conversation between a project manager and the citizens who will be affected by a proposed project. If the project manager gives the City Councilor a voice in how the project will proceed, the Councilor can take that position and use it to represent the legitimate concerns of the residents he represents… Ive publicly stated that I’d join the Fairgrounds Redevelopment Corporation’s Board (if they’ll have me) if I was elected to the City Council.” -Public letter from Owen Freeman-Daniels to Mike Kirby, published on 7/13/11My opponent sets up a false choice for the role of councilor: a neutral arbitrator like the Planning Board or acozy insider. Neither is appropriate. A councilor should take in a broad range of input and then be a publicadvocate for the right thing to do, especially when the interests of ordinary ci zens are at stake. Vote Arnie Levinson for City Council on Tuesday, August 2 at the Senior Center Paid for by The Committee to Elect Arnie Levinson—Frank Werbinski, Treasurer, 351 Pleasant Street, PMB 122, Northampton, MA 01060. Labor donated.