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Software Testen mit Visual Studio Lab Management


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Presentation from Microsoft Techdays 2012 Basel
Speakers: Nico Orschel (MVP VS ALM, AIT), Marc Müller (4tecture)

Published in: Technology
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Software Testen mit Visual Studio Lab Management

  1. 1. Developer DaySoftware Testen mit Visual Studio LabManagementNico Orschel Marc MüllerMVP VS ALM, AIT Principal Consultant, 4tecture
  2. 2. Introduction 5’Build, Deploy and Test 20’Infrastructure 10’ AgendaLab Management for Devs 15’Summary / Q&A 10’
  3. 3. Chapter 1/5Introduction
  4. 4. You can’t fixTesters find bugs but may beunable to document them inwhat you can’tsufficient detail so that they canbe acted upon by developers. reproduce . “If it can’t happen twice, it didn’t happen once” - James (my mechanic)Developers may not have access to the onlyenvironment in which a bug can be isolated.
  5. 5. Allow testers to create bugs that contain “actionable”information.Allow developers the ability to “Make it happen thesecond time”Give developers access to the test environment at thepoint the bug was encountered.
  6. 6. Test Case (for repro steps) Screenshot Video Capture System Info Debug Log Test Environment Log ActionRecording
  7. 7. Pre-Prod environment Web Web DB UAT Server Server Cluster Release ManagerQA environment Dev environment Web DB Web + DB Server Server Server Build environment Web DB Server Server Tester Devs
  8. 8. Chapter 2/5Build, Deploy, Test
  9. 9. build applicati on deploy run applicatests tion
  10. 10. build app.restoresnapsh run restore ot tests env. take env. deploy snapsh app. ot
  11. 11. Revert virtual environment to ‘clean’ baseline inminutes than hoursPredictable (Web) deployment (using MSDeploy)Post-deployment snapshot facilitates exploratorytesting
  12. 12. Chapter 3/5Infrastructure
  13. 13. Available since Visual Studio 2010Integrates with Hyper-VAllows us to:
  14. 14. Team Foundation Server (TFS) System Center Virtual Lab Management Machine Manager Test Case management Hyper-V Hosts Library Shares Build management VM1 LS1 Work Item Tracking VM2 LS2 Source Control VMn LSn 17
  15. 15. Team Foundation Server System Center Lab Management Virtual Machine Manager Test Test Case Management Controller Build Management Hyper-V host Library Share VM1 Stored Virtual Source Control Machine Lab agent Work Item Tracking Test Agent Stored Virtual Stored Virtual Stored Virtual 2 Machine Machine 2 Build Environment Build agent Controller Client: Client:Test Manager Visual Studio Build agent for Compilation
  16. 16. Chapter 4/5VS Lab for Devs
  17. 17. Chapter 5/5Summary
  18. 18. Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2012 Premium ORMicrosoft® Visual Studio® Test Professional 2012
  19. 19. No more waiting for build setup• Revert to a ‘known’ state in minutes• Predictable multi-machine application deployment• Know build quality before investing in further testingNo more wasteful testing• Prioritize test cases based on code changesNo more no repro• Environment snapshots, Intellitrace and other collectors capture exact state of problem
  20. 20. Allow Testers to capture bugs the first time they happenDocument the hell out of a bug so that even a Developercan fix itUse Rich Bug data (Intellitrace, Video, Action Logs,Snapshot Environments) to find and fix the root causeCreate tests that prove the bug is gone
  21. 21. Contact Nico Orschel AIT GmbH & Co. KG Software effizienter entwickelt AIT GmbH & Co. KG, Leitzstr.AIT GmbH & Co. KG © 45, 70469 Stuttgart