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Reeling in Russia


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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Reeling in Russia

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  3. 3. Reeling in Russia• Montaigne is an award winning journalist who was the Moscow bureau chief for the Philadelphia Inquirer.• In the summer of 1996, Montaigne traveled extensively in northern Russia. – On the surface he was fly fishing – But really, he was studying the Russian people and experiencing Russia at a tumultuous time following the fall of the Soviet Union• His experiences and observations reveal the struggles and strengths of the Russian people.
  4. 4. Themes• Russian character • Environmental degradation – Fatalism – Resourcefulness • Corruption / dishonesty – Stoicism / patience – Lack of rule of law – Nostalgia for past – Hospitality• Alcoholism• Conditions – Suffering during Soviet era – Worse for many under “democracy”
  5. 5. Questions to consider as you read• What coping mechanisms do you think Russians have that help them to survive in such trying circumstances?• What do you find most remarkable about the corruption and dishonesty that is so prevalent in Russia?• Can you understand the nostalgia for the Soviet system?
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